The 2014 Zack's Place Unified Special Olympics Snowshoe Team 
April Newsletter 2014
Zack's Place Wild Flower Garden
Flower garden from 2012
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  • Special Olympics
  • Stay at Home Tea
  • Tour De Zack May 18th 2014
  • Zack's Place Prom
  • Glad Rags Sale
  • April Calendar

March in Review

In the mornings we went to the library, went skiing at suicide 6, delivered posters for pentangle, made cheering supplies for our pep rally, participated in Special Olympics, played music with Jim Yeager and Jennifer Barry, made crafts with Lolly, cooked for St. Patricks day, cleaned up around ZP, worked on greeting cards with Kiera and cooked with Kate Miller.
Mid-day we made pottery with Fiona working on garden frogs and birds, looked at photos from around the world with Priscilla, went to Billings Farm for a film, danced with Angel, went swimming at Upper Valley Aquatic Center, toured Simon Pearce Glass Blowing and went on a brewery tour at Harpoon (no drinking), had band class with Mrk Van Gulden, did Zumba with Barbara, and toured the Hood Museum.
In the afternoons we sang with Kerry, did yoga with Annie and Tita, fitness classes with Bari, went to a Pep Rally at WES, started play practice with Holly, did art classes with Fiona and games with Carl Hurd.
We read books with TJ Borzekowski, Sylvie Finer, Anthea LaVallee, Phil Swanson, Ron Jaynes and Tom Wright.

 Glad Rags Spring Sale is Upon US!


They need volunteers! They need as many people as possible to carry boxes on Saturday April 5th, 2014 at 9A on the lower level of the Simmons House.

They also need donations! Bring your good stuff that you no longer wear!

Bring small house hold goods too.

Only things in good resale condition please!

Click here for important information about drop offs and the sale


Zack's Place competed in the Special Olympics Competition at Suicide 6. The Unified Snow Shoe Event had 15 athletes from ZP and 15 partners from WUHS. We had 5 alpine competitors on Saturday.  Teams were  there from all over Vermont. The day was a beautiful sunny day and there were smiles all around. ZP's team practiced for 2 1/2 months and the hard work paid off! Woodstock Elementary School put on a wonderful pep rally for us for the 6th year in a row. It was a wonderful event.


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Zack's Place

Stay at Home Tea 2014


The Annual Funds Appeal for Zack's Place, a

Nonprofit Community Enrichment Center

For People with Special Needs


You are Invited to..........

A Tea Party!

Stay at Home

Have a Cup of Tea

Read our Invitation

And send in a donation!

It will be in the mail after the 10th of April.






You Invited to the Zack's Place Prom

Put on by
Woodstock Union High School Student Council

This event is so much fun!!!!

Dress up in your favorite suit and Prom gown and meet us at WUHS Gym on April 25th, 2014 from 4-6P and dance your heart out!

Sign up for the Tour De Zack! An Exciting Cycling Event In Its Third Year!

Zack's Place April Calendar