August 2015
Sam Matel in his third summer at Zack's Place does slip and slide with his friend Erin.


Abbie Jameson volunteers for her third summer at Zack's Place. She helps participants with a number of activities
Summer at Zack's Place brings lots of fun fieldtrips that include swimming, hiking, museums, theater and more. We have an incredible staff but could not do what we do without our student volunteers. This summer we have a number of high school and college students and many of them are in their second and third year of entire summers at Zack's Place. These special volunteers know the meaning of the word "Volunteer" and give without expecting anything in return.
We could not do what we do, without the 400 volunteers that help us in one capacity or another each year. Thank you to our summer volunteer staff and making our summer the most fun and safe!

Also a big thank you to all of our other volunteers including our Dine Around Hosts and support. See our articles below about the two successful July "Dine Around Events" , The Barn Dance at the Muellers and "The Tour De Zack".

Also below, still time to sign up for the "Italian Night at the gorgeous home of Terri and David Long September 18th, 2015.Click here to register for Italian Night
Time to register for the Zack's Place "Tournament of Champion's". A golf tournament to support Zack's Place. Click here to register for the golf tournament

Included in this newsletter: July in Review and the August Calendar.


Annie on the Paddle Board with VT Adaptive Volunteer
July In Review

In the mornings we did crafts with Nicole, we cooked with Sarah, we wrote our cookbook with Terri Long, we took walks and gardened with Martha.

Mid-day we picnicked and swam at Silver Lake,
we visited VINS new "Bird's are Dinosaurs Exhibit" ,went Horseback Riding with at Moonrise Farm, we ate lunch at the Senior Center and celebrated our play, we went to an awesome cookout, games and slip and slide day at Carl and Joyce Hurd's house, we hiked on the rail trail, canoed and Kayaked with Vermont Adaptive, swam at the Kedron Pond, toured the West Lebanon Airport on the runway, we went to the Brown Bag Concerts in the park, we attended farm programs at Billings Farm, and we worked on our fitness with Carl Hurd and Bari.

In the late afternoons we did pottery with Fiona, practiced for our upcoming Special Olympics Golf Tournament, did yoga with Tita, Annie and Lalita, did art with Jools and Mary, made drums and musical instruments with Brendan, made Ice cream sundaes with Sarah, we golfed at 4 U Golf and had Ice cream cones, we sang with Kerry, practiced on our drums with Brendan and swam at the Kedron Pond.

We read books with Pam, Bettyanne, Phil and Phyllis.

Branden leads us in a musical afternoon
Sarah and Jessica work on their garden art project
Michael and Ashley having a good time at Silver Lake
Martha McNealus working four years at ZP, makes our gardens beautiful!


Coach Yvonne Frates works with Special Olympians for the upcoming competition on August 17th at the Equinox


Volunteer extraordinaire Abbie Jameson works with Josh in the Kayak
Special Olympics Golf Cheer Leaders! Just as important as the athletes!
Jessa Lawlor helping out at Moonrise Farm
Slip and Slide Day at the Hurd's house! An all time favorite day!
Josh is having a blast at slip and slide day.
Jessica at VINS poses with a bird dinosaur.
Josh getting the stroke down at Silver Lake with Vermont Adaptive Sports

Time to Register for "Tournament Of Champions"
A golf tournament to support "Zack's Place"

Italian Night at Terri And David Long's September 18th 
Please join Dave and Terri Long for an evening of Italian food, friendship, and festivities.

The evening begins with wine and Italian flatbread appetizers, served on the patio overlooking the Ottauquechee River, accompanied by the quiet strains of Italian music. From here, we'll proceed to the dining room for a three-course dinner, consisting of a delicious Italian salad, followed by pappardelle bolognese, and our main dish, chicken marsala and broccoli rabe--all prepared by the fabulous chefs at Pi Brick Oven Trattoria, located in Woodstock village.

Following dinner, interested parties will compete in a round-robin bocce tournament on the front lawn. 

We'll cap off the evening with coffee and Italian cookies, from a terrific Italian bakery in Boston. 

Date-September 18, 2015

Host: Terri and David Long

Address-474 Carlton Hill Rd Woodstock

Time -6 PM

Attire: Your finest Italian clothing

Limit- 24 People

Price- 100.00 per person

  Sign up today  

Barn Dance at the Mueller's
A very special evening.

