Lot's of fun coming up in March!

We made it through cold snowy February without a complaint! We were grateful for the snow to practice for the upcoming Special Olympics Weekend on March 7-9 at Suicide 6. 
The 2014 Dine Around Catalog is out with lots of exciting dinners, parties and events. 
Also in this newsletter details of our winter skiing at Suicide 6, a helping hand to our friend, and the March calendar. See below for more details!
 Be sure to come watch the Special Olympics at Suicide 6 on March 7th, 8th and 9th.
Friday Schedule:

9:00 - 9:20am                     Registration

                                9:30 - 9:45am                     Opening Ceremony

                                9:45 -10:00am                    Coaches Meeting

                                10:00 - 12:00pm                2 X 100M Final

                                                                                2 X 25M Final

                                12:00 -1:00pm                    Lunch (NOT Provided)

                                1:00 - 4:00pm                     2 X 200M Final

                                                                                2 X 50M Final

                                                                                4 X 100M Final


Tanners Hollywood send off party
Capital Campaign Update
 We are now have raised in collected and pledge funds $435,000 towards our goal of $442,000.

Join the campaign and help us reach our goal to purchase the building we occupy.

Rueben shows is movie
February In Review
In the mornings at Zack's Place we made hearts with Lolli, went skiing at Suicide 6, Delivered Pentangle Posters, did journaling with Caryn, visited the Norman Williams Library, worked on our new greeting cards, did crafts with Sarah, cleaned our space with Martha, and made a banner for Special Olympics with Lolli.
Fred and Ted cooking 
Basketball with Carl
Sarah making friends
Celebrating Kim's Birthday
Auden sings with us 
Denise makes pottery
Tj reads every Monday
Simon plant a kiss on Jen

In the mid-day, we did pottery with Fiona, went to see Brooklyn Castle at Billings Farm, got some good energy with Angel, went swimming at the Aquatic Center, watched Ruebens movie, sang with Jim and Auden, we let it all out with Angel, did 
Zumba with Barbara Meyer, played basketball with Carl Hurd, went to the movies with Kitty, had band practice with Mark VanGulden and visited the Senior Center to listen to the "Peapickers" 
The gang works hard on a pottery project
 In afternoonKerry, visited with Kate Jackson and Elsa, did yoga with Annie and Tita, got fit with Bari, did art with Fiona, and  practiced for the Special Olympics snowshoe competition.

We read books with TJ, Sylvie, Phil, Anthea, Tom, Robin and Ron.

We are Grateful to Suicide 6, Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport, Ottauquechee Health Foundation and Mr. Chorske for our Ski Program!
 Last week we had the second, to the last ski day of our season for Zack's Place at Suicide 6. The day was filled with accomplishments and many personal bests. I left the ski mountain very emotional as I thought about my group at Zack's Place and how hard they tried and the goals they accomplished. I also thought about the very generous people that helped make this happen from the Otauquechee Health Foundation and Mr. Chorske donating funds, to the exceptional Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport volunteers that come out each week to Suicide 6 and give of themselves and of the incredible staff at Suicide 6 from the ski shop, the maintenance department, the ski patrol and the office staff and the generosity of Woodstock Corporation to let ZP ski there free of charge. What all of these people have done to make this happen has made such a difference in the lives of my group of 14 skiers.  
How did we all get off the lift at the same time?

The ski program is in its third year, and second year at Suicide 6. Vermont Adaptive Volunteers have bonded with our group and know each person by name. Each week when we gather together in the lodge to eat lunch everyone is so excited about the day. We pray for snow and good weather! After lunch the volunteers help the participants get their equipment on and their off to the slopes.
The ticket office has our tickets ready and the ski shop has worked all morning to get our boots lined up
Frank, John and Ed 
 and labeled and our ski's on the outside rack ready to go. All of this is done with a welcoming smile making us feel like we made their day by being there.
The challenges are big for my group and they are different for each person. We have a young adult named Patrick. He is an exceptional athlete but unfortunately developed in his adult life a severe seizure disorder which prevents him from being able to take the chairlift. Not a problem for Suicide 6, they offered out the snowmobiles and when those broke down Patrick rode the snow-cat up the mountain. For Patrick being able to ski again was like giving a blind man eye sight. It meant the world to him.
Garan, Patrick and Dail
Lindsey does the Easy Mile!
Lindsey Sargent used to ski but 4 years ago she had a stroke which left her balance unsteady. This year despite her fear of falling, which she thought about a lot, she decided she was going to be a part of the ski program. The first week she actually chickened out! The second week she decided to put on ski boots. The third week she put on skis and walked around. The fourth week she took 9 runs on the J bar! Last week she went up the big chairlift and skied down easy mi
le. She was beaming with pride, and so was I.  
 For Jessica Burrell  and Erin Norton zooming down the mountain at grand speeds is old hat.
John and Jessica ski for the third year in a row
Last year the girls for the competed
 in the Special Olympics 

skiing for the first time, and were instrumental in creating a division, just for the bi-ski. The girls love the speed! Karissa Mathiessen also loves the speed of the bi-ski.

