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Early Dismissal Week
No Late Start Thursday
Don't forget this is an early dismissal week. Students will be released at 12:20 PM on Wednesday. Students will have the opportunity to have lunch before the buses roll at 12:45 PM. On Thursday there is no late arrival. The first bell will ring at 7:45 AM. We need all students to be on-time every day!
WHS Calendar



Tuesday, November 13
4:00p       F GBB at Stratford
4:30p       F BBB v St. Thomas

5:30p       JV GBB at Stratford
6:00p       JV BBB v St. Thomas

6:00p       Swimming v North
               Shore (Galena Park

7:00p       V GBB at Stratford

7:00p       Veterans Day
7:30p       V BBB v St. Thomas


Wednesday, November 14

12:45p     Early Dismissal


Thursday, November 15

7:45a       Bell rings (No Late

5:00p       No Costume

JV GBB Spring Branch Tourney
BBB All levels McDonald's Invitational


Friday, November 16

9:00a       Swimming TISCA
               Invitational at
               Conroe ISD

6:00p       V GBB v Lamar

JV GBB Spring Branch Tourney

BBB All levels McDonald's Invitational 


Saturday, November 17

7:00a       Pride Golf
               Tournament (Jersey
               Meadows Golf

9:00a       Swimming TISCA  

7:30p       Inertia HIStory Fall
               Concert "Spring Ole"

Invitational at Conroe ISD

JV Girls BB Spring Branch Tourney

BBB All levels McDonald's Invitational  



Wednesday, November 21
Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday, November 22
Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, November 23 
Thanksgiving Holiday

Click here to access the WHS Calendar for more events.  

Business Academy Sponsors Online Entrepreneurship Competition 

This week, in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Business Academy (E1) will be sponsoring an online entrepreneurial competition! The contest will be held this week on Tuesday and Thursday during lunch in L203. The student who "earns" the most money in the online simulation on each day will win a prize. Each time the student participates in the simulation their names will be entered into a raffle to win a grand prize. Students can participate as many times as they would like as long as there isn't a line!  

Freshmen Tutorials 

Are you struggling in any of your classes? Please make plans to start attending tutorials right away! You can download the Freshmen Tutorial Schedule here. It is also posted in freshmen core classes. Remember students, you can visit any freshmen teacher who teachers the same subject which means someone is offering tutorials in nearly everything every day during lunch! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Friends & Alumni of Westside Social 

The Friends and Alumni of Westside High School are having a social Thursday, November 15 at Fox & Hound. The address is 11470 Westheimer which is near Kirkwood and Wilcrest. The event will take place from 6:00-8:30 PM. Meet with former students, staff, community members, and friends for a fun evening out! 

The One Thing
Student Survey

Last Spring, a group of Westside High School students, teachers, parents, and community members were invited to participate in a day-long training. The focus was "if students ran the school, what would they change?" The group was led through a protocol called "The One Thing." This group came up with the One Thing students would change at Westside. Westside's team decided to strive for better relationships between teachers and students by allowing students to offer feedback, with the goal of improving what kids learn in the classroom.


This fabulous project was introduced through a convention sponsored by the American Leadership Forum. All participating schools are presenting their final products at the end of November.   


We've come to one of our last opportunities to gather as much information on this subject as possible, and we've created a short survey to collect the last bits of necessary information. We'd love to hear YOUR voice! Either click the link below or scan the QR code with your smartphone and help us improve Westside High School!    

Students only, please.


Click here.

or scan below.

Thank you for your input! 

Campus Tours   

Westside High School will be offering various tour dates to meet the needs of our prospective parents and students. Although all tours are open to any prospective parent, the tours listed with "M" next to them will focus more on the Magnet program and application process.

