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October in Review
On October mornings we had cooking and culture classes with Sarah and Alicia, we picked apples and went on a wagon ride at Maple Wood Farm, we hiked the Rail Trail, we went to see a Latin dance performance at the HOP, we had independent living skill classes with Kitty and learned about the value of money, we also visited Citizens Bank, we had science class with Finnie and Anthea, we started a new Special Olympics Bowling Team and practiced at Maple Lanes, we had photography classes with Martha, we had a farm program at Billings Farm and visited the Norman Williams Library.


Mid-day we had arts and crafts with Lolly and Bonnie making pumpkin ghost, we played games, we made soup and handed out free soup, we had band class and art therapy class with Kathleen and Mark, we did pottery with Fiona, we visited the Hood Museum and sang Karaoke with Kitty.


In the afternoons we played games with Carl Hurd, did yoga with Jamie, Tita and Lalita, we did art with Mary and Jools, we had fitness classes with Bari, sang with Kerry, carved pumpkins with WES Student Council, and had belly dancing classes with Gina. We read books with Bettyanne and Pam.

The Zack's Place 2015 Special Olympics Bowling Team


Bari leads a fitness class on the ball

Alecia and Sarah teach Culture and Cooking
WES Student council carve pumpkins with us
Josh and Sarah cooking up Irish Soda Bread
Fred, Brian and Gabby show of their pumpkin
Josh takes us for the ultimate wagon ride at Maplewood Orchards
We learn about the value of $$ at Citizens Bank
Lolly teaches us how to make stand up ghost pumpkins.
Volunteer Ruth Bollinger helps Josh peel an apple.
Stacey and Jessa picking Apples
The Zack's Place Turkey Trot
It is absolutely the right time for you to sign up for the Thanksgiving Zack's Place 5K Turkey Trot a walk or run through historic Woodstock on Thanksgiving Day!!!

Last year we registered 1100 walkers and runners and that takes a lot of planning! We need you to pre-register so that we can have the right amount of t-shirts, volunteers, prizes and refreshments.
This is our 9th Annual Turkey Trot and it should be better than ever with entertainment from Automatic Rooster, lots of delicious home-made refreshments and the best t-shirts we have ever ordered! These are long sleeve wick-away and they are great!

So go ahead and register!!! Oh so you are going away, no worries! You can do the Turkey Trot anywhere! Just sign up for the Global trot and we will mail you a t-shirt to trot in!

Zack's Place Dance Party at Suicide 6 on Saturday the 28th of November!  Wondering what to do with the family? This is event is free!  It is a really fun event and the whole family is invited. Eat your dinner and come on down to Suicide 6!

Music by Jack Snyder (Lexuex)
Lexuex Performance and a DJ Set

Zack's Place Performing a demonstration on November 21st with Gina at the Lebanon Operah House! See Below:
Lindsey Sargent showing her moves

