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The Still time to sign up for the "Tour De Zack"
The Western Musical a Success
Look for the Stay at Home Tea Invitation!
Grants Awarded to Zack's Place
June Calendar

Still Time  to sign up for the "Tour De Zack" 



Tour De Zack


A tale of two Dine Arounds

Bike Vermont and New Hampshire

Or Shop Farmway and enjoy a cookout on the Connecticut River. Or Drive to Piermont for an evening of swimming, dining and music.


 A tale of two states, two bike rides and two events; Bike from Woodstock,   45 Miles or leave King Arthur Flour in Norwich and bike 25 miles. All Bikers meet at the Woodstock Elementary School at 10:00A, 45 milers leave from there and the 25 milers board the bus. This scenic ride takes you through the Connecticut River Valley including Woodstock, Pomfret, Hartford, Norwich, Theford, Fairlee, Bradford, and into scenic Piermont NH. Our route includes a superb mix of rural farmland, as we cycle past rivers, apple orchards, and pastures with grazing cows. When you arrive at your destination you will be able to cool off with a refreshing swim in the Connecticut River. A delicious cookout will be ready for you and you can sit by the river and enjoy the sounds of the musical duo Jack and John Snyder.

Shop De Zack

You're not a biker, no problem. Ride the bus from Woodstock Elementary at 2:30PM to the famous shopping destinations "King Arthur Flour" and "Farmway"! Shop till you drop and board the bus to meet up with the bikers at the Connecticut River to enjoy a cookout and concert.


Large juicy hamburgers, with melted Vermont cheddar

Vege burgers on whole grain rolls


Kate's Famous bean Salad


Red Bliss potato Salad

Fresh tossed greens with seasonal vegetables

Corn on the cob

Fruit Salad

Ice Cream Sundaes

Hosts- Bike Vermont's- Dawn and Larry Niles, Norm and Dail Frates, Butler Bus Service- Leanne and Emo Chynoweth, The Start House-Jen and Dan McKenna ,Caterers Kate and Doug Miller, Ellen and John Snyder

Date July 28, 2011

Price: Shoppers and Drivers $100.00 PP

Bikers 175.00 PP includes bike support vans, refreshments along the way, maps a bike Jersey and water bottle (125.00 W/O jersey)

Location-Meet at the Woodstock Elementary at 11:00AM for Bikers

and 3:00PM for Shoppers

Drivers- arrive at 8 High View Meadows at 5:00PM in Piermont NH

Bike Rentals-Start House call to make a reservation 457-3377 Bike Rentals $30.00 and all proceeds will be donated to Zack's Place

Bike Support-Bikers support and refreshments will be provided along route. Bikers may put their change of clothes on the bus, to have when they arrive at the river. There will be a release form sent after the bikes sign up. Transportation will be provided by Butler Bus Service.





 Zack's Place Performs a Western Musical

By Hannah Sadwith

Zack's Place has returned from their train trip to Glory! Last Wednesday, the Zack's Place theatre guild teamed up with director, Holly Levison, to perform, "Zack's Place is Bound for Glory, the musical". "Bound for Glory" is a great story about how the Zack's Place participants held a bake sale in order to help the town of Glory, Texas recover from a recent tornado. Later that night, in Suzannah Dickinson's dream, Zack's Place takes a train to Glory. Upon arrival a band of masked bandits steal the hard-earned money! Zack's Place teams up with the Glory townspeople in search of the stolen money. Sherriff Tanner Dow, and Deputy Dog Keegan Moriarty, along with Chief Chuck Worrell, find the bandits dancing to Cotton-Eyed Joe, and lock them up in the jailhouse. From jail, bandits Jessa Lawlor and Lindsey Sargent plead that they only stole the money to help Glory as well! The play ends with Zack's Place, the town of Glory, and the masked bandits dancing together. Not only was the play filled with great music, the play was bursting with good spirit and good laughs. This particular production was loaded with "firsts". It was Zack's Place's first play on a theatrical stage with curtains and lighting; it was the first play with participant saying lines; it was the first play without singing along to recorded music; and it was the first play with Holly as a director. In addition, it was full of more choreography, stage direction, and plot twists than any previous plays! Many guest stars joined the participants, such as Sabrina Brown, Jack Synder, Mary Riley, Bud Futschik, Phil Swanson, Chuck Worrell, Linwood Thompson and Jed Dickinson.

