Wednesday, January 8


Boys Soccer - JV

vs. Westbury @WHS 4:30 p.m.


Girls Basketball

vs. Madison @ Butler 7:30 p.m.


Thursday, January 9


Girls Soccer - JV

vs. Milby @Milby HS 4 p.m.



vs. Klein @ Klein HS 5 p.m. 



vs. Conroe @WHS 6 p.m.


Friday, January 10


Boys Basketball - Freshman A

vs. Bellaire @WHS 5 p.m.


Girls Basketball - Freshman

vs. Bellaire @Bellaire 5 p.m.


Boys Basketball - JV

vs. Bellaire @WHS 6:30 p.m.


Girls Basketball - JV

vs. Bellaire @Bellaire 6:30 p.m.


Girls Basketball - Varsity

vs. Bellaire @Butler 8:30 p.m.


Boys Basketball - Varsity

vs. Sam Houston @Barnett 8:30 p.m.


Saturday, January 11


Mock ACT

Commons 8 a.m.


Monday, January 13


Football Banquet

Commons 6:30 p.m.


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JANUARY 7, 2014
They say that having an artistic flare in something is a gift.  If that's true, then Mariana Lopez doesn't need Santa Clause to visit with as many gifts as she has.
Anything dealing with art, she is into it...painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, etc. You can even hear Mariana singing alto in the choir. 

Mariana credits the opportunities Westside offered to uncover some of her creative talents.

"Westside helped bring out ways to express myself artistacally," Mariana said. "My teachers really encouraged me with everything I tried."

Mariana has always enjoyed drawing, but when she came to Westside, she was exposed to other ways to express herself artistically.  She has been doing three-dimensional art pieces for about two years.  The picture below is of her highlight piece from 2013.

Mariana spent about a year creating the koi fish, which actually started off as a two-dimensional piece.

"I was inspired by a tattoo," Mariana said. "From my initial drawings, I envisioned more, so I turned it into a 3D piece." 

After spending a year on a piece, you might think it is her favorite, but Mariana has other thoughts. 
"I put the same amount of effort into every piece I do," Mariana said. "A good artist never favors a piece because you want balance between concepts."
Balance is key concept with Mariana as she is an athlete, as well.  She started playing soccer at 4 years-old, but had to cut back after an injury and a recently discovered heart condition.  That doesn't mean she is on the sideline; Mariana loves to spend a solid hour in the gym doing a variety of things, like yoga.
"With physical fitness, I can push myself," Mariana said. "It helps push me, knowing I can be a better person."
  After high school, Mariana wants to pursue ceramics and international studies in college.  Since her family is extremely important to her, she wants to reamain close to home for the first few years of college, but wants to eventually end up at the University of North Texas in Denton.
"They have a great ceramics program!" Mariana said. "Hopefully, I will be able to study abroad somewhere because I have a passion for traveling."

Mariana would love to go back to Italy, where she has already traveled with her family.

"Rome was amazing and I saw so many things," Mariana said. "I can't wait to go back!"

Below are two more of Mariana's pieces.


Happy New Year Westside! Can you believe it is already 2014? The beginning of a new year gives us a chance to start over, wipe the slate clean, and reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the next. According to www.health.com, each January, around one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. 

However, according to a 2002 study, while about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later. Therefore, if you are making a list of New Year's resolutions for yourself, make sure they are attainable, easy to maintain, and positive.

Although there are many great New Year's resolution ideas out there, my favorite was one that I heard last night. When my coworker was asked what her New Year's resolution was, she responded with a smile and said, "My resolution is to keep doing what I am doing. It has really been working well for me this past year." I love the positive attitude that she modeled to the group. The New Year isn't always about a need to change- it can also be a time to reflect upon what you are doing right in your life, to pat yourself on the back and to be proud of what you have accomplished. I know each and every one of you has something to be proud of as you look back on 2013, and I encourage you to share these sentiments with your teens. If spending more time with your kids is one of your resolutions, this is a great way to start!

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