Changing Leaves, Changing Lives: How an Eagle Scout Project will Improve the Lives of Community Members
By Nicole McKeon
While the leaf-peepers spent their Sunday morning strolling along Central Street in Woodstock, there were some local folks hard at work on a major renovation project at Zack's Place. Most who live in our area are familiar with Zack's Place, a non-profit enrichment center for adults with special needs that provides daily programming completely free of charge; and Bryan Kopf, an enthusiastic Zack's Place supporter and volunteer was determined to take his familiarity and love of Zack's to the next level by designing his entire Eagle Scout Service Project around the non-profit organization.
So, on Sunday morning a group organized by Bryan, after months of planning and collecting contributions and working with Zack's Place Program Director Martha McNealus, arrived to make the project a reality. Bryan and Martha had discussed many different needs, but the one that seemed to be the most pressing was the re-construction of the side garden area, and rebuilding of the pathway to allow for wheelchair access to the garden. Together with his team, Bryan redesigned and rebuilt the brick pathway using the original bricks that have been with the building since its early days as a blacksmith's shop. In the process, they unearthed a hitching post and many metal objects which will be donated to the Woodstock Historical Center.
The path that was once uneven and treacherous for the participants at Zack's Place is now smooth, attractive and easily accessed from the sidewalk. But, Bryan and his group didn't stop there; they also pruned all of the trees and bushes surrounding the parking area at Zack's, cleaned up the garden area, including placing drainage rock at the side of the building, scraped the entire foundation of the building to clean up moss and fungus that had collected there, and weeded and landscaped the entire front of the building. The results are no less th
an magnificent! Additionally, Bryan built a gardening table that is moveable and at wheelchair height to allow for all participants to be able to garden to their ability without having to be on the ground. This sturdy and well-designed table will make it possible for wheelchair bound participants to fully participate in the Zack's Place gardening program.
Zack's Place is privileged to have been chosen to be the recipient of Bryan and his teams' work. Part of the project requirements for completion of the Eagle Scout Service Project is to evaluate the impact the project has on the recipients. Without a doubt the impact that the access to the garden and the gardening table will provide for the participants is no less than life-changing. Clearly, Bryan Kopf worked diligently to truly understand the needs of the participants, and then created a project which met those needs in every way possible. Bryan Kopf and his volunteer crew have performed an act of service that clearly reflects an exceptional concern for the well-being of others, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of others for many years to come.
Zack's Place would like to recognize the contributions of Bryan Kopf and his parents, Jennifer and Mark Kopf, and the following individuals who made this project possible: Martha McNealus, Bob Ennis, Eric Gieseke, Charlie Bollinger, Curtis Lessard, Tyler Chynoweth, Justin Kopf, Hunter Melville, Matt Halik, Jeff DeDell, Nathan DeDell, Leanne Chynoweth and Jacob, Hudson and Matt Maxham.

Zack's Place and Spark! Collaborate!  We will be finishing a 34 mile hike on November 11, 2015 and we want you to join us on our last hike! We will meet at Riverside Dr. on the 11th to hike to the Trail Head of The Rail Trail in Lebanon across from CCBA. Please come and join us crossing the finish line in this incredible accomplishment!
  Zack's Place and Spark! have teamed up to form an Outing Club in the Upper Valley. The goal of this free Outing Club is to provide opportunities for individuals of all abilities within the community to get out and explore the natural beauty offered by the Upper Valley and beyond. The Spark! and Zack's Place Outing Club is made possible by a grant from TransCanada, a major North American energy company that develops and operates energy infrastructure. "TransCanada is proud to support the collaborative Outing Club at Zack's Place and Spark! Community Center," said Don Devanney III, Renewables Manager for TransCanada.  "Not only will the Outing Club provide a wonderful recreation opportunity for the community, it strives to instill participants with the ethic of environmental stewardship - these are core values for our company." TransCanada operates 6 hydroelectric stations along the Connecticut River and manages numerous outdoor recreational facilities associated with those assets.  The company generates over 470 megawatts from these renewable sources, which it markets to wholesale, commercial and industrial retail electricity customers throughout New England.
We began on May 13th and running year-round, Spark! and Zack's Place will lead participants on a variety of hikes to explore, celebrate, and learn about nature and environmental stewardship. Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, the Zack's Place bus will leave Woodstock at 10 AM, pick up additional Outing Club participants at Spark! Community Center in Lebanon, NH at 10:30 AM, and continue on to the designated hiking location. The first set of hikes will begin at the Rail Trail in Andover, NH, and the club will make its way to the Lebanon Trail Head as the weeks go on--averaging 3-4 miles each week with the goal of finishing by late October! All in the community are welcome to join the fun and there is no fee to participate. Outing Club participants should bring a towel, lunch, water, sunglasses, and wear appropriate clothing and shoes (no flip flops). Spark and Zack's Place will supply the sunscreen and bug spray. A celebratory party will be scheduled to commemorate the Club's achievement of hiking the entire trail in late October. The Outing Club will then move to explore additional hikes throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

