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         June 2013
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Is ITW Leaving Packaging
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Sometimes You Have to Laugh
Memorial Day
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Industry News 

What's Going on With ITW?
Just about everyone involved with our industry has heard of The Illinois Tool Works Company.
In 1912, Chicago financier, Byron Smith, created ITW and this company has not only been an American institution, but has reached around the globe purchasing existing companies and their technologies. 
Even the packaging industry has been part of ITW's growth.  
Companies such as Signode, MIP, Acme, Angleboard, and Strapex, just to name a few, have been part of the ITW portfolio for years.
Sadly for the packaging industry, profits have been harder to maintain due to pressures from new manufacturing that can make products cheaper, and innovative ideas that offer less waste while maintaining the package's integrity.
ITW, known for its ability to regularly reward its investors with generous dividends, has not been happy with the profit margins that derived from the $2.4 billion packaging segment. This collection of companies may be on the block to be sold.
Many who work for companies, such as Signode and Angleboard, are not happy with ITW's management decisions to strip the profits from the divisions in order to maintain dividends.  Not leaving the profits limits the opportunity to allow for innovate ideas, new technology or manufacturing upgrades to compete within the industry.
Signode, at one time, created the standards that all other strapping companies followed. Now, Signode is nothing more than a commodity, sharing its manufacturing with Strapex and Acme. 
Meanwhile as ITW struggles to maintain their 40% plus profit margins, distributors like One Pack move away from these once proud companies in search for more competitive and innovative manufacturers that will offer them something new and unique in order to protect their customers' best interest. 
Saying Goodbye
Employee News
Eileen Retires
Eileen has been part of the packaging industry since 1989.  

As the first employee of New Pak, Inc.,   Eileen managed our receivables and payables.  Eileen followed her brother Fred, helping to create One Pack.
We wish Eileen a wonderful retirement and good health.
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TV commercial film for American Motors' Rebel
TV commercial film for American Motors' Rebel
Sometimes You Have To Laugh
Nothing is funnier than humor from the 1960's.  
Actually, some may say there was nothing funnier looking than the automobiles produced by American Motors during the 60's

Used Equipment, Great Deals  
One Pack has several pieces of equipment that would make a great addition to your facility.
Bil-Jax Brand Man Lift.
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Reconditioned Better Pack 333 Gum Tape Machines

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Thank you to all who are Serving or have Served our Country 
Let Us Remember Those Who Sacrificed
This Month's Special 

Nelson WrapperNelson Wrappers at their Lowest Pricing Ever


Now, Everyone will want one, or maybe even two.  

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Price Increases 
* The Corrugated Industry has raised prices $50.00 per ton
   during the month of May.
Price Decreases
  * Polypropylene Strapping is dropping around 6% on 
    June 1
*  Stretch wrap pricing started to soften due to demand in 
    May. Prices for truck load business will see decreased 
June 16 is Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads & Granddads. 
The Material Handling Society Of New Jersey
Material Handling Society NJ   
Join Us on 
June 12
For Our 30th Annual 
Golf Classic
at Minebrook Golf Club 
in Hackettstown, NJ

Excellent Floor Soap 
Great Prices 
Vanguard Soap
Available in both 1 gallon containers and 5 gallon pails. Vanguard is a great all-around floor cleaner that keeps your warehouse, office, and bathrooms clean
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