Wed., Dec. 5 at 8:15 AM
Weds., Jan. 9 at 8:30 AM
Thurs., Jan. 24 (Open House) Mini-Tour only at 6:00 PM
Sat., Feb. 2 at 9:00 AM
Wed., Feb. 6 at 8:15 AM
Wed., March 6 at 8:15 AM
April 3-5 at 1:00 PM (M)
Wed., April 10 at 8:15 AM
Wed., May 1 at 8:15 AM

If you know of any prospective parents, please share this information with them. If you have any questions you may contact Noelle MacGregor by email at nstockma@houstonisd.org or you may contact Chelsea Gumm by email at cgumm@houstonisd.org

Daily Attendance 

Each day at 9:40 AM Westside teachers take our official daily attendance. This is the attendance rate that is used to determine our budget. Please, whenever possible, schedule all medical appointments after 11:30 AM.

Also, please make sure that your child is arriving to school on-time on Thursday mornings. Since we have a late start on Thursday, there is not the typical cushion for your child to be late before it impacts our daily attendance and budget.

Improving our attendance rate is one of our school goals. If we are able to improve our attendance rate from 93% to 95% this year it will add $600,000 to our budget. Let's work together to achieve our goal! 

Sign-Up For Pride's Second Annual Golf Tournament  

Sign-up has begun for Pride Dance Team's Second Annual Golf Tournament. The tournament will take place on Saturday, November 17th. Click here for more information.
Senior Dues
Deadline Extended

The original deadline for Senior Dues was Wednesday, November 14. However, due to a flyer surfacing and being distributed from last year's senior class showing a different deadline, we are, in good faith, extending the deadline to Tuesday, November 20 at 3:30 PM. The price will go up after Thanksgiving so lock in that lower price! Payment plans are available - just contact Mrs. Matlock in A205 before the deadline.  $20 locks in the price as long as the entire amount is paid by March 1. 


Dues cover cap and gown, panoramic picture, senior honors night, senior t-shirt, senior picnic, diploma, diploma cover, graduation expenses, and so on.  The current price is $125 ($90 if the student is on free or reduced lunch). Cash or money orders only - we are unable to accept checks. Payment can be made to Mrs. Matlock in A205 during normal school hours.


If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs. Matlock at 281-920-8011 or at smatlock@houstonisd.org
HISD Connections Newsletter
Visit this link for information from Houston ISD about summer school, the summer meal program, promotion standards, the upcoming Back-to-School Fest, and important dates.

Wolf E-News Archives 

The Wolf E-News archives are now posted on the Westside website. If you ever need access to an older edition for information or entertainment, you can now have it with the click of a mouse!  

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NOVEMBER 12, 2012











The war on Iraq affected millions of Americans both here and abroad. Many of us watched in earnest as American troops bombed Baghdad and pursued Saddam, but few considered what it must have been like for ordinary Iraqi citizens like Mustafa Hussein.

Mustafa was a seven year old boy at that time and was forced to flee to a village outside of the capitol because of the bombings. Once Saddam was captured, Mustafa and his family returned to their home to find that it had been destroyed, so they set out to rebuild their life. However, things had changed for the worse because the area lacked bare essentials. Mustafa remembers, "Finding even basic requirements such as clean water was challenging. Since there was no regular electricity, we relied on a portable gas generator, but getting gas required waiting in line for two days and even then they ran out of gas before we could get any." After a few years of hardship and threats, Mustafa's family moved to Egypt.


Once in Egypt, things improved for Mustafa and his family, but the education system was poor and as non-citizens, Mustafa and his family did not have many rights. Therefore, at the age of fourteen, Mustafa and his family moved from Egypt to Houston and Mustafa found himself in a new culture where people were speaking a language he barely knew. Mustafa's first year in America was a challenge and he was not happy at school. One of his teachers suggested that he transfer to Westside, and he did just that.


When talking about Westside, Mustafa says, "I arrived at Westside for my sophomore year and I found it so much better that I finally felt like I was in America." Since becoming a Westside Wolf, Mustafa has not just survived, but flourished. He is a member of the Rugby Club and earned a spot in the National Honor Society. Mustafa is also in the Genesys Works program, which he really enjoys, stating, "Genesys Works has played a very important role in my journey to achieving my goals. I have learned how to communicate in a business setting."


