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         July 2013
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Sometimes You Have to Wonder
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Great Floor Soap

Finally, Great Phones 

Our Phones Are Alive And Well
For those of you long- time customers, you've probably shared in our phone frustration of choppy connections and busy signals.

We were told that VOIP was the must-have technology. The savings alone was more than enough reason to embrace this still fairly, new way to reach the world.

Not long after installing our phones, we experienced choppy calls, busy signals and echoes that couldn't be reproduced at the Grand Canyon while Nik Wallenda crossed on a tight rope.  To say the least, the phones were horrible.
One Pack Phone
As days turned to months, the phones would range from fairly good to calling back customers on our cell phones. Our company was at the mercy of Optimum Online, who, in between blaming everyone else, worked on their lines, connections and modems.  After a year, we were convinced that we would either have to install a T1 line or go back to good old Ma Bell.

Then, one day a friend of One Pack, Barry Hunsinger of Small Business Integration, told us about SIP lines that are provided by the cable companies.

Like a TI, it is a dedicated line that does not share other Internet functions such as TV and email. The best part of this technology is the pricing is very reasonable.

Today, our phones are incredible. VOIP is a wonderful technology and works perfectly. 

We thank all our customer and vendors for their patience while we worked through this dilemma.  Feel free to give us a call, we definitely can hear you.

Oh, and if you're having a problem with your phones give Barry a call at 908-256-2006.  Tell him One Pack sent you 
Welcome Back
Employee News
It has been said that if you love someone and let them go, if they return it was meant to be.

Ok, we agree that's a bit mushy for this scenario, but hey, we love Adrian and we're glad he's once again part of the One Pack family.

Adrian has been handling customer service, ensuring orders are processed correctly. I'm sure you'll agree he's been doing a great job.

Adrian can be reached at either: or

Feel free to give Adrian a call with any questions or problems. He's very good at this customer service stuff.
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Angie Johnson
July 4 is a Celebration of Freedom
Sometimes You Have To Wonder
Thanks to the Military for their sacrifices, we live in the greatest country in the world

What better way to celebrate July 4, if not with a song from our soldiers.

Used Equipment, Great Deals  
One Pack has several pieces of equipment that would make a great addition to your facility.
Orion L77 LP
Orion L-77 Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine, complete with load height photo eye and powered pre-stretch.

Machine has been completely overhauled, including all new bearings under the turntable, reconditioned gear boxes and new film carriage and turntable motors
Samuel SHP-200
Samuel SHP-200 High Profile Stretch Wrap Machine, complete with load height photo eye and EZ Load Powered Pre-Stretch

Very Clean and Well Maintained. Ready to Serve Your Needs

Happy Birthday America
Happy July 4 
Have a safe, wonderful holiday
Our Children Will Make A Difference

Memorial Day 2012


This past Memorial Day in Carteret NJ, children from this small community showed up in the park to take part of a forty year tradition, building a Memorial to honor those who served their county,


Next to a granite monument that honors those who lost their lives in war a cemeterymimicking ones seen on the shores of Normandy Beach, is erected.   Children of CArteret

Each cross or Star of David represents a Veteran who left Carteret to serve their county, came home and lived their lives until their passing.
Carteret's children are from every part of the world, many of them are first generation Americans.  They're not forced to erect this tribute, they do it because it is their way of honoring the greatest country in the world.


Price Increases 
* Pricing on Stretch Wrap is starting increase due to low   
  resin production 
Price Decreases
  * Polypropylene Strapping is dropping around 6% on 
    June 1
Great Soap for All Occasions
Vanguard Soap

Great for warehouse and office floors as a general purpose cleaner.
Packed in both one gallon containers or money-saving five gallon pails.
The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
Stay in touch this summer.  
We have a great lineup of tours for the Upcoming Season
Material Handling Society NJ


The Material Handling Society New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners.


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