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The Recycled Water Treatment Plant is Back Online

Thank you for conserving water while the City's recycled water treatment plant was offline. Recycled water customers achieved a 24% reduction in water use while the plant was under construction and helped offset the need for additional potable water to supply the system. We are happy to report that the recycled water treatment plant upgrades have been completed and recycled water is now being sent through the distribution system. Now that recycled water supply is available, our recycled water customers are no longer subject to Stage Three Drought Regulations. This means that water demands on the recycled water system may return to normal, as they are no longer subject to the 25% demand reduction requirements.

The original tertiary filtration plant was one of the first recycled water facilities in California. Over the past 20 years, the filtration plant was subject to corrosion and in need of significant refurbishment to allow for the effective production of recycled water without blending potable water. The new process filters water by pushing the water through pressurized hollow fiber membranes and provides exceptional water quality that is free from microorganisms and suspended solids.

We encourage you to irrigate with recycled water as needed for landscaping while continuing to comply with the ongoing recycled water use requirements.

Millions of gallons of potable water are saved every year by using recycled water. Thank you for your past and future efforts to use recycled water and help keep our community resilient during droughts.
Recycled Water and Fertilizer - 2 for the Price of 1

El Estero Demo GardenDid you know recycled water contains the same nutrients found in store-bought fertilizer? Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, found in everyday fertilizers, are also present in recycled water and are essential nutrients for plant development. Depending on the quality and quantity of nutrients in recycled water, the amount of fertilizer applied to landscaping and lawns at sites that use recycled water can be greatly reduced.

Applying fertilizer without taking into account the nutrients available in recycled water could result in applying more than plants are able to utilize. This could potentially create a run-off of excess nutrients to groundwater sources and compromise water quality. Knowing which nutrients and how much are in recycled water is important. Take a look at the City's most recent Initial Recycled Water Quality Results for more information on nutrient levels.

While recycled water contains many essential nutrients for plant growth, some precautions should be taken on plants with high salinity sensitivity. Recycled water has higher sodium and chloride levels than potable water. If you are looking to re-landscape, check out the City's Recycled Water Homepage.