This email has great pictures of  April Programs at Zack's Place. Also included pictures of our prom, Information on the Zackathlon and Information about our Upcoming Play!
Your Monthly News & Updates April 2016 
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April In review
The Good News Play on May 18
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April In Review
The 2016 Zack's Place Prom Hosted by Woodstock Union High School Students, NHS and Student Council
Photo by: David O'Neill

On April mornings we went to Pentangle and watched Zootopia, we had storytelling class with Jools, we had science with Anthea, Jen and Finnie, we walked to Woodstock Elementary and had Gym class with Cody Tancreti and Betsy Frates, we watched Na Pista at the HOP, we went bowling at Maple Lanes, we swam at the Aquatic Center, we cooked with Sarah, we finished our latest edition of greeting cards, we had photography class with Holly, we saw Maria Schneider Orchestra at the HOP, Peter Rabbit Tales at Lebanon Opera House, and we delivered Pentangle Posters.
Mid-day we had Pottery with Fiona at Artistree, we had choreography classes for our upcoming musical with Jennifer, we went to Billings Farm for Farm Programs and for the Film Festival, we played games with Carl Hurd, we went to Black River Produce and toured the factory with Scott Sparks, and we had art class with Lolly and Bonnie.
In the afternoons we danced, worked out with Bari, did yoga with Lalita, Tita and Jamie, made props for our play and practiced every Friday for the upcoming play, we sang with Kerry, we had a rock concert with Shelly and Rob Parker and we did art with Jools and Finnie.
We read books with Diane Dugan, Bettyanne McGuire, Phil Swanson and Pam Pickett

Some very special events
1. Zack's Place had an art opening at the Norman Williams Library on April 8, 2016. The art will be displayed upstairs for another 2 weeks.
2. Zack's Place went to the State House and sang on the floor of the house with Alison Clarkson and toured the Vermont State House and Historical Museum.
3. Zack's Place went to the prom on Friday April 29th, 2016 at Woodstock Union High School. The National Honor Society, Student Council and WUHS students put on the prom. The gym looked like it was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The night was magical with a DJ and students dancing with us. Community members also came and attended.
Jessica and Emily play wiffle ball with Carl Hurd
Demon Bivins is up to bat
It is a balancing act in science class
Jessa and Keegan learn about balance
Karissa and Holly enjoy a swim together
Andrew Brisson talks about his art in our art display at Norman Williams Library
Kelley Willis, Demon Bivins and Keega Moriarty practice for the upcoming play.
Sarah Peters and Trevor VanNeil practice for the up coming play.
We are doing a massage train in yoga class.
Zack's Place Tours Black River Produce a generous sponsor!
Bettyanne reads! One of our regular community readers.
Alec Fedele buys his friend Fred a Red Sox Shirt! So nice!
Fitness Class with Bari
Cooking with Sarah
Denise Thorburn at the Historical Society in Montpelier
Zack's Place Gang at the State House with Alison Clarkson
Hannah at WES playing games with Cody and Betsy
Ed makes pottery at Artistree

The Zack's Play! May 18th at 5:30P at Pentangle! Mark your Calendars!!!!!!!

  This play is really going to be one of our best! We want to fill the auditorium and it is free!! You really will, laugh, cry, sing and dance and be home by 6:30P for dinner. We have a cast of 37 people and it is a musical comedy review in the form of  a news show. Good News From Around World. We hope that you will come. Some of our cast Includes:

Bob Hager
Andrew Brisson
Ruth Brisson
Denise Thorburn
Holly O'Brien
Lindsey Sargent
Erin Norton
Helen Norton
Jessa Lawlor
Kitty King
Teisha Thibodeau
Kelly Willis
Jessie Tensen
Abbie Nickerson
Annie O'Neill
Betsy Frates
Keegan Moriarty
Cody Tancreti
Demon Bivin
Trevor VanNeil
Lilly Nobel
Patrick Dugan
Bryan Kopf

Martha Giller
Jessica Burrell
Lisa Burrell
Karissa Mathiessen
Nicole Lillie
Sarah Peters
Mary Riley
Jordyn Eastman
Martha Giller
Tanner Dow
Douglas Phillips
Michael Leavitt
Sarah Roberts
Josh Caddick
Ted McGruder
Ed Lawrence
Patrick Green
Music Director- Kerry Rosenthal
Choreographer-Jenifer Schutzius
 Director-Dail Frates
Lighting- Robert Brier
Sound and Music- Bob Merrill

The Zackathlon on May 22nd at Suicide 6! Something for everyone!!!!!
Zack's Place New Edition of Greeting Cards Now on Sale!

