Close Friends
     & Volunteers

Below is important information just for the family, support persons, volunteers, and of course the participants of Zack's Place.


Call or e-mail anytime with questions or ideas, and thank you for your support!


Dail, Shauna, and Hannah


We're Still Sipping Tea ~

As many of you know, the Stay-At-Home-Tea is one of the annual
fundraisers we depend on for continuing support. 
We have plenty of tea bags left and we need your help.  Please consider your own circle of family and friends who are not on our mailing list, then do one of two things. Either share that mailing list with us so we can send them the Tea brochure, or come by and pick up the mailers and send them yourself.  We prefer to send them and with your permission we would also like to add them to this annual mailing list.  Also, we can send it on a certain participant's behalf if you would like.
Super Hero Day 
Super Hero Days at ZP

Some of you may be unclear about just what "Super Hero Day" means when you see it on the ZP calendar.
This was another creative brainstorm idea from Dail and one we always hope to keep as part of the Zack's Place programming.
It's about giving back to our community.  We look for families, businesses, groups, or individuals who need some sort of help or support and we do our part.  So far we've done yard work for a family facing hardship, delivered care packages to the Upper Valley Haven, washed car windows during mud season, and most recently delivered teddy bears to CHAD. 
Please know that Super Hero days will sometimes mean a field trip and participants should plan accordingly.  We will be better about informing you of the specific plan as the day approaches. 
We welcome your ideas!  If you know of a need in our community or region, please let us know.
Canoeing and Ka...ilver Lake 
Don't miss this summer's VASS Programs

Zack's Place has received a generous summer grant for horseback riding, canoeing, and kayaking through Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports. 
These activities are on the July calendar and will continue through the summer.
It is critical that each participant have a signed VASS waiver on file for both activities.  If you have not filled one out, please make sure you do before this Tuesday, July 3rd - our first horseback riding day.
Download the VASS waivers here:
Greeting Cards

As part of our effort for the participants of Zack's Place to head up the greeting card business, we are asking that each family and/or caretaker, along with your participant, accept the task of selling 5 boxes of cards in the month of July.  Whether you decide to offer them at your place of work, call a few family members, or canvas your own neighborhoods together, this should be a fun and easy task. 
This not only helps Zack's Place to be self-sustaining but it is also an opportunity for each participant to contribute.
You can sign out a sample box or single card anytime, and here's a form to get started with.
Thank you!