Mustafa's goal is to complete his degree in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M and he is well along that path as he is a finalist for A&M's POSSE Foundation Scholarship. Mustafa is a true example of the American Dream in action.


Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13th, buses will depart at an earlier time. Currently buses leave Westside at 3:30 PM, but starting tomorrow, they will leave at 3:25 PM. It is very important that students make their way to the buses right after school so they don't get stuck without a ride. 


There is a new bell that is ringing at 3:20 PM. This bell is the signal for all students to exit the building unless they are in the presence of a club sponsor or coach. Students may not be in the building unattended. This bell is also a good reminder to bus riders to hurry out to your bus before it leaves.


Westside High School is offering a Focus on Freshmen monthly workshop series designed for our freshmen parents called Focus on Freshmen. The topics were selected based on the feedback we received at the Freshmen Parent Meeting in September (though new ideas are always welcome). Last month's topic was the Four Year Plan. Parents and students learned about graduation requirements and actually created a four year plan with their child and the help of administrators. Those are being typed up and will be emailed to the participating parents. 


The October meeting topic will be STAAR. This is a new assessment that will impact a student's yearly average (pending approval from Houston ISD) and graduation status. 


Which tests will my child take? What's Level 2 mean? What does the midpoint score mean? Do all students have to pass all fifteen exams or just reach a certain overall score to graduate? Will it hurt my child's GPA if the proposal passes and the score is part of the yearly average? These questions and more will be answered at this meeting. No RSVP is necessary. We hope to see you there! 


If you have any questions, please contact Noelle MacGregor at nstockma@houstonisd.orgor by phone at 281.920.8000 ext. 6005. 

Congratulations to the following students for their successes at the 2012 Region Choir Auditions: Alex Addison, Elliott Sam, Alejandro Leal, Nicholas Easley, Chanse Powell, Megan McCombs, Paul Komazin, Joseph Opoku, Sarah Wong, and Amelia Khoei.

The following students qualified for the Region Mixed Choir: Amelia Khoei (Advanced to Pre-Area Auditions), Sarah Wong (Advanced to Pre-Area Auditions), Chanse Powell (Advanced to Pre-Area Auditions), Alex Addison (Advanced to Pre-Area Auditions), and Nicholas Easley. Paula Komazin qualified for the Region Treble Choir.

Mr. Carson would like to thank all choir students for their hard work and commitment to the Westside Choir Department. Keep calm and sing on!


The Westside Wolves enter play-off action this Thursday, November 15th against Memorial High School (SBISD) at Delmar Stadium. You can purchase tickets on Wednesday in the Field House for a discount. Student pre-sale tickets are $4, adult pre-sale tickets are $6, and all tickets are $8 at the gate. Play-off long sleeve t-shirts will also be on sale at lunch in the Commons for $10.  


We are the Home team and are thankful for all the support we have had this year from our Westside School Community. Let's get a huge crowd out there to cheer on the Wolves! Don't forget to wear your play-off t-shirt! 


Tomorrow the Westside Music Department and the JROTC (with assistance from the Theatre Arts students) will put on the best concert Houston ISD has to offer our community! Please join us as we honor our Veterans in our annual "Westside Salutes America" concert at 7:00 PM in the Westside Auditorium. This is an event that brings everyone to their feet and offers something for everyone. It's not just a concert, but an experience. Every year, we find ourselves trying to "top" the concert from the year before, and we have a few surprises this year. You don't want to miss this special concert! Come early as it is a free concert and there is no reserved seating.

You are invited by the Westside High School Choir Department to perform with WHS Choir Alumni in the annual 2012 Winter Concert. The concert will be Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 in the WHS auditorium.

