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                   June 2014

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Cool Conveyor
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
Happy Fathers Day
Remembering our Veterans
Pallet Jacks
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How Cool Is This?

The Most Interesting Use of a Conveyor, Ever

When you think of the material handling industry, you probably think of a large warehouse full of forklifts, racks and maybe a conveyor or two.  Don't feel bad, most people think the same thing. Even those of us in the industry.


The truth is material handling comes in all forms and ideas.



A perfect example of  "out of the box" material handling is this nifty device.


When you click on the photo above or below, you see a machine that uses the current of a river to drive a conveyor that grabs trash, moving it to a dumpster placed under the delivery shoot.


The video is worth the look. It is one more example of a great mind solving a problem, quickly, and with little expense.


Click Here To See The Water Wheel Video


Sometimes You Need To Laugh
Meet The Voice
David "The Voice" Stein's grizzled voice alone will make you smile, but his sense of humor and writing skills will make you laugh 
His latest "My New Roomate" video and to a very funny series 

June 15 is 

Fathers Day


Happy Fathers Day to All You Dads Out There.
Have a Wonderful Day
The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
MHSNJ Golf Outing
Join Us 
For Our Annual Golf Outing 

Date: June 12, 2014
Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.


Used Equipment is Good Equipment

One Pack Has the Following Equipment Available or Available Soon

Very Clean Shanklin Model #928 Hot Knife L-Sealer with Power Unwind

Bestronics T30-10 Shrink Tunnel.  Very Well-Maintained and Ready to Serve Your needs $3,000.00

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Orion FA-55
Orion Fully Automatic Stretch Wrap Macnine with 1-Infeed and 2 Outfeed Conveyors

This is only a taste of available stock. Contact us for a full list.
Remembering Our Veterans
On a sunny morning on May 24, roughly 100 children from a community located in Central NJ, converged on a Monument, honoring those lost in action, located in Carteret Park.

Like the children before them, they lined the park with Crosses, Stars of David and American Flags, honoring those who served our country. A tradition that has lasted for over forty years.
Like most communities the faces change but the ideas remain true and the American dream continues for those who wish to fight for it.
 Remembering our country's true heroes should not be just on 
May 26.
We Still Have Great Pallet Jacks Available
Don't compare these pallet jacks to the ones sold by Global or Uline.  Our jacks are rugged, well made and come with a One Pack Warranty for parts and labor.

You can spend less, but in the end, you will spend more

Price Increases 
* Samuel Strapping is Raising Prices of 
  Steel Strapping on June 9, 4%
* All Stretch Wrap Manufacturers Raised 
  Prices 4% on June 2
Price Decreases
  Nothing at this Time
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