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Steel Strapping Vs Plastic
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Industry Pricing Notices

Strong As Steel

Plastic Strapping Takes Over the World?

If you're someone who remembers everything strapped with steel strapping, then you're old like me.


As a young warehouse worker, I remember everything shipping in with steel strapping holding it together. It was a tedious job to prepare a skid for shipping and slightly dangerous when breaking a skid down.  Today, stretch wrap has taken over the job of unitizing a pallet, leaving steel strapping for the heavy duty jobs. 


A salesman from the 70's used to visit the offices of Central Jersey Strapping and
Supply to sell his wares. His spiel was always the same:"Steel strapping will be replaced with plastic strapping, you wait and see". I believed him and by the 1990's steel strapping was slowly being replaced with polyester strapping, a strong, inexpensive product that was easy to use, safe, and light weight.  Polyester strapping didn't have the same break strengths but it didn't need to. Instead, it offered just enough elongation to absorb energy. So, instead of snapping like steel strapping would, it just stretched and returned back to its original chemical makeup. 


But even today, polyester strapping has its limits, leaving an opportunity for a product called Composite Strapping to fill the void.


Composite strapping is in itself a polyester strapping but utilizes other technologies that increase its strength while controlling costs.  


Composite strapping comes either woven or corded.  Both offer unparalleled strength and ease of use.  Because of its unique wire buckle technology, no metal clips or crimpers are necessary and that saves you and your workers time and money. 

Sometimes You Need To Wonder
Star Spangled Banner
In honor of September 11, we chose this compelling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, sung by 
Madison Rising.
Rock and Roll has always been known for its anti-establishment views.  These young musicians take a song that means so much to America and re-create it in a way to relate with younger generations 

Employee News
One Pack 
Christine Chernosky
Chris brings with her twenty five years of accounting experience and we're very happy to include her in our One Pack Family.
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Fred Gerstler
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Used Equipment,
Great Deals 
One Pack has several pieces of equipment that would make a great addition to your facility. 
Bil-Jax Brand Man Lift
Model #XLT-1571

Max Height is 14' 10"
Max Weight #500 lbs

Many new parts including a new charger


X-Rite Model #706 Shrink Tunnel and L-Sealer Combo
Very nice older unit, great for small jobs. 16"x 16" L Sealer


Orion FA-55
Orion FA-55
Fully Automatic
Stretch Wrap


Don't Forget To Eat Lots of Candy
You Need a Stretch Machine With a Scale? We Can Help You With That


Even with limited floor space we were able to squeeze a Wrap N Weigh Stretch Machine into this customer's warehouse.

Can We Build One For You?
Price Increases 
* Stretchwrap will increase 8% October 1
* Plastic Bags will go up 5% October 1
Price Decreases
  Nothing at this Time
If You Like The Sharpie Magnum Than You'll Love the Marsh Kong
Bigger: With its heavy duty, all aluminum body
and larger ink supply, Kong is made for industrial use

Bolder: With a 15mm tip, Kong makes bolder, wider, blacker marks than Sharpie Magnum.  Make your marks stand out and last

Better: Faster Drying Kong ink shows superior performance on metals, plastic, tape, stretch film and saves time

More: Kong has approximately 60% more ink than Sharpie Magnum, Lasts Longer

The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
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Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.