Still room to sign up for Magic Night at Allen and Sally Hall's House on June 25th, 2016

June 2016
May in Review
Jessa and Keegan walking the Rail Trail after Cycling
On May mornings we enjoyed craft classes, bowling, science, story telling with Jools, featured movies at Pentangle, hanging out with our friends at KUA, rode bikes with Vermont Adaptive,swimming at the Aquatic Center, games at WES, nutrition with Vince and Bari, concerts at Pentangle and Lebanon Opera House and we delivered Pentangle posters.
Mid-day we did pottery with Fiona, cooked with Sarah, went to Billings Farm for the film festival, hiked to the Pogue, went to the Senior Center to see Marko the Magician, had farm programs at Billings, did a nature hike at Dail's house, garendend with Martha,and had drumming with Ted.
In the afternoons we had fitness with Bari, yoga with Jamie, Tita and Lalita, singing with Kerry, art with Laura, games with Carl and play practice.
In the late afternoon we read books with Ron, Holly, Bettyanne, Diane, and Phil.

Denise and Tommy Cycling with VT Adaptive
Karissa and Tommy cycling
Dail and Jessa Cyling
Ed Cycling
Holly and Kitty doing the sweep!
Doing a message train in Yoga
Vince and Bari teaching nutrition at ZP
Playing games with Carl Hurd
Annie on the drums!
Demon gets a kiss
Art class with Laura Farrell
Story Telling with Jools
Jessica and Lindsey hanging out at Maple Lanes
Fred's turn to bowl
Hanging out with Marko the Magician!
On Wednesday May 18th, 2016 Zack's Place Performed "Good News From Around the World" A comedy Musical Review written by Zack's Place, on the stage at Town Hall Theater. The performance was flawless. Zack's Place would like to offer a special thank you to Pentangle for the use of the stage, Keene Medical for working so hard to put a handicap accessible ramp in for us and donating the cost, Robert Brier for the lighting and Bob Merrill for being our sound guy. We would like to thank all of those people who attended! Also a special thank you to Macy Lawrence for filming it.
Photographs are taken by Dana and David O'Neil-Thank you!
Click Here to view the video of the play
Zackathlon was a great success

120 people participated on March 22nd in the Zackathlon! The weather held out and and a lot of fun was had by all. Zack's Place would like to thank Suicide 6 for hosting the event, Black River Produce for donating the food for the delicious lunch, Farrell Distributing for donating the wine and Harpoon Brewery for donating the beer. About 30 people participated in each event and Zack's Place raised over $4500.00.

Time to Sign up for Magic Night at the Hall's House!
AAn early summer fest by Chef Folly! This evening is filled with Magic by Marko the Magician. The evening starts with cocktails and delicious appetizers with a magic mix and mingle. Dinner is served at 7PM followe
d by an amazing magic show. What makes MARKO's performances so special is his ability to mystify, entertain and make everyone laugh on different levels at the same time. Come enjoy a relaxed and entertaining evening with Sally and Allen Hall.

Tenderloin Kabobs served on seasoned rice
Broiled Tomatoes
Roasted Asparagus
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Price: $125 per person
Date: June 25, 2016
Hosts: Allen and Sally Hall   
Time: 6:00PM Don't be late and miss the fun!
Limit: 30 People
Attire: Casual Elegance
Address: 90 Hurricane Dr. White River Jct, VT
White River Junction 

2015 Annual Meeting on June 13th at 5PM
 Zack's Place Annual Meeting will take place on June 13th at 5PM at Zack's Place, 73 Central Street, Woodstock, VT. Please RSVP at

June 2016
10:30A-leave for Bowling at Maple Lanes bring lunch return at 1:15P Bring Lunch
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
2 11A-Science with Finnie
1PM-Cooking with Sarah
3PM-Art with Laura
310:30A story telling with Jools
12P-Picnic and Hike at Dail's Return 2PM
3PM-Tie dye Shirts with Rhianna
10A-Movie at Pentangle
1PM- Hike from Billings on Mansion trail
2:30P-Fitness with Bari
415P reading with Phylis Bulmer
711A-Nutrition with Bari
1PM-Billings Farm Program
3PM-Yoga With Tita
4:15P-Reading with Pam
810:30A Cycling with VT adaptive at The Rail Trail Lebanon arrive 11A-Return from rail trail 1:00PM to arrive ZP at 1:30p Bring lunch
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Deliver Pentangle Posters
3PM-Art with Laura
11A-Gardening with Martha
130PM-Vins 2:00P Raptors, 245P Raptor feeding, 330P Reptiles Bus leaves VINS at 4:15P
1311A-Pond day at Dail's bring lunch return At 2P
3:00P-Fitness with Bari
4:15P-Reading with Diane
1411A-Nutrition with Bari
215PM-Cast Party and a viewing at Pentangle of the play at 3PM
415P-Reading with Ron
11:00A story telling with Jools
1PM-Games with Carl
3PM-Singing with Kerry
11A-Science with Finnie
1PM-Billings Farm Program
3PM-Art with Laura
179:00A- Leave for Christa McAuliffe Space Center Return 3PM Dinner at Spark! bus returns to ZP at 4:30P for those not staying. For those staying pickup is at Spark!
2010:30AM-Scuptural Fest on Prosper Road return 12P-(leave prosper at 11:45A)
1PM-Pottery at Artistree
3:00P-Fitness with Bari
4:15P-Reading with Diane
11A-Nutrition with Bari
1PM- Story Telling with Jools
3PM-Yoga With Tita
415P-Reading with Ron
2210:30A Cycling with VT adaptive at The Rail Trail Lebanon arrive 11A-Return from Leb at 1P to arrive ZP at 1:30P
2p-Photography with Holly
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Science with Finnie
1PM-Puppetry with Angel (New series see description in notes)
3PM-Art with Laura
11A-Riding at Moonrise Farm return 2:30P
3PM- Drumming with Ted
27 11A-Story Telling with Jools
1PM-Pottery at Artistree
3:00P-Golf at Woodstock Country Club return 4:30P from the cub
4:15P-Reading with Diane
2811A-Nutrition with Bari
1PM-Billings Farm Program
4:15P-Reading with Phil
2910:30A-leave for Bowling at Maple Lanes bring lunch return at 1:15P Bring Lunch
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
30 11A-Science with Anthea
1PM-Puppetry with Angel
3PM-Art with Laura
Notes: Puppetry is a 6 week series which will work with participants to write their own puppet show, make puppets and do a performance. The class is taught by Angel Rubino
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