All who sign up to join in will sing with the Westside Chamber Singers. The music includes "Silent Night," "Christmas Song" (Personent Hodie), and "Fum, Fum, Fum!" This will definitely be a memorable performance and an unforgettable experience! Stop by the choir room to pick up a copy of the music and a rehearsal schedule. The Chamber Singers are very excited about their teachers and staff members stepping into their shoes, learning to sight read, and joining in on all the fun and joy of making music and bringing in the holidays! If you are interested, we are more than excited to have you! The Winter Concert is the biggest choir concert of the year and always fills all the seats in the auditorium! Please join us in this amazing event. Rehearsals will begin very soon, so act quickly! Your voice is waiting to be heard! For more information contact Mr. Carson at jcarson2@houstonisd.org or 281-920-8008.

Inertia Dance Company will be joining HIStory Dance Company and dancers from the Lanier Middle School Dance Program for a collaborative concert on Saturday, November 17th at 7:30 PM in the Westside Theatre. We are incredibly proud to tell you that this performance features the past, present, and future of Inertia. Every dancer on stage will have a direct relationship to our program. HIStory members are Joel Rivera, Josue Lopez, Mark Chaves, and Bryan Paule, all graduates of WHS and Inertia. Rivera teaches here, Paule teaches at Lanier Middle School, and Paule's students will be in the show. There are also some more recent graduates in the show including Kenny Louis, Pierry Louis, and Canarus Bisch.  


Along with this year's Inertia cast you will see in retrospective what has taken the unique group to New York, Chicago, Bejing, and Miami, not to mention probably hundreds of local appearances.


Tickets are only being sold through the website, so please visit www.historydanceco.com


Members of Inertia will be also be featured with the Houston Symphony at their Annual Children's Holiday Concert.  Performances will be December 8th at 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM at Jones Hall as well as later that evening at 7:00 PM at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in the Woodlands.


For ticket information please visit www.houstonsymphony.org  and look for "Hip Hoppin Nutcracker". 


You don't know what you have until it's gone. Now that I'm done with Westside, I am able to see how great it is and how much I loved it!   


I was involved with many different organizations at Westside. I was a class officer, so I got to do the behind the scenes planning for Homecoming, Prom, etc. It was so rewarding to see that all come together! The faculty really gave StuCo the freedom to be leaders and to make our ideas come to life. I was also in the band, and I would complain about that so much. I almost quit my senior year, but now I see that being in the band was one of the most rewarding things I could have done at Westside! The transformation of the band from my freshman year to my senior year was incredible. We went from getting 3s at UIL my freshman year, to making it all the way to Area by my senior year! That accomplishment is huge. It was because of the passion of the directors and the support from the rest of the school that we were able to succeed.   


The most influential aspect that of Westside for me were the teachers. Some of the ones who stick out are Ms. McClendon, Ms. Patch, Mr. Ostergren, Mr. Andrusco, Mr. MacGregor, Mr. Bandera-Duplantier, and of course Ms. Heil. These teachers were driven by a passion for teaching and genuine love for the students. But there were so many more who I loved! I could go on and on. My friends outside of Westside find it hard to believe that I still keep in touch with some of my high school teachers, which speaks volumes about how much they care.    


Now I'm at the University of Texas and I'm madly in love with this school. I wouldn't have been prepared for it though if it weren't for the life lessons that Westside taught me. Although I am a Longhorn now, I will always be a Wolf. That's cheesy but it's true.     


When my college friends and I talk about our high schools, I am able to honestly say that I loved my school. Not everyone can say that.


Victoria Noriega, Class of 2010 

E-mail why you love Westside to newsatwhs@gmail.com. It can be one word. It can be 100 words. Share the love. (Please write "Why I Love Westside" in the subject of the email.) 

We value your feedback!

Please direct comments or questions to Noelle MacGregor at nstockma@houstonisd.org.

Visit us on the web at www.westsidewolves.org.

It is the policy of the Houston Independent School District not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, handicap or disability, ancestry, national origin, marital status, race, religion, sex, veteran status, or political affiliation in its educational or employment programs and activities.