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       Zack's Place October 2015        
Kiillington Mountain School Volunteers in Cleaning up For Zack's Place
Josh picking beets at our weekly farm program at Billings Farm
Our leaves seem to be turning late this year but this week the color is finally changing.  We have a lot of events coming up on our fall calendar and we hope that you can be a part of some or all of them.  Thank you to all of you for your support and reading our newsletter.
Dail Frates
Zack's Place

    The donation wish list:

     We need a full size refrigerator in great condition!

In This Issue
            September in Review           
Zack's Place visits Maplewood Farm for Apple Picking
Lindsey Sargent Hanging with the cute goats at Maplewood Farm!
In September we....
In the mornings we learned about Aquaponics with Emily, had science class with Finnie Trimpi and Anthea, cooked with Sarah, cleaned up the garden with Martha and planted mums, we saw the Villalobos Brothers perform at Pentangle, we had a Independent Living Skills
Class with Kitty and learned about $$$, we hiked the Rail Trail, we cycled with Vermont Adaptive, and we went to the HOP to see "Junie B. Jones".
Mid-day we had farm programs at Billings Farm, played games at Vail Field with Carl Hurd, we had expressive art classes with Kathleen Dolan, had pottery classes with Fiona, worked out with Bari, we went to the Tunbridge Fair, and we welcomed our golfers  for the "Tournament of Champions" at Woodstock Country Club.
Late afternoon we did yoga with Lalita, Tita and our new teacher Jamie, we worked on our latest series of greeting cards with Grace, we played games with Carl, did art with Jools, Mary and Emily, we swam at Frates Family Farm, we went apple picking at Maplewood Farm, we sang karaoke and danced with Kitty and had Belly Dancing Class with Gina!
We read books with Pam Pickett and Bettyanne McGuire.
Sam and Lindsey sneak off and Play Games at the Tunbridge Fair
Jessica picks a squash at Billings
Erin goes for a Gator ride at Maplewood Farm
Fred and Tanner check out the Pumpkins at Tunbridge Fair
The Gang cleans up at Zack's Place
Annie Learns to Belly Dance with Gina Capesella

Karissa and Tommy riding bikes on the Rail Trail
Keegan Moriarty gets fitted for his bike


Fred and Josh share a laugh while picking apples


Anthea teaches Josh and De'Mon about gravity.
"The Zack's Place Tournament of Champions"           
What a great day at Woodstock Country Club
A big thank you goes out to all of our Sponsors, Hole Sponsors, Auction Donors, Auction Bidders and Players. The day was a fabulous, cool, sunny day and we raised much needed funds for our operating costs at Zack's Place!
            Zack's Place 9th Annual Turkey Trot           

The Zack's Place Turkey Trot, a 5K run and walk held on Thanksgiving Day, was first established in 2007, and has become a dependable annual fundraiser ever since. In 2007, almost 200 people participated but by 2014, over 1,100 people participated and raised $50,000. All of the proceeds of the race are ear marked for our operational costs.
As participants line up and register for the race they are entertained by a band on a flatbed truck. Hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate are offered. The race begins in front of the Woodstock Elementary School at 10:00 AM, with the more skilled runners in front and the rest following. The run meanders through the historic Village of Woodstock, then on towards Billings Farm, around Mountain Avenue, and back around The Town Green, ending at the starting line. An award ceremony, with refreshments and a band follows the race and medals are presented.
Families run together as college kids and relatives gather for the Thanksgiving celebration. Grandparents and young children in carriages participate as walkers, dogs join in as well. It has become a tradition for many in the Woodstock area,  however we also have "satellite participants" who cannot be in Woodstock but who run with family wherever they are: Hawaii, Italy, New York City, etc. This is indeed a day of thanks where individuals help support our enrichment center and give thanks for their own gifts at the same time.
            Free Soup Day    October 9th at Zack's Place       
No Kidding? There is a free lunch! For the third year in a row we cook hot, delicious,  home-made soup, bread and bake cookies. Come visit us on October 9th and get your free lunch!!!!

Dinner at Frates Farm a "Dine Around Event"           
Our next Dine Around is October 24th at Frates Family Farm! Only 6 seats left! Sign up now!
           The Zack's Place Outing Club has Four more Hikes to reach the end of the Rail Trail in Lebanon! Come join us on our final hike on October 30th as we reach our goal!           
We hope to reach our 40 mile goal by October 30th! Come join us on October 30th to walk our last 1.7 miles and celebrate hiking the entire Rail Trail from Andover,  NH to Lebanon,  NH. It has been a great journey!
            October Calendar
~ October 2015 ~
11A-Leave for Wellwood Orchard in Springfield Brown Bag Lunch Return 2PM.
11A-Cooking with Sarah
1-3PM Art with Lolly and Bonnie
3PM-Fitness with Bari
11am Bank Trip with Kitty to Citizen's Bank In Woodstock to
 continue Independent Living Series on Managing Our Money.
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
 3pm Games with Carl Hurd
11a-Picking Apples at Maple Wood Farm for the Foodbank
4:15P Reading with Pam
1030A-Hiking the rail trail P/up at Spark 11A Blackwater Rd to Shaker Hill Rd 2.33 miles Return 2PM
2PM-Left Right Center Game with Dail
3:15P Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
0900 Leave for HOP La Santa Cecilia latin rock show starts at 10A
1pm Making Soup for Free Soup Day with Dail and Nicole
3PM-Art with Mary
11A-Cooking with Sarah
Free Soup Day!!!!
1PM-Band Class with Mark and Kathleen
3PM-Fitness with Bari
11am Independent Living Skills with Kitty
 1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3pm Games with Carl Hurd
11Am-Farm Program at Billings Farm
130PM- Photography 101 with Martha   (Please contact Nicole to sign up for this class, there are limited spaces)
4:15P Reading with Pam
1030A-Hiking the rail trail P/up at Spark 11A Shaker Hill to Ice House Rd 2.42 miles return 2PM
3:15P Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Science Adventures with Finnie
1PM-Stretching with Sarah
3PM-Art- Carving Pumpkins with WES Student Council with Mary
11A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Art therapy with Kathleen Dolan
3PM-Fitness with Bari
9:30 am Bowling Maple Lanes
1pm Pottery
315PM-Belly Dancing with Gina
1030A- Photography with Martha
12PM-leave for the Hood return from the Hood at 2PM
3PM-Yoga- Jamie
4:15P Reading with Pam
1030A-Hiking the rail trail P/up at Spark 11A Ice House Rd to Riverside Dr. 2.38 Miles
3:15P Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Wacky Science with Anthea
1PM-Making a music video with Sarah
3PM-Art with Jools
11A-Walk about Town with Martha
1PM-Band Class with Mark and Kathleen
3PM-Fitness with Bari
9:30 am Bowling Maple Lanes
1pm Pottery
315PM-Belly Dancing with Gina
11AM-Farm Program with Martha
130PM- Photography 101 with Martha (must sign up)
3PM-Yoga- Lalita
4:15P Reading with Pam
1030A-Hiking the rail trail P/up at Spark 11A Riverside Dr. to Spark 1.74 Followed by a celebration!
115P-3PM Global Campus at Artistree Making art to make music
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Science Adventures with Finnie
1PM-Kerioke with Kitty
3PM-Art Art with Jools
11A-Visit Norman Williams Library with Martha
1PM-Art therapy with Kathleen Dolan
3PM-Fitness with Bari
More Calendars: Nov 2015, Dec 2015, Jan 2016
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