Haitian Studies Association   

October 14, 2013

Public Statement on the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court Ruling


Ruling 0168-13 rendered by the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court on September 23, 2013 is an outrage. This ruling strips Dominican nationality from tens of thousands of people who for eight decades were registered as Dominican citizens under the Constitution and the laws in effect since 1929.  The ruling violates several principles, including the following: the due process of law to strip nationality rights from thousands of people without credible cause, the principle of lenity to the person, the non-retroactive nature of law, the binding character of decisions made by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and the rights of the child to identity and nationality.


We, as citizens of the world, cannot permit this affront to basic civil and human rights. We stand in alliance with Dominicans, Haitians, Dominicans of Haitian descent, and Haitians of Dominican descent to condemn the Constitutional Court's decision and continue the legacy of transnational opposition against oppression in all forms.


We demand that the Dominican Parliament pass a law countermanding the effects of the Constitutional Court. Furthermore, we demand that President Medina sign said legislation into law.


The Dominican Republic's Court action against their citizenry is a callous act against humanity and we urge a prompt resolution of this grave matter. Let us stand and act for the greater good of humanity and human rights.



In solidarity,


Members of the Haitian Studies Association                                         

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