Special Olympics schedule enclosed. Also be sure and see lots of great of pictures.
The Zack's Place March 2016 Newsletter
February In Review
Emmett and Erin enjoying a run

On February mornings we did crafts with Kitty, we visited Hypertherm and toured their factory, we worked on our next series of greeting cards with Bryan, we cooked with Sarah, we planted an indoor garden with Martha, we visited Montshire Museum, we played games with Betsy and Cody at WES, we had story time with Jools, we went to visit VINS, we went bowling at Maple Lanes, we had science with Finnie, Jen and Anthea, we saw a movie at Pentangle, we visited the Library, and we went to the HOP to see Yamato.
Mid-day we skied every Tuesday at Suicide 6 with Vermont Adaptive, we drummed with Ted, we had Fitness with Bari,  Pottery with Fiona, Zumba with Jen, games with Carl, we delivered Pentangle posters, and we had art with Lolly and Bonnie.
In the afternoon we practiced for the upcoming Special Olympics Unified Snowshoe Competition, we did yoga with Jamie, Tita and Lalita, we sang with Kerry, Shelly, Rob and Bonbon and Papa, we had art with Jools and Holly, and  we finished writing our upcoming musical with Dail.
We read books with Diane Dugan, Bettyanne Mcguire, Ron Jaynes and Phil Swanson.
Sarah Peters works on her turns
If you don't ski you can certainly snowshoe!
Karissa poses with her friends from VASS
Marty takes a run!

Thank you Vermont Adaptive and Suicide 6 for an awesome season!
Zack's Place visits Hypertherm
Shelly and Rob give us a rock concert!
Ted teaching drumming to Tanner
Yoga with Tita
Sarah teaching cooking class
Volunteer June with Fred at Montshire
Jools in story telling class
Presidents day!
Nothing like bowling with your friends
Maria and Hanna at pottery class.
Karrissa working on her greeting card.
Jessica and Emily playing games at WES
Cody and Josh
Flower boxes made wtih Lolly and Bonnie
Bryan and Annie work on our indoor garden.

Dail Frates, Executive Director
Everyone is included!
Zack's Place (ZP) is more than just a center for people with special needs; indeed, it is also a center for inclusion and collaboration. We are a community enrichment center for everyone; that is, participants, family members, volunteers, and community members. ZP loves to collaborate and we do it well, involving the population at large in every way we can. Our volunteers and community members join us many ways including:   singing; exercising; cooking; reading; fieldtrips; partnering for events; sharing our facility, and attending our annual prom. In spreading our net of inclusion so wide, we connect or touch just about everyone.
Our ZP Special Olympics program is not only a collaboration with Special Olympics Vermont, but also with the instructors at Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, (VASS); other skiers, riders, visitors and staff at the Suicide 6 Ski Area, in Pomfret; and students from the Woodstock Union High School (WUHS). During the winter, ZP partners with WUHS students to practice for the snowshoe competition each week on the Woodstock Village Green. Our pairs work together on relays, running, endurance and understanding the equipment as they prepare for the competition in March. The Woodstock Inn and Resort generously hosts and outfits our skiing and riding participants each week at Suicide 6 where we join with the instructors from VASS and hone our skills toward competing in the Alpine Vermont Special Olympic events. For the last several years, this enrichment program has offered our participants not only a wonderful winter outdoor exercise experience, but also given them opportunities to bond with other athletes and form new friendships. In the summer we meet with volunteers from VASS and enjoy horseback riding, bicycling, canoeing, and kayaking. We also golf with volunteers at the Woodstock Country Club. In addition, this past year, we collaborated with our friends at Spark (a Lebanon based enrichment center) to hike the Rail Trail each week during the warmer weather.  
Another wonderfully creative collaboration involves the students from WUHS who host a prom for our participants each spring. Not only do the students decorate the gym, they provide the music, light refreshments, and dress up and dance with us. Our participants love to dance and show off their intricate and often innovative dance steps.   We attend art programs at ArtisTree in Pomfret; visit our friends at Norman Williams Library; attend weekly farm programs at Billings Farm; and visit the Woodstock History Center, the Vermont Institute of Nature and Science, and the Montshire Museum; all with volunteers and community members sharing these outings. We are also invited for visits to area homes for picnics; local farms to visit animals and help harvest, and inns where small social events are planned for us. Last spring, The Thompson Senior Center and ZP worked together to write and perform our very own musical," Tea for Tut". Other local organizations such as Pentangle, Global Campus, The HOP, Opera North, Northern Stage and Barnarts are all places we visit to expand our enjoyment of culture and theatrical offerings.
Volunteers are a constant at ZP. They include interns from Vermont Law School and Dartmouth College as well as many student volunteers from our local elementary, middle and high schools as well as the nearby Sharon Academy. Some of our local businesses such as Hypertherm and King Arthur Flour share their staff for volunteer programs as well. ZP also has an abundance of community members numbering over 2,000 who partake in and host our annual fundraisers.
It is obvious how very much a part of the Woodstock and surrounding communities ZP and its sixty participants have become; and how the fabric of our daily lives has been forever changed since ZP came to town.  