           I asked regular Zack's Place participant, Jessa Lawlor, what she thought of the performance, she replied, "The play was awesome. And everyone is town is talking about it; we are finally going to be famous!"

saht 2012 The Stay At Home Tea is in your Mailbox!
We have just mailed out our annual fund appeal so look for your tea bag in your mailbox. This  is one of our most important fundraisers of the year and your support helps Zack's Place continue it's mission. Thank you for your continued support.

 Grants Awarded to Zack's Place in May


Woodstock Learning Trust awarded Zack's Place a grant for the ZP Gardening Program, which is also a part of the culinary program and supported by WLT.


Ottauquechee Health Foundation awarded Zack's Place a grant for a Summer Adaptive Sport Program which will allow participants to canoe and kayak and ride horses this summer.


Glad Rags awarded Zack's Place funds to help pay for adaptive equipment and also for the textile arts program to  purchase a sewing machine.




 Zack's Place June Calendar

Click here to download a printable June Calendar



~ June 2012 ~














10:30A- Water Garden at ZP, Clean up day

12:30PM Leave for Aquatic Center

1:15PM-Water Aerobics with Bari

3PM-Movie Day






10:30A-Gardening at Billings Farm

12N-Baking Whatever

1P-Art with Fiona


3PM-Karaoke Singing with the Smart board with Hannah and Bonbon


4:15PM Reading with Jim Sadwith


10:30A- Greeting Card Inventory Day

1PM-Zack's Place going to play mini Golf/eat soft serve Ice Cream ForeUgolf 3:00PM Get the boys measured for Tuxes



10:30A-Culinary arts With Hannah

1PM-Deliver Posters for Pentangle

3:15PM-Music Movement with/ Angel

4:30 Kitty King w/ Reading


10:30A-Visit Norman Williams Library Reading and Art with Jan Weiner

1-2PM Knitting With Renee


4:15P Reading with Ron


10:30A Gardening at Billings Farm

130PM-Work out with Bari

3PM-Walk to Vail Field for games






10:30A-Gardening at Billings Farm


1P-Art with Fiona


315PM Historic House Tour with The Dana House

415PM- Preparation for Safety day


10:30A- Greeting Card Inventory Day


3:00PM-Games at Vale Field with Carl Hurd

4:30PM Reading With Anthea

1310:30A-Culinary arts With Hannah

1PM-Deliver Posters for Pentangle

3:00PM Safety Day Presentations by the Zack's Place participants talking about ways to keep Safe

4:15PM-Reading with Tom Wright


10:30A-Visit Norman Williams Library with Jan


1PM-Clay with Christina

3-4PM knitting with Renee

4:15P Reading with Ron


10:30A Gardening at Billings Farm

1230P-leave for the Aquatic Center 1:15P-Water Aerobics with Bari

3PM-Singing Karaoke Singing with Sheri Belisle






10:30A-Gardening at Billings Farm

1P-Art with Fiona

3PM Montshire coming to Visit doing a program on Pond Life


10:30A- Greeting Card Inventory Day


1PM Trip to Tip Top Pottery Compliments of Renee Novello


10:30A-Culinary arts With Hannah

1PM-Deliver Posters for Pentangle

3:15PM-Music Movement with/ Angel

4:30P-Reading W/ Kitty King


10:30A-Visit Norman Williams Library with Jan

1PM-Clay with Christina


4:15P Reading with Anthea


10:30A Gardening at Billings Farm

1PM-Decorating for the Prom

4:30PM-6:30PM The Zack's Place Prom!







10:30A-Gardening at Billings Farm


1PM -Art with Fiona

3:00PM Games at Vale Field


4:15PM Reading with Jim Sadwith


10:30A-