Click Here for a Printable November Calendar
November Calendar

~ November 2015 ~
9am Bowling
1pm Pottery
3:15 Belly Dancing
4pm Reading with Phyllis
11am Photography with Holly
1pm Drumming with Ted!
3pm Yoga with Lalita
4:15 Reading with Pam Pickett
1000A-Leave ZP for hike on The Rail Trail Leave Spark at 11A Payne Rd to Riverside Dr 2.1 miles
130PGlobalCampus Class at Artistree "Making Art to Make Music"
315pm Singing with Kerry
4pm Reading with Bettyanne
11am Science with Finnie
1pm Band with Kathleen and Mark from Artistree
3PM- Art with Emily
1030 UVAC to Swim
1pm Turkey Art with Lolly & Bonnie
3pm All About Spain with Sarah and Alicia
"Cooking and Culture"
9am Bowling
1pm Pottery
3:15 Belly Dancing
11am Special Showing of "Pan" the movie at Pentangle, meet at ZP and walk to Pan at 1030!
1pm Making Cookies for the Turkey Trot
3pm Yoga with Tita
4:15 Reading with Pam Pickett
1000A leave ZP for last Hike leave Spark at 11A Riverside Dr. to Head of Rail Trail 1.7 miles followed by a celebration.
315pm Singing with Kerry
4pm Reading with Bettyanne
11am Wacky Science with Anthea!
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM- Art with Jools
1030 UVAC Fitness
1pm Turkey Art Part 2 with Lolly and Bonnie
3pm "Cooking and Culture" Italy with Sarah and Alicia
4pm Reading with Phyllis B.
9am Bowling
1pm Pottery
3:15 Belly Dancing
4pm Reading with Phyllis
11am Visiting the Woodstock Fire and Police Department!
3pm Yoga with Tita
4:15 Reading with Pam Pickett
11am Thanksgiving Day Movie and Craft with Kitty "FreeBird"
1pm Carriage Ride at Billings Farm
315pm Singing with Kerry
4pm Reading with Bettyanne
11am Science with Finnie
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Art with Mary and WES Student Council
11am Games with Carl Hurd
1pm Band with Mark and Kathleen Dolan from Artistree
3pm "Cooking and Culture" Sweden with Sarah and Alicia
9am Bowling
1pm Pottery
315pm Greeting Cards with Grace-
getting our new pictures taken
4pm Reading with Phyllis
11am Photography with Holly
1PM-Making Cookies with Maple Wood Farm for the Turkey Trot
3pm Yoga with Jamie
4:15 Reading with Phil Swanson
11am Turkey Trot Prep
1PM- Fitness with Bari
315pm Singing with Kerry
Happy Thanksgiving!
Come On Out to the Turkey Trot!
9am Bowling
1pm Pottery
3:15 Greeting Cards with Grace-
writing our new Bio's
Notes: Green = Physical Fitness, Red = Reading, Purple = Fine Arts/Music, Blue = Business, Black = Continuing Education (Bowling days lunch will be at Artistree before Pottery- please bring lunch)****Bold means we will be taking a bus and the time indicated is the time the bus will leave ZP

The Zack's Place Special Olympic Bowling Team
Zack's Place is proud to announce that we will be bowling on Monday Mornings at Maple Lane Bowling Ally in Claremont NH. Our competition date is Dec 7, 2015.
We are looking for volunteers to partner with our athletes. If you are interested in becoming a Special Olympics Bowling Partner give us a call.

The Frates Family Farm Dine Around a Huge Success
A great big thank you to Jason and Katie Merrill for cooking a delicious meal and Cloudland Farm, Farmstead Cheese, Black River Produce and Maple Wood Farm for your generous food donations. Also a great big thank you to all that attended and made it a really fun event.

Thank you for reading our newsletter and thank you for your support!
Dail Frates
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