May 2013
Zack's Place Newsletter



April was another fun month with a lot of exciting events. Be sure to look at our pictures and the month in review.

In May we are putting on our next Musical, "Zackleton's Expedition"! Written and Directed by Jim Sadwith.  Zack's Place is holding it's first Golf Tournament at the Quechee Club and the May calendar is full of fun activities. Enjoy our photographs and prom pictures and more will be posted on our blog.


We wish you green grass, some rain, lot's of sunshine, smiles, laughs and love.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter.


April in Review


 In April, in the mornings we worked on our greeting card business, we helped clean, we delivered Pentangle posters, visited the library, did crafts and beading and just hung out.
Mid-day we did art with Fiona, went swimming, sang with Kerry, did e rhythm and movement with Kathleen and Mark, swam at the aquatic center, walked around town, went bowling, did relaxation with Angel, and played basketball at WUHS with Jim Kenison and Alissa Giroux.
In the afternoons we got foolish with Michael Zerphy, played in a basketball tournament with Community Classroom, worked on Props for our upcoming play with Fiona, we worked hard at play practice, did yoga with Tita, and exercised with Bari.


 Basketball with WUHS


       Basket ball was a weekly program in April with the WUHS Community Classroom at WUHS. We practiced with Jim Kenison and Alissa Giroux working on essential skills and at the end of the month we had the "Tournament of Champions at WUHS.


Zack's Place Visits the Vermont State House  


Jonah, Kathy and Jessa take a break in the Governors office.
Tea, Sarah and Jessa visit Alison Clarkson in her committee room.
Erin and Helen at the Vermont Historical Society
Kitty, Michael, Sarah, Lindsey and Karissa touring the VT State House
Kerry Rosenthal leads our group singing the Garden Song on the Floor of the House
The Zack's Place and Community Classroom Prom
Woodstock Union High School Student Council Hosts the second annual Zack's Place Prom.
The event was magical, the gym was decorated like a Caribbean Island, Jack Snyder was our DJ and played great dancing music. The prom procession featured all participants being crowned with a Lei.
All who attended looked gorgeous and danced the night away.
Helen and Erin swinging to the music.
Dail and Frank share a dance
Lindsey and Jack
Amanda, Keri and Linda looking good
Anna and Robin
Asa and Darren share a laugh
Jessie and her Mom looking beautiful
James and Kerry
Jessica and Annie
Laura and Keegan, they can really dance
Nerissa and Jim all decked out
Sarah gives her Dad a hug
Peggy and Tanner sharing a dance
Annie shows off her beautiful dress
Kiersten, Asa, Christie and Mrs. Bristow and other WUHS Students and Teachers made this prom very special
Everyone danced
Jessa, Edward and Jessica pose for the camera

                   " Zackleton's Expedition" The Musical


Written and Directed by Jim Sadwith



Stage and Costume Design-Holly Levinson


Choreographed By-Hannah Sadwith


Singing Coach-Kerry Rosenthal


Funded by Mr. William Chorske


This musical is a cleverly written story about a reenactment of the Shackleton's Expedition a journey to the Antarctica which ends in disaster. The Zackleton  journey takes a different turn after encountering a hurricane at sea. You will be hanging on the edge of your seat, singing at the top of your lungs, laughing till you cry and left with wanting more.  The cameo performers will surprise you with their comical talents.  This is a must see performance.


Woodstock Union High School Auditorium


Wednesday May 22, 2013


Time 5:30P


The performance is about one hour

Free to all but donations are always welcome.





                The Tournament of Champions




Click Here to Download a reservation form online


Click Here to register for the Golf Tournament online



  The gang at the start                   


The 2nd Annual Tour De Zack


 A Supported Cycling Ride with a Gourmet Picnic Dinner

The 2nd Annual Tour de Zack is a scenic bike ride through the
beautiful hills of Barnard, Bethel, Pomfret and Woodstock. Discovery Tours will be following you the whole way with support and refreshments.

There are two rides to suit all levels!


The delicious barbeque dinner is hosted by renowned chef,
Will Dodson, of the Barnard Inn & Restaurant.

Entertainment provided by the talented band,
Automatic Rooster
(John Snyder, Jason Twigg, John Doyle, & Al Montgomery)


Cyclist and Diners are both welcome at this exciting event. The ride starts and finishes at Silver Lake - bring your swim suit & towel! Silver Lake is a VT State Park - facilities available. 