It took us several weeks to get her in it but now she won't get out! She raises her arm and cheers as she zooms down the mountain. Michael skied for the first time this year. Last week he beat his goal of 6 runs taking 8 runs all the while telling his volunteer partner Roderick to hang on. Ed would love to cut 
Tom and Karissa
the tether lines and ski on his own but he tolerates what has to be, and enjoys carving down the mountain with his father and his VASS regular volunteer John.                                                                                         Michelle, Sarah, Joey, Kim, Brook, Annie
Annie is skiing the blues!
and James are all awesome skiers and snowboarders and are anxious to get on the slopes. The winter is almost over but not the accomplishments of this amazing group of athletes, volunteers, staff and donors. Thanks to all of you!


Zack's Place Cares
Our friend Susan Gabrielle has had an unfortunate accident while performing in Orlando. She slipped and shattered her humerus bone in 5 places. She has undergone surgery and the recovery has been painful and slow. She has been unable to work and we wanted to help her by promoting her new CD. She is in need of help and we think you will enjoy her music. Click below to purchase her newly released double CD.

March Calendar




~ March 2014 ~




















10:00 Library with Kitty


1:00 Pottery with Fiona


3:15 Singing with Kerry


11:00 Skiing at Suicide Six


315P-Yoga with Annie


4:00 Reader

510:30 Deliver Posters


12:45P Shadow of the Moon movie at Billings Farm


3:15 Fitness with Bari


4:15 Reading w/Sylvie

610:00 Make Horns for Pep Rally


12:45 Angel We are the champions


215P-PEP Rally at WES Leave at 1:55P.

315P-Art with Fiona


4:15 Reading with  Ron


8:45A Bus leaves ZP for Suicide Six




Return at 4PM






10:00 Norman Williams Library


1:00 Pottery with Fiona


3:15 Singing with Kerry


415 Reading w/TJ


10:00 Lollie?


1PM-Photos from  around the world with Priscilla and Don


3:15P Yoga with Annie


4:00 Reading with Tom Wright


10:30 Deliver Posters


1:00 Film at Billings Farm

"Up the Yangtze"


3:15 Fitness W Bari


4:15 Reading w/Sylvie


10:00 Crafts with Sarah


1:00 Angel Boogie to the music


3:00 Art with Fiona


4:00 Reading by ZP participants


II:00 Caryn Golden Journaling


12:00 Swimming st UVAC


3:00 Visit Jessica's Sugar House






10:00 Make St Patrick's snack


11:30 Singing with Jim


1:00 Pottery with Fiona


3:15 Zumba with Barbara

4:15 Reading W/TJ


10:00 Zack's Place Clean Up


11:30P-leave for lunch at Harpoon Brewery and Tour (no beer)

1pm-  Glass blowing tour at Simon Pearce

Leave at 1:40P

3:15P Yoga with Tita


4:00 Reading with Anthea


 10:30 Deliver Posters


1:00 Band w Mark

2:00 Greeting Cards with Kiera


3:15 Fitness W Bari


4:15 Reading w



11:00 Crafts with Lolly and Bonnie


1:00 Angel Lets get it all together!


3:00 Art with Fiona


10:00 Norman Williams Library


1:00 Zumba with Barbara


3:00 Play Practice






10:00 Cooking  Class with Kate Miller


1:00 Pottery with Fiona


3:15 Singing with Kerry


4:15 Reading w/TJ


10:00 Craft with Martha


12:15 Hood Museum at Dartmouth Tour


3:15P Yoga with Tita


4:00 Reading w Phil Swanson


10:30 Deliver Posters


1:00 Band w/Mark

2:00 Greeting Cards with Kiera


3:15 Fitness W Bari


4:15Reading w/sylvie


10:00 Crafts w/Sarah


1:00 Angel Get crazy and cool down


3:00 Art with Fiona

Student council coming to make Easter Eggs for the funky tree outside


4:00 Reading by ZP participants


10:00 Norman Williams Library


12:00 Swimming w Community Classroom


3:00 Play Practice






10:00-Greeting Cards with Keira


1:00 Pottery with Fiona

 3PM-Games  with Carl

4:15 Reading w/TJ



Thank you for reading our newsletter. For more information about Zack's Place go to our website at www.zacksplacevt.org