Come see us on Friday at Suicide 6 for Special Olympics Unified Snowshoe Competition and Saturday and Sunday for Nordic and Alpine.

2016 Winter Games Schedule
A schedule of competitions can be found on page 17 of this guide.
Friday, March 4
4:30 - 6:00pm Delegation Check-In In the hallway outside the Woodstock Rooms on the Garden Level Late arrivals Check-In at the hotel's main desk (Garden Parlor)
Friday night dinner is on your own. Please find options for your delegations on Page 5. Remember, please be respectful of hotel common areas and eat only in your room or other designated space.
7:00pm Line-up for the Parade of Athletes - Court Street
7:30 - 8:15pm Opening Ceremonies, fireworks to follow- Woodstock Green
Saturday, March 5
7:00am First Shuttle Leaves Woodstock Inn
7:20am First Shuttle Leaves the Shire
7:40am Last Shuttle Picks-Up Last group from Inn and Shire
7:30 - 8:30am Breakfast at Suicide Six
8:00 - 8:30am Delegation Check-In (late check-ins only) at Suicide Six
7:45 - 8:10am Volunteer Check-in
8:15 - 8:40am Volunteer Training Alpine/Snowboard - Ski-Runners Lodge (see map - pg. 18) Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing - At course venue
(see venue for time) Coaches Meeting at each venue: 8:45am Cross Country Skiing - @ Finish Line of venue 8:45am Snowshoeing - @ Finish Line of venue 9:00am Alpine/Snowboard - @ base of Advanced Alpine Ski venue
9:15am - 3:00pm Competition (various): see competition schedule on page 17
9:30am Alpine/Snowboard athletes meet with Mountain Guides Meet at base of Advanced Alpine/Snowboard venue
10:00 - 2:00pm Olympic Town: activities during downtown @ Main Lodge
4:00pm Alpine/Snowboard Coaches Meeting (Main Lodge)
5:30 - 6:45pm Banquet - Woodstock Rooms - Garden Level (no awards banquet)
7:00 - 7:15pm Coaches Meeting (Snowshoe & XC Ski) - Woodstock Inn Garden Level
7:00 - 8:30pm Dance - "Neon" - Woodstock Rooms
Sunday, March 6
8:00am Shuttle leaves Woodstock Inn Will pick-up from Shire at 8:00am (if there's room in shuttle)
8:20am Shuttle leaves from Shire (if needed based off room after 1st run)
8:30 - 9:30am Breakfast at Suicide Six
8:30 - 9:25am Volunteer Check-in @ Main Lodge (Sunday only volunteers)
9:00 - 9:25am Volunteer Training
Alpine/Snowboard - Ski-Runners Lodge (see map - pg. 18) Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing - At course venue
9:30am Coaches meetings at each venue: Alpine/Snowboard - Between the Main Lodge and Ski-Runners Cross-Country - At Finish Line of venue Snowshoeing - At Finish Line of Venue
9:45am Alpine/Snowboard athletes meet with Mountain Guides Meet at base of Advanced Alpine/Snowboard venue
9:45am - 1:00pm Competition (various): see competition schedule on page 17
11:30 - 2:00pm BBQ Lunch - Families Welcome for $5 per person Please remember to thank the Woodstock Community for their support!
Special events
* Saturday from 10:00am to 2pm in front of the Main Lodge
* Activities for athletes, information, and merchandise
* Set for Friday, March 4 at 7:00pm - A special thank you to The Woodstock Rotary for supporting!
* Special guest Tim Shriver, Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics Inc.
* Athlete line-up at 6:30pm on Court Street in front of the Woodstock Inn for 'Parade of Athletes'
* The Parade will cross the street to The Woodstock Green
* There will be fireworks, individuals sensitive to noise should plan accordingly
* Available Saturday from 10am - 2:00pm in the Olympic Town Tent
* Available Sunday from 10am - 12:00pm in the Olympic Town Tent
* Saturday, March 5; 7:00 - 8:30pm, Woodstock Inn - Garden Level
* Participants where NEON colored clothing! Families welcome
  click here for a printable March Calendar

