Be sure to see our Musical on June 2nd, 2015 at Wooodstock Union High at 5:30PM
Zack's Place Newsletter June 2015
We are excited about our upcoming musical which is a collaboration with the Thompson Senior Center and Zack's Place, also Spark! is making a guest appearance! The musical is on Tuesday June 2nd at 5:30PM at Woodstock Union High School. The performance is about 50 minutes long and we hope you will come and support us!
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May in Review

The 2014 Annual Meeting June 9th, 2015

Sign Up for the Barn Dance on July 11, 2015

The Zack's Place/Spark! Outing Club

Inspiring Kid's and Sharon Academy Awards Zack's Place

Sign up for the "Tour De Zack" on July 18, 2015

June 2015 ZP Calendar
May in Review
We had a great time in May! In the mornings we continued to learn about upcycling with Alicia,  we worked on our writing skills, writing a cookbook with Terri, we delivered Pentangle posters, cooked with Sarah, weaved with Leslie, we made seed balls with Emily Donaldson from Cultivating action, and did our first two hikes on the Northern Rail Trail.
Mid-day we made pottery with Fiona, visited Billings Farm, had wacky science class  with Anthea, sang with Kerry, had band class with Mark and we gardened with Martha and did fitness with Bari.
In the afternoons we practiced for our upcoming musical, did yoga with Annie, Tita and Lalita,
 we made gorgeous flower arrangements with Ellen Snyder and did art with Jools and Mary. We also read books with Pam Pickett, Bettyanne McGuire, Phil Swanson and Phyllis Bulmer.

 Band Class with Mark and Kathy and Kerry
Wacky Science taught by Anthea LaVallee
Sometimes we like to just hang out with our friends

Woodstock Elementary Student Council does an art project with ZP and Volunteers
Celebrating Anna's adoption!
Starting our hike on the Rail Trail
Ellen Snyder teaches us how to make beautiful flower arrangements
The Zack's Place/Spark! Outing Club is Launched!
Through a generous grant from TransCanada Zack's Place and Spark! have formed an outing club. We are excited about many opportunities but our first goal is to hike the Rail Trail from Andover NH to Spark! a week at a time. As we hike we are greening up. We completed our first two hikes in May starting at Plains road in Andover, NH and hiking all the way to Eagle Pond Rd. a total of 6.4 miles. Our next hike is Wednesday the 3rd of June at 11AM.  We invite the community to join us in this ambitious goal of hiking all the way to Lebanon. Check our website and calendar or click here for information on when and where to join!
Debbie walked 2 miles! We cheered her on and are so proud!
We have had gorgeous weather so far.

Inspiring Kids and Sharon Academy Awards Zack's Place $500

Tour De Zack it is time to Sign Up July 18th, 2015

Barn Dance Fundraiser July 11, 2015


Get ready to promenade and do-si-do with your partner at the Mueller's authentic barn dance.

You will be dancing to sounds of "The Old Sam Peabody Band"   and eating yummy victuals. The professional Contra Caller, Delia Clark will have you "Dixie Twirling" and "Circling Right". Lots of laughter, fun and flirting and a delicious Barbeque catered by Kate Miller.


Date: Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM

Host:Karen and Gary Mueller

Band: The Old Sam Peabody Band

Address: 761 Carlton Hill Rd,                        Woodstock

Price: $100 per person                       Limited to 30 people



BBQ Chicken
Pulled Pork

Baked Beans w/VT Maple Syrup

Creamy Cole Slaw

Johnny Cake

Garden Green Salad

Shortcakes with berries and

Fresh Whipped Cream







Zack's Place Calendar


~ June 2015 ~











11AM-Prop painting


1PM-games with Kitty



3PM-Play practice at the Thompson Center


11AM- Final work on props


1245PM-Horse Play at Billings Farm


3:00PM-leave for the play


5:30P- Play at WUHS



10AM-Zack's Place Outing Club Hike Eagle Pond Rd. to Roy Ford Hill 2.62 Mile            


4PM-Reading with Bettyanne Boxcar Children


10AM-Deliver Pentangle Posters


11AM-Cooking with Sarah




3PM-Art with Jools


11AM Cultivating Action Project with Emily


1PM- Walk about town with Sarah


2PM-Singing with Kerry






11AM-Crafts with Kitty


1:00P take bus to WUHS for Jessica's graduation

2P   bus on return


3PM-Art Fiona


4:15P-Reading with Phylis


11AM-Gardening with Martha


1pm- Annie O'neill Cooking Class/Strawberry Shortcake!



4:15PM-Reading with Pam


10A-Zack's Place Outing Club Hike Roy Ford Hill to High street 3.5 Miles


3:15PM-Singing with Kerry


4PM-Reading with Bettyanne Boxcar Children


10AM-Deliver Pentangle Posters


11AM-Cooking with Sarah

12PM-Picnic and swim at the Kedron, return at 215P


3PM-Art with Jools



10AM-Library with Sarah


12PM-Movies return 3PM






11AM-games with Kitty


1PM- fitness with Bari


3PM-Art Fiona


4:15P-Reading with Phylis


11AM-Writing a cookbook with Terri


12P Walk to Billings for Lunch and then Gardening with Martha


1PM- What is it like to be a cow at Billings Farm



4:15P-Reading with Pam


10A-Zack's Place Outing Club Hike. 3.82 Miles High Street to Sargent Hill Rd-


3PM-Arts and crafts with Kitty


4PM-Reading with Bettyanne Boxcar Children


10AM-Deliver Pentangle Posters


11am Cooking with Sarah


12PM-Picnic and swim at the Kedron, return at 215PM


3PM-Art with Mary



12PM-Leave for Lunch at Montshire Museum and tour Museum at 1pm. Return 215PM



3PM-Singing with Kerry






11AM-Crafts with Kittly

1PM- fitness with Bari


3PM-Art Therapy with Kathleen Dolan


4:15PM-Reading with Phylis



11AM-Writing a cookbook with Terri


12PM-Walk to Billings for Lunch and Gardening with Martha


1PM-Milk at Billings Farm




4:15PM-Reading with Pam


11AM-Leave for Silver Lake for Canoeing and Kayaking Return 215p

230PM-Pottery with Fiona 3:30P-Return to ZP

4PM-Reading with Bettyanne boxcar children


10AM-Deliver Pentangle Posters


11AM Cooking with Sarah


12PM- Lunch and Brown Bag Concert on the Green.


3PM-Art with Mary


11:30AM- Riding at Moonrise Farm return 215p


3PM-Singing with Kerry






11AM-Writing Cookbook with Terri


1PM- fitness with Bari


3PM-Art Therapy with Kathleen Dolan


4:15PM-Reading with Phylis


11A-Garden at ZP


12:15PM Leave for the Hood Musuem- Program starts at 1pm return 2P



4:15PM-Reading with Pam


2014 Annual Meeting Notice


Notice of Annual Meeting of Zack's Place June 9th, 2015


The public is hereby notified that the annual meeting of Zack's Place Enrichment Center will be held June 9th at 5:15PM at the Zack's Place location 73 Central Street, Woodstock, VT. 05091. All are welcome to attend. Zack's Place will be celebrating the completion of our newly renovated space. All are invited to this meeting.

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