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The Zack's Place May Calendar
Click here for a printable May Calendar

May 2016
2 11A-crafts with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
2:30P-Fitness with Bari
4:15P-Reading with Ron
3 10:00A-Leave for Maple Lanes Bowling Return 1PM to arrive ZP at 1:45P. Bring a lunch
3PM-Yoga With Jamie
4:15P- Reading with Holly
411A-Science with Anthea
12:30PM- Hiking to the Pogue on the Prosper Trail Leaving ZP at 12:30P and Returning FROM Prosper2pm
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
5 10:30A-Deliver Pentangle Posters
12:30P-Movie at Billings Farm
3PM-Art with Laura Farrell
611A-Story Telling with Jools
1P-Cooking with Sarah
245P walk to WES
3PM- Play practice at WES
Return 4:30P
9 11A-crafts with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
2:30P-Fitness with Bar
415P-Reading with Diane
Pentangle 10A -The Lightning thief over at 11A
1PM-Yoga with Jamie
245P-Walking to play practice at Pentangle
3-5PM- Practice at Pentangle
1030A-Take Bus to KUA arrive 11:15A Bus leaves KUA at 1:15PM
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Diane
10:45A-walk to WES for games with Cody and Betsy return at 11:45A
1PM-Deliver Pentangle Posters
3PM-Art with Jools
1310:00A-Bus to Aquatic Center Swim from 10:30A-11:30A bus returns at 12:15P
1PM-cooking with Sarah
245P-Walking to play practice at Pentangle
3-5PM- Practice at Pentangle
16 11A-crafts with Kitty
12PM-Going to the Senior Center for Lunch
1PM-Marko the Magician at the Thompson return 2pM
245P-Walking to play practice at Pentangle
3-5PM- Practice at Pentangle
17 Jen is not here
11A-Fun with Food with Bari and Vince (New Class: six weeks to eating healthier)
1PM-Yoga with Tita
245P-Walking to play practice at Pentangle
3-5PM- Practice at Pentangle
18 Jen is not here/Holly
11A-Deliver Pentangle Posters
1PM-Photography with Holly
3:45P-Walking Leave for Pentangle
5:30PM-Performing Good News From Around the World at Pentangle
11A-Science with Finnie
12:45P walk to Bilings farm-Farm program at Billings Getting Sheepish Return 2P
3PM-Art with Laura Farrell and WES Student Council
9:45A Concert at Pentangle Malek Jandali
1PM-Nature Hike at Dail's House Leave ZP at 12:45P and Return 2P
3PM-Art with Bonnie and Lolly
11A-crafts with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
2:30P-Fitness with Bari
415P-Reading with Diane
24 11A-Fun with Food with Bari and Vince (New Class: six weeks to eating healthier)
1Pm-Story making at Billings Farm
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
4:15P-Reading with Ron
2510:30A-Bus leaves for Rail Trail cycling with VT adaptive return 12:30P
1PM-Gardening cleanup with Martha
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
10:45A-walk to WES for games with Cody and Betsy return at 11:45A
1PM-Science with Jen
3PM-Art with Laura Farrell
11A-Story Telling with Jools
1PM-Drumming with Ted
3PM-Games with Carl
Zack's Place is closed for Memorial Day
31Jen is not   here
LOH'S YOUTH EDUCATION SERIES PRESENTS Curious George: The Golden Meatball Tuesday, May 31, 2016
900A bus leaves starts at 10A 1 hr
1:00P-Farm program at Billings Moomoo brown cow Storytime
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
4:15P- Reading with Phil


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