March 2016
10:40A-Skiing at Suicide 6
If skiing is cancelled
10:30A-Movie at Zack's Place
1PM-Walk to Town Hall to see how voting works
3P-Yoga with Tita
4:15p Reading with Terry Lewis
2 Vermont Communtiy Foundation Visiting 10A
11A-Science with Anthea
1PM- Greeting cards with Bryan
2P-Deliver Pentangle posters
3PM- Zumba with Jen
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
11A-Science with Finnie
1:30P-Walk to the Elementary for the Pep Rally
3PM-Art with Jools
Leave ZP 8:30A -Return 4PM
Special Olympics
4PM-movies and relaxing
5:30P-Pizza Party
6:15P-Line up for Parade
11A-Crafts with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3:00p-Movie at Pentangle Kung Fu Panda 3
10:40A-Skiing at Suicide 6
(10:00A Swimming at the Aquatic center if skiing is cancelled)
10A-2P Kimbal Union students coming to Six with Us
1PM- Photograpy if skiing is cancelled
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
4:15P-Reading with Pam
910A-2P Kimbal Union students coming
10:30A-Visiting Sugarbush Farm Sugar House return 12PM 12:00P-We wil eat at ZP
1PM-Fitness With Bari
2P-Deliver Pentangle posters
3PM-Singing with Rob and Shelly
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
1010:45A-walk to WES for games with Cody and Betsy return at 11:45A
1PM-Cooking with Sarah and Maple Syrup
2PM-Greeting cards with Bryan-Marketing
3PM-Art with Jools
11Pathways Visiting.
10:15A-11:15A Zumba with Jen
11:30A-Special Olympics Celebration
12P-Special Olympics Luncheon
3PM- Play Practice
11A-Greeting Cards with Bryan
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Zumba with Jennifer
10:00A-Swimming at the Aquatic Center
1PM-Antartica Billings Farm Film Festival
3PM- Yoga with Lalita
4:15P-Reading with Pam
1611A- Greeting Cards with Bryan
12:30 St. Pattys Day Dance at the American Legion in Windsor put on by the Self Advocacy Group return at 3P.
3:30P-Singing with Kerry
4:30P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Science with Jen
11:40A-leave for senior center lunch and Fiddler Performance to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
3PM-Art with Jools
10:30A-11:30A-Story Telling with Jools
1PM-Drumming with Ted
3PM-Play Practice
10:45A-visit Jessica's Sugar House
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Games with Carl Hurd
11A-Photography with Holly
1PM-Keep on/Keeping On the Billings Farm Film Festival
3PM-Yoga with Tita
4:15P-Reading with Pam
10:30A-Trip to VINS Turtles and Raptors Return 1PM
1PM-Fitness with Bari
2P-Deliver Pentangle posters
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
10:45A-walk to WES for games with Cody and Betsy return at 11:45A
1PM- Greeting cards with Bryan
3PM-Art with Jools and WES Student Council
10:30A-Art with and Lolly Bonnie
1PM-Choreography with Jen for the play
3PM-Play Practice
11A-Greeting cards with Bryan
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Zumba with Jennifer
11A-Photography with Holly
1PM-Farm program at Billings Farm
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
4:15P-Reading with Phil
11A-Crafts with Kitty
1PM-Fitness with Bari
2P-Deliver Pentangle posters
3PM-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Science with Finnie
11:40A-Leave for Senior Center Lunch and Live Bird prensentation.
3PM-Art with Jools
Please note the schedules in Red are if there are cancellations.
Also we are asking families to join us for the parade on Friday night the 4th. We have a Pizza party at ZP at 5:30P that evening.
Everything in bold is a fieldtrip.

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