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                   September 2013
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The End of Paper Dunage
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
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Game Changer

Has the End of Paper Dunage Arrived?

For years, companies have used paper to fill the void within cartons because of its low cost and fast dispensing.


Unlike other forms of void fill, such Paper Void Fill as air pillows, paper can dispense right out of the crumpling machine, into the carton. In the past, the only way to fill voids with pillows was installing large bulky overhead systems or bins that sit alongside the packing table.


Those days are over.

FP International has been

replacing not only paper systems such as Ram Pack, but also competitive air pillow systems with their Power Pak'r. 

As soon as you hit the foot pedal, pillows shoot out of the machine, filling the carton quickly and without effort.


To make dispensing even easier, there are finger holes at the perforations that allow you 

Power Pak'rto use either your right or left hand to quickly separate the pillows from the machine.

Power Pak'r offers a small footprint, taking up little space within your facility and is one of the easiest  machines to load.


Lastly, like all FP Air Pillow products, Power Pak'r is not only recyclable but is biodegradable.


Utilizing technology of Double Cushion enzymes eating oil in spill areas, FP was able to create the same effect within their products, ensuring that you won't be digging pillows up in a landfill twenty years from now. 


To Watch a short Video of 

Power Pak'r, Click Here


Sometimes You Need To Laugh
While performing in the movie "Pitch Perfect", Anna Kendrick created quite the buzz by using a Solo cup as part of her song
Enjoy the Group, Cimorelli's, as they perform their own spin to this very popular song.

Employee News
One Pack Offers Educational Videos
One Pack is blessed to have customers all over the country. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for our sales force to drop by and show how to use a packaging tool or introduce new technology. Plastic S
To overcome this challenge we are starting to release videos on "how to".

The videos are usually performed by Fred and he's not that good at it, but when you watch them you get the point.

Your Opinion counts.
We always look forward to the feedback this newsletter creates.
Please let us know what's on your mind and what we can do to make our monthly communication more interesting or valuable. 

Fred Gerstler
One Pack, LLC.
Used Equipment, 
Great Deals  
One Pack has several pieces of equipment that would make a great addition to your facility.
Orion L77 LP
Orion L-77 Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine, complete with load height photo eye and powered pre-stretch.

Machine has been completely overhauled, including all new bearings under the turntable, reconditioned gear boxes, and new film carriage and turntable motors
Bil-Jax Brand Man Lift
Model #XLT-1571

Max Height is 14' 10"
Max Weight #500 lbs

Many new parts including a new charger

       rosh hashanah yom kippur
You Need a Strapping Machine? We Can Help You With That


One Pack Delivered Three Dynaric Strapping Machines during the Month of August

Can We Build One For You?

Price Increases 
* Stretchwrap will increase 5 cents a lb sometime in    September
* Plastic Strapping will go up 5% on September 9
Price Decreases
  Nothing at this Time
The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
Summer's over and   
We're putting together a great lineup of tours for the Upcoming Season
Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.