 The combination of the beautiful Vermont weather, to the gorgeous refurbished 18th century barn, the delicious food from caterer Kate Miller, the talented musicians from the Sam Peabody Band with caller Delia Clark, and the really great hosts made for a really fun evening of dancing, dining and laughter.

We send out a big thank you to our hosts Karen and Gary Mueller, volunteers, The Sam Peabody Band and all  our kind folks that attended the event.

The Sam Peabody Band donates their time to make a very special evening!
I think everyone was laughing and dancing. Delia Clark makes is a great caller!

The Tour De Zack Was AWESOME!!!! 50 Riders this year!

  The weather held, out thank goodness, for the event and it went off with out a hitch! 50 riders left at different times and we had 5 planned water stops. About 30 percent of our riders did the long ride, 40 miles, and the rest did the 25 mile ride. It was scenic and gorgeous! Larry Niles from Discovery Bike Tours followed us in the van, sweeping the back and keeping everyone safe.  Jake's Quechee Market provided an awesome picnic with delicious burgers and hot dogs and everyone was starving!
A great big thank you to Jake's Quechee Market, our generous waterstop volunteers and Dawn and Larry Niles from Discovery Bike Tours.

Click Here for a Printable August Calendar

August Calendar

~ August 2015 ~







Purple = Continuing Education

Green = Lifeskills


Red = Art/Music

Bolded = Bus Trip

Blue= Fitness





11am Greeting Cards with Grace McKeon


1PM-Fitness with Bari


3pm Golf Special Olymp Practice at WCC


11am Cooking with Dail and Nicole- Kale and Vegetable Chips!


12PM-Picnic and Farm Program at Billings


3PM-Yoga with Tita


415P Reading with Pam Pickett

511am Coloring with Kitty


12pm Lunch at ZP


1:15PM-Bus Leaves for West Side Story at Opera North. Play starts at 2PM ends at 4:30PM we will be back at ZP between5-5:30PM



11A-Cooking with Sarah


12PM-Brown bag concert


1PM-games at Vail Field


3PM-Art with Mary


4:15PM-Reading with Glen Morley


11A- Swim at Kedron Pond return


2:00 Walk to Norman Williams Library to see BarnARTS Jungle Book Performance.

330P Singing with Kerry


11 am Greeting Cards with Grace McKeon


1PM-Fitness with Bari


3pm Golf Special Olymp Practice at WCC


11am Fore U Golf and Ice Cream- eat picnic lunch there!


3PM-Yoga with Lalita


415P Reading with Pam Pickett


11A- Canoeing and Kayaking with VASS at Silver Lake


230P Pottery with Fiona at ARTistree


4:15PM-Reading with Bettyanne



11A-cooking with Sarah


12PM-Brown bag concert


1PM-games at Vail Field


3PM-Art with Jools


11am Moonrise Farm Horseback Riding


3pm Singing with Kerry


630A- Special Olympics Golf Tournament at the Equinox return 4P


11am Lunch at ZP


12:15 Bus leaves for Windsor Day: 1 pm Precision Museum Tour and Making Balloon Powered Cars, 2:15pmGarden of Life Nature Walk 2:45

Simon Pearce Glass Blowing

3:30 Return to ZP

415P Reading with Pam Pickett


10A-Zack's Place Outing Club Hike 7th Bullocks Crossing to Wheeler Rd.

2PM-Arts and Crafts with Kitty


4:15PM-Reading with Bettyanne



11A-cooking with Sarah


12:00- Marsh Billings National Park Program - special program from 1-2:15P


3PM-Art with Mary


4:15PM-Reading with Glen Morley


11AM- Library with Sarah


12PM-Picnic and swim at Britton Pond


3pm Singing with Kerry


11am Greeting Cards with Grace


1PM-Pottery   with Fiona at ARTistree


3PM-Fitness with Bari


11 am Zack's Place Library Program


1Pm-Farm Program at Billings Farm


3PM- Yoga with Tita


4:15P-Reading with Phil Swanson


11A-Canoeing and Kayaking with VASS at Silver Lake


2PM-Arts and Crafts with Kitty




4:15PM-Reading with Bettyanne



11A-cooking with Sarah


12PM-Brown Bag concert


1PM-games at Vail Field


3PM-Art with Jools


11A-Library with Sarah


12PM-Picnic and Swim at Kedron Pond


3pm Singing with Kerry


9AM-Leave for Seacoast Science Center

1PM-Get to Know Shark's

2:30PM-bus leaves Center

Return at 5PM



Dail Frates
We hope to see you soon at Zack's Place!
Give us a call today!