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September 2013
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August was a lot of fun with great activities and programs. Recently I heard a program on VPR which suggested it was better to limit your photos when doing newsletters to one or two. I have great pictures and I did not limit to 2 but you will find it is worth your time looking at them.
Be sure to come see us on the 12th of September at the Norman Williams Library performing at 4PM with ARISE.
It is time to register for the Turkey Trot. Also if you would like to be a sponsor of our famous Turkey Trot t-shirts be sure to email us at
There is an incredible Dine Around Event coming up. "The Texas Hold'em on September 14th, 2013.
We are making progress  with the Capital Campaign to purchase our building. Have a great September and thanks for your support.
Zack's Place has taken over the publishing of the Woodstock Phone Book which the Woodstock Learning Trust has generously turned over to us. The book is almost complete and will be in your local mailbox or available at Zack's Place at the end of September. Thank you to all advertisers for your support.

Dail Frates
Zack's Place
Jamie Swimming at Britton Pond


August in review
In the morning Zack's Place created cards with the PAL program, went to the library, gardened with Martha, delivered Pentangle Posters with Sarah, and worked on greeting card inventory with Shauna. We sang with Jim yeager and Jennifer Barry.
Mid-day we did art with Fiona, danced with Tiffany, went to the brown bag concerts, cooked with Dail, did the Harlem Shake with Sarah, changed our routine with Angel, and did fitness with Bari.
Be sure to check out the Zack's Place "Harlem Shake"  Click here to watch the ZP Harlem Shake
In the afternoon we did yoga with Tita and Anne, wrote songs with Susan Gabrielle, did art with Fiona and Finnie, we worked on our journals with Caryn Golden, sang with Kerry and we read books with Anthea LaVallee, Tom Wright, Phil Swanson, Lois Watson and Ron Jaynes.
We went to Circus Camp at Union Arena hosted by generous volunteers Ted Lawrence of Van Lodostov Family Circus and his crew and the Union arena. Thank you to all of them for a fantastic week.
We went boating on the Connecticut River with Norm and Dail.
Also, we went and played golf with volunteers at Woodstock Country Club thank you so much for a fun day!
We played putput golf and went swimming at Kedron Pond and Britton Pond.  So much fun!!!!!!!
Michael and Frank enjoy a day of Golf at Woodstock Country Club
Lois Watson reads to the gang at Zack's Place
Jim Yeager and Jessa serenade us with their guitars

Robin shows us his dance moves
Tiffany and Karissa enjoy a swim
Nani leaps over Joey at Circus camp
Helen and Erin laughing on the Trampoline
Annie swings on the Cloth
Standing on Dan!
Nani, Brook and Anne do their circus act
Patrick walks across the tight rope
Still Time to Register for the Texas Hold'em September 14, 2013
Really this is the most fun I have had in a year. If you don't know how to play poker there are teachers there.

2nd Annual Texas Hold'Em Barbeque and Poker


Put on your cowboy boots and hitch up your rig. It's time for another no-limit poker tournament and Texas Barbeque.

Join Linwood and Tammy in their 200 year old barn in South Woodstock for live music, ice cold beer, great wine and a lip-smacking barbeque.

After dining the real fun begins with a genuine Texas Hold'Em Poker Tournament. Greenhorns are as welcome as the mavens. Tutorials are offered beforehand. Last year's event was the talk of the town with over 50 cowboys and cowgirls competing.   Prizes were awarded to the top 3 finishers and this year we expect more gamblers and even more fun.

No additional funds required!





Barbecued Ribs


Smoked Chicken


Texas Hot Links


Southern Brisket


Brunswick Stew


Jalapeno Corn Bread


Baked Beans


Creamy Slaw


Corn on the Cob

Hosts: Tammy and Linwood Thompson

Price: $125 per person

Address: 1316 Peterkin Hill Road S. Woodstock

Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013 Dinner 5-7pm, Poker 7-10P

Size: 100 guests

Zack's Place Capital Campaign is Going Strong
 Zack's Place has entered into a contract to purchase the building at 73 Central Street to have a permanent home for Zack's Place. As of Aug 30, 2013.
  Warm weather
Total collected from donations
Total Grants Pledged
Total Goal
Zack's Place provides daily programs for people with special needs free of charge. All are welcome regardless of age or ability. Volunteer, participate in a fundraiser or donate.
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Time to Sign up for the Turkey Trot! Walk, Run or wheel
 Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2013 at 10A! Pre-register for another great t-Shirt!


A Not To Be Missed Concert Music @ The Mezz Presents Susan Gabriel & "Gettin'Bumpy Back2School" Thursday September 12.


The Norman Williams Library popular music series is hosting a very special night with something for everyone to enjoy!  

First up is an opening act from Zack's Place where Gabriel has been conducting a series of ARISE Music Arts Communication songwriting workshops. 

The ZP Songwriters' Band will be featured at 4pm performing some of their own rap songs, melodic tunes and presenting incredible music arts song murals for all the world to see and hear! The Main event begins at 6pm with Gabriel's captivating vocals & flute performing eclectic entertainment of pop, jazz, blues & original tunes with a diverse ensemble of Woodstock's finest musicians. The event will be televised and Zack's Place opening act excerpts will appear on a video screen during the main concert combined with highlight appearances from students in the community who created their own mural art & songs during Gabriel's ARISEmac summer programs conducted at St. James on The Green. 



September Calendar



A Community Enrichment Center for People
with Special Needs
73 Central St, P.O. Box 634 Woodstock, VT     05091






~ September 2013 ~








Labor Day


Zack's Place



10:30Billings Autumn Activity - The Boy & His Quilt


12:00 Gardening & picnic at Billings w/ Martha


3:00 Yoga


11:00Deliver Pentangle movie posters


1:30 Workout w/ Bari


3:00 Cooking w/ Tiffany & Kitty


4:00 Farmer's Market w/ Kitty


10:00 Letter writing w/ Shauna


11:00 Walk around Woodstock


1:00 Qi Gong with Angel Rubino


3:00 Art w/ Finnie


11:00 Library w/ Sarah


1:00 "Everybody is a Songwriter" w/ Susan Gabrielle


3:00 Brainstorming for our next musical


4:15P Croquet on the Common


11:00Trash Walk & Talk w/ Kitty


1:00 Art w/ Fiona


3:00 Singing w/ Kerry


10:30Billings Autumn Activity -Sheep Take a Hike


12:00Gardening & picnic at Billings w/ Martha


3:00 Yoga

4:15P Reading with Tom Wright


11:00Deliver Pentangle movie posters

1:00 Movie w/ Kitty


3:00 Workout w/ Bari


4:00 Farmer's Market w/ Kitty


10:00 Greeting Card biz w/ Shauna


11:00 Card Inventory


1:00 Qi Gong with Angel Rubino


2:30 Art w/ Finnie


4:00 Performance at Library w/ Susan Gabrielle



10:00 Zack's Place goes to the Tunbridge Fair!




11:00 Good Samaritan Day w/ Kitty


1:00 Pottery w/ Fiona at Purple Crayon


3:00 Singing w/ Kerry


10:30Billings Autumn Activity - The Gigantic Turnip



12:00 Gardening & picnic at Billings w/ Martha


3:00 Yoga


11:00Deliver Pentangle movie posters


1:30 Workout w/ Bari


3:00 Historical Treasure Hunt w/ Harvey Watson & WES Student Council


10:00 Beading w/ Shauna


1:00 Music Video w/ Sarah


3:00 Art w/ Finnie


11:00 Library w/ Sarah


1:00 "Everybody is a Songwriter" w/ Susan Gabrielle


3:00 Girl Talk w/ Renee

3:00 Guy's Day w/ Papa



11:00 Singing w/ Jennifer Barry & Jim Yeager


1:00 Pottery w/ Fiona at Purple Crayon


3:00 Fun at Vail Field w/ Kitty & Dail


10:30Billings Autumn Activity - The Pumpkin Fair



12:00 Gardening & picnic at Billings w/ Martha


3:00 Yoga


4:15 Reading w/ Phil Swanson


11:00Deliver Pentangle movie posters


12:00 Lunch at Senior Center & watching the Barton Square Dancers


3:00 Journal Sculpting w/ Caryn Golden (CJ) & Debbie Tendler


10:00 Greeting Card biz w/ Shauna



1:00 Qi Gong with Angel Rubino


3:00 Art w/ Finnie


11:00 Library w/ Sarah


1:00 "Everybody is a Songwriter" w/ Susan Gabrielle


3:00 Play practice




11:00 Good Samaritan Day w/ Kitty


1:00 Pottery w/ Fiona at Purple Crayon


3:00 Singing w/ Kerry


Note: Please be sure to check the calendar and look for the bold type, which indicates a field trip. Bus trips are underlined, walking trips are not. When we are on a field trip, programs are only at the place of the field trip so Zack's Place is otherwise closed.