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July In review

  On July mornings we learned about nutrition with Vince Ramirez, kayaked and canoed on Silver Lake, had fitness classes with Bari, went riding at Moonrise Farm, did crafts with Kitty, went to slip and slide day at the Hurd's house and it was amazing! We went to Wellwood Farms and picked Strawberries, we had a art class with Lolly and Bonnie, we went Bowling at Maple Lanes, and went to the Thompson Senior Center for Story Telling with Jools.

Mid-day we went to the Frates Pond, we had puppetry class with Angel, art with Fiona, farm programs at Billings Farm, photography with Holly and drumming with Ted.

In the afternoons we had yoga class, we sang with Jack Snyder and Kerry Rosenthal, we did art with Laura, cooked with Sarah, and played golf at Woodsotck Country Club.  Tomorrow at 3PM we have two very special guest coming to Zack's Place for a book reading!

We also went to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and took a great cruise of Squam Lake.

We read books with Pam, Ron, Diane and Bettyanne.

Our pictures are really great so be sure to scroll down!

Angel works with us in our Puppetry Class

Karissa and Nicole Bowling

Michael works on his putting skills.

Fred and Kitty are golfing buddies

Annie O'neill riding at Moonrise Farm

Jessica Burrell riding her favorite horse Barrister

Josh haming it up at Woodstock Fire Department

The gang showing off the bookmarks they made with Lolly and Bonnie

Lolly and Bonnie lead an art class

Denise cooling off at Silver Lake

Buddies hanging out at Silver Lake

Ed getting up on the paddle board.

Annie waiting to paddle

Slip and Slide Day at the Hurd's

Fred and Denise playing Volly Ball at Slip and Slide Day

The Gang at Billings

We love our summer

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We visited Squam Lake and hiked the trails

And then we went for a fabulous boat tour

Slip and slide day was really fun

Carl has perfected the slide

Erin O'Connell from Woodstock Fire Department stopped in to workout with Josh

Our Sunflowers are in Bloom


Every summer we get an amazing amount of volunteers. We have our steady interns that come each summer during school break and help us out with whatever. They are amazing! This summer we have Sam Matel, Graham and Andrew Jameson, Ruth Bollinger, Cam Cobey and Oscar Montano. These interns are essential to our programs. Another unusual group of volunteers arrived at our doorstep last week. It was an entire family.

Late last winter my husband and I were unloading from an event on a Sunday and a family walked by. They came over to us and asked what Zack's Place was. We told them about our center and gave them a tour. About a week later I received a letter in the mail asking if they could possibly volunteer for a week in the summer and it was accompanied by a generous donation. We connected and last week was decided upon. They rented a house and sure enough, Monday-Friday the entire family volunteered all day. They got to know our whole group including staff, volunteers and participants and they were a tremendous help. All of us from ZP, Board, Staff, Participants and families are grateful for their generous spirit and their sincere friendship. 
Will, Keegan, Hunter and Ben

Anna Tracey, Josh and Ruth Bollinger

Janice Elsesser, Fred Beebee, Will and Mark Baker

Andrew and Jessica and Graham and Erin

Judy, Karissa and Janice

Summer Intern Sam Matel and gang

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Zack's Place Celebrates 10 Years!!!!!!


Zack's Place Golf Tournament of Champions!

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Come Celebrate our Woodstock Police Department! Join us For a Cookout on August 25th!


10:15A Movies at Pentangle "Ghost Busters"
1PM-Art with Fiona at ZP
3PM-Golf at the Woodstock Inn Country Club Return at 4:30P
9:00a Lake Monster Baseball Game at 11A in Burlington Leave at 3P back at ZP at 5PM
311A-Leave for Silver Lake Kayak and Canoe Return 2:30P from lake
3:00PM-Sing along with Vince Ramirez
415P-Reading with Betty Anne
11A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Puppetry with Angel
3PM-art with Laura
11:00A-Riding at Moonrise Farm return 2:00PM To Kedron Pond
Return at 4:00PM from Pond
810A-Decorate for Volunteer Party
1230PM-Celebrating our Awesome Summer Volunteers Party!!!!! Ruth, Sam, Graham, Andrew, Oscar and Cam
1PM-Art with Fiona at ZP
2:20P Walk to Pentangle to see Secret Life of Pets
Return at 4P
4:15P -Reading with Ron
11A-Nutrtition with Vinnie
12PM-Kedron Pond Lunch and swim leave pond at 2:30P
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
415P-Reading with Diane
1010A-Blueberry Picking at Wellwod Orchards and picnic Return at 12:00P from orchard
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyann
11A-Billings Farm Program
1PM-Puppetry with Angel
3PM-Art with Laura
10A-Mt Sunapee State Park Return (Stop at Spark) Leave park at 3P and drop off at Spark 4P to Spark for Dinner
11am-Fitness with Bari
1PM-Art with Fiona
3PM-Golf at the Woodstock Inn Country Club Return at 4:30P
16 Airport with Lois Watson
10:45A Leave for Lebanon Airport, go to Commercial Airport (old Restaurant) Tour of Airport, Runway, Sharkeys Helicopter, Granite Air and Tower..Ice Cream and return to ZP from Fore U Ice Cream at 2PM.
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
415P-Reading with Diane
10A-Leave for Maple Lanes Bowling
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Betty Anne
10:45a Puppet Show at Norman Williams Library at 11A
1PM-Cooking with Sarah
3PM-Art with Laura
11:00A-Riding at Moonrise Farm return 2:30P
3PM-Drumming with Ted
2211am-Fitness with Bari
12PM-Echo Lake State Park Picnic
Return 3PM
3:30P-Karaoke Kitty
4:15P -Reading with Ron
11A-Nutrtition with Vinnie
1PM-Visit Sculpture Fest on Prosper Rd.
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
415P-Reading with Diane
2411A-Leave for Silver Lake Kayak and Canoe
3PM-Singing with   Papa
415P-Reading with Betty Anne
25 10:30A-Cooking with Sarah and get ready for picnicZack's Place Celebrates the Woodstock Police Department ! 12N Cookout with the Police at ZP.
3PM-Art with Lolly and Bonnie
11A- Kedron Pond Picnic
Return 2PM
3PM- Games with Carl
2911AM-Billings Farm Program
1PM-Art with Fiona
2:15P-Leave for Fore U Golf arrive 3PM Driving Range, Mini Golf and Ice Cream Return at 4:15Pfrom Golf
3011A-Cooking with Holly Zuchini Madness
1PM-Visit the Historical Society
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
415P-Reading with Phil Swanson
3110A-Pond and lunch at Dail's return 12PM
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with BettyAnn


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