Dinner at Sliver Lake

Slow Roasted, Maple Smoked Pig (a Tamworth-Berkshire cross, raised by Will Dodson) with an Apple Cider Marinade

Seasonal Mixed Greens

Bavarian Potato Salad

Tibouli Salad with Mint and Feta cheese

Strawberry Shortcake


 Sponsors include ~

Will Dodson, The Barnard Inn & Restaurant
Larry & Dawn Niles - Discovery Tours
John Snyder & band, Automatic Rooster

Date & Time:                        Sunday, June 23, 1 pm, Dinner 5pm

Hosts:                                       The Barnard Inn & Restaurant

Address:                                  20 State Park Beach Rd, Barnard

Price:                                        Riders, $100; Diners only, $75 per person

Size:                                       Riders - 100; Dinner guests - up to 200

Cycling Clothes, Swim Suits, & Picnic Chic





Click here for a printable May Calendar          





~ May 2013 ~










Having a baby shower for Stephanie Lary on May 31st. She is registered at Babies are US


10A-Deliver Pentangle Posters


1PM-Music Movement with Kathleen Dolan and Mark VanGulden


3:15P-Working out with Bari


11:00 Basketball at the Rec center


1:00-Crafts with Shauna


3:00 Art w/ Fiona Props for play


4:15 Reading w/



11a-library with Jan Weiner

 1PM-Staying Positive with Angel


2:15P-Singing and dancing with Hannah


3PM-Play Practice WES





 10A-Greeting Card Business


12:00P-Singing Dancing with Hannah


1:00 Art w/ Fiona


3PM-Play Practice WES


10:00A Cleaning


11A-Crafts with Martha


12Pm-Picnic Lunch at Billingsfarm plan garden build structures




10A-Deliver Pentangle Posters


1PM-Music Movement with Kathleen Dolan and Mark VanGulden


3:15P-Working out with Bari


11:00 Basketball at the rec center




3:00 Art w/ Fiona -

 WES Student

 Council coming


4:15 Reading w/



10:15A-library with Jan Weiner




3:00 Play Practice WES


3:30 Kerry @ practice to help with singing





10A-Super Hero Day with Kitty


1:00 Art w/ Fiona


3:00 Play Practice at Wuhs


 10:00A -Clean up at ZP


11A-Gallery Walk


1PM-Flower boxes at Zack's Place




4:15P-Reading w/Tom Wright


 10A-Deliver Pentangle Posters


1PM-Music Movement with Kathleen Dolan and Mark VanGulden


3:15P-Working out with Bari


11:00 Gardening

           w/ Dail

3:00 Art w/ Fiona


4:15P-Reading with Ron


11a-library with Jan Weiner


1PM-basketball at the rec center

2:15P-Singing and dancing with Hannah


3:00 Play Practice at Wuhs

3:30 Kerry @ practice to help with singing





10A-Greeting Card Day


12:00P-Singing Dancing with Hannah


1:00 Art w/ Fiona


3:00 Play Practice at Wuhs


3:00 Kerry coming to help with singing


10:00A -Clean up at ZP


12PM-Picnic Lunch at Billings and Gardening



4:15 Reading w/



10A-Deliver Pentangle Posters


1PM-Music Movement with Kathleen Dolan and Mark VanGulden


2PM-3PM Free time and Primping


3PM-Take bus to High School


Zackleton's Expedition at 5:30P


11:00 Gardening

           w/ Dail

1P-Walk around town


3:00 Art w/ Fiona


4:15 Reading w/



11A-Visit the Historical Society Spring!


1PM-Dance, Dance Revolution with Angel


330PM-Baby Shower for Stephanie






Closed for Memorial Day


10:00A Cleaning


11A-Everybody is song writer w/Susan Gabrielle


1P-Gardening at Billings Farm


3:00 Yoga

4:15P-Reading with Phil Swanson


10A-Deliver Pentangle Posters


1PM-Crafts with Martha


3:15P-Working out with Bari



11A-Making treats for the baby shower

3:00 Art w/ Fiona


4:15 Reading w/



10:30A Movie time with Kitty!


1PM-Stretch it out with Angel


3PM-Games with Carl Hurd




Zack's Place with Alison Clarkson at the State House