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       March 2014

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Let the X Games Begin
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
First Day of Spring, Woo Hoo
Employee News
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Nelson Wrapper, Still Cool
Industry Pricing Notices
Sweet Nectar, Protector

LogistX Games

Let The Games Begin

One Pack's own, Fred Gerstler, has been part of the Material Handling Society New Jersey since 1990.


MHSNJ is a non profit organization that educates those within our industry with local NJ tours and relevant, industry speakers.  


Staying relevant and interesting, regardless of what you do, is probably the largest challenge we all face and that's no different for MHSNJ.  The LogistX Games definitely fills that bill.


Imagine taking an empty warehouse and filling it with competitions that only a material handling person can appreciate.


Have you ever wanted to pack a bottle of wine and throw it as hard as you can, hoping it does not break? LogistiX Games.


How about a race that consists of navigating a loaded pallet jack around strategically placed cones throughout the building. Sounds fun right?  LogistX Games.


How about packing cartons and placing them in their proper rack location while being timed with a stop watch.  OK, that one may not be fun if it's during work hours, but doing it against seven other teams, that sounds like a hoot.  Yup, LogistX Games.


We invite you to part of the fun as a spectator and maybe next year, you bring your team to compete.


Click Here to See a Video of LogistX Games 


Click Here to Participate  


Sometimes You Need To Laugh
Meet The Voice
David "The Voice" Stein's grizzled voice alone will make you smile, but his sense of humor and writing skills will make you laugh 
First Day Of Spring
March 20, It can not get here fast enough.
Who wants some sun?
Employee News
 Biggest Winner   
Left to right: Frank, Adrian, Fred Rob & George.
On January 1, several One Pack employees ponied up $100.00 each to enter the Biggest Winner Contest.
A month has passed and we're (slowly) losing the pounds 
The contest ends on April 4 and the winner will enjoy  $600.00 and a coupon to White Castle.
We'll keep you posted. 

Your Opinion counts.
We always look forward to the feedback this newsletter creates.
Please let us know what's on your mind and what we can do to make our monthly communication more interesting or valuable. 

Fred Gerstler
One Pack, LLC.
Introducing Marsh Gum Tape Machines 

Marsh Gum Tape Machines come in Manual or Electric and, you know what? They're Great Machines at a Great Price.

Wishing You a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day


On March 17, We All Become a
Wee Bit Irish
Nelson Wrapper
Still One of The Best Ideas, Ever
  And Now They Have a Great New Video


There are few things in our industry that work as well as a Nelson Wrapper.
This simplistic idea really took off because it was a solution to so many challenges.
If you're tired of seeing your employees (or even you) walk backwards while wrapping loads and if you're tired of bending over, or reaching high to ensure the loads are wrapped correctly, then you will love the Nelson Wrapper.

Sorry, The Video Won't Be Available
Until Next Month
It's Catchy and Just Plain Fun

Price Increases 
* FP will raise prices 7% on all its products on 
  March 31
* Paper will increase again in March
* Stretch Wrap increased 5% to 7% on February 24
* Poly Bags will increase in March
Price Decreases
  Nothing at this Time
Transporting Wine?
Give Wine Skin A Try
 More and more people are transporting wine when visiting and Wine Skin is leading the way of getting that precious bottle from point A to Point B in one piece.
Unlike a paper bag the Wine Skin seals the bottle in tough plastic and bubble wrap.  
Going on a long trip? The double face tape reduces leakage when packing the wine in suitcases or carry bags.
It's a great idea at a great price.  Click on the photo above or the link below to order yours.
          Click Here to Order 
The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
Join Us 
Logistix Games

Date: March 7, 2014
Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.