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    November 2013

    One Year Has Passed Since Sandy. Let Us Remember Those Who Lost So Much

In This Issue
Happy Anniversary to One Pack
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
Happy Thanksgiving
Veterans Day
Towels Vs Hand Dryers
Industry Pricing Notices
Best Marker Ever



To Us

Thirty Five Years Rolled Into Two

November 1, 2011 is recognized as the first day of business for One Pack.


Fred Gerstler

On that day I remember watching one of our delivery trucks pull out of the loading dock, making our first deliveries.  It was exciting, and nerve racking all at the same time. That's when it really hit me that at fifty years old I was starting all over again.


Two years have passed and I have to say, I'm loving coming to work every day and for that, I feel very blessed.


The first year was tough.  Like every new business, you struggle to get through the start up costs and expenses that were never expected.


But dedicated employees and loyal customers seem to give you the strength and fortitude needed to move past the challenges.  There truly was a light at the end of the tunnel.


Our second year brought us incredible opportunities and growth, and for that we are truly grateful to our customers for the confidence they've placed with our company.


Our vendors also need to be recognized.  


During our first year I was touched by how much faith was instilled in One Pack and we are speechless to how you believed in us..  


I think the highest compliment that can be paid to a company is when your reputation is so positive that companies from all over the country want you to distribute their wares.


I have to admit, I'm a bit humbled by all the positive attention that we receive.


Our third year is going to be the best yet.  We've added another truck to our fleet to handle our increased delivery demands and we are finding that our used equipment supply is strong, offering our customers more choices.


Now if I can only lose a few pounds, OK, maybe more than a few.

Sometimes You Need To Laugh
In honor of our second anniversary
great Video
we offer to you our anniversary video.
We thought about an all new video, complete with Elvis impersonators but the concept would be a little on the crazy side, even for us.

Happy Thanksgiving
May you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Season
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Fred Gerstler
One Pack, LLC.
Used Equipment,
Great Deals 
One Pack has several pieces of equipment that would make a great addition to your facility. 

X-Rite Model #706 Shrink Tunnel and L-Sealer Combo
Very nice older unit, great for small jobs. 16"x 16" L Sealer

Table Top Strapping Machines
Strapping machines available. Each machine is tested and any worn parts replaced.
Prices Start At
November 11 is Veterans Day
Never Forget
Paper Towel Vs Air Dryers Saga Continues.


As the hand dryer industry continues to grow, more and more evidence is mounting that shows people may be getting sick.
Our favorite Mythbusters decided to do their own controlled study.  Will the hand dryer theory of being better be a myth?  Or maybe paper towels will be the better choice?

Price Increases 
* Bubble Mailers, Loosfill, Bubble Wrap will go up 
  November 1 7%
* Cut Sheet Paper, such as Copy Paper will go up 
  7% on November 1
Price Decreases
  Nothing at this Time
If You Like The Sharpie Magnum Than You'll Love the Marsh Kong
Bigger: With its heavy duty, all aluminum body
and larger ink supply, Kong is made for industrial use

Bolder: With a 15mm tip, Kong makes bolder, wider, blacker marks than Sharpie Magnum.  Make your marks stand out and last

Better: Faster Drying Kong ink shows superior performance on metals, plastic, tape, stretch film and saves time

More: Kong has approximately 60% more ink than Sharpie Magnum, Lasts Longer

The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
Join Us  
Sheraton Hotel, Edison, NJ
Picking Roundtable
Date: November 14, 2013 5:00 PM EDT
Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.