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Novmeber 2012
Happy Anniversary
First Anniversary Issue

November 11 

Veterans Day
May we never forget their sacrifices
In This Issue
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
Garbage Bags
Material Handling Society
Message from Fred Gerstler
Great New Paper Crumpler
Price Notifications

Sometimes You Need To Laugh


In celebration of our First Anniversary, our One Pack employees thought they would entertain you with a video.


This is our best work yet and we highly recommend taking a few minutes to giggle. Special thanks to Alex & Dan 

  great Video



 Click here or on photo to see our One Year Anniversary Video


Heavy Duty Strapping


Carolina Strapping

For Heavy Duty Loads 


You will Love Carolina Strapping as Much as we do

Best Bags Ever

Did you know One Pack sells a full line of garbage can liners?


Whether you need small can liners or heavy duty drum liners, One Pack can help you meet your needs and save you money.garbage bags Need can liners?  Why not give your favorite One Pack customer service representatives a call for info?

(We're Adding New Products Every Day) 
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Happy Thanksgiving

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A Year Already


Who can believe that a year has passed already?


One year ago on November 1, 2011, our trucks made their first deliveries under the One Pack banner.


It was an incredible day, full of excitement and apprehension.  All the planning and setting up just so that first delivery would be executed as if we were doing it for twenty three years.


Since November 1 of 2011, we've made thousands of deliveries. Many thanks go out to our customers who enjoy buying from One Pack, and to of our vendors who believed in us and wanted to see us succeed.


To you our customers, thank you for your support and for believing in us. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your success and future.


To our vendors, thank you for allowing us to represent your quality products and your good name. 


To my family, thank you for your love and support.


And lastly, my employees, thank you. You were the ones who inspired me to step up to the plate and, together, we created a company that our competitors respect, our customers admire, and manufacturers wish to have us be part of their distribution. Together, we built an incredible company that loves what it does and is pretty good at it.


We realize that we've yet to achieve perfection.  During this first year, we've had our small challenges.  But once identified, we were quick to fix any issues and our resolve challenged us to become that much better, that much stronger, that much more committed.


The next twenty three years will be our greatest challenge. Every day we are faced with new, aggressive competition that keep us focused and on top of our game.


We may lose some deals but we will never lower our standards or our commitment to be the best packaging company in New Jersey.



What a Great Dispenser
What a Great Idea!
The Encore Paper Crumpler uses any type of 24" wide paper 
A great new item Featured by One Pack LLC. 
Price Notifications

Price Increases
* Stretch Wrap increases of 7% scheduled for the end of 
  October never came to fruition
* ITW is raising Angleboard 9% Effective November 5.

Price Decreases
* None at this time

 As pricing information becomes available, One Pack will make every effort to keep you informed.
Come join us as we tour      
United Stationers 
on November 14
This is a morning tour. 


Material Handling Society NJ 

Click on the logo above to Sign Up.


MHSNJ is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners. MHSNJ will provide a vehicle through which its members gain a vision of the future regarding material handling principles, practices, systems, and technologies. With this increased awareness and knowledge, MHSNJ members shall be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the organizations that employ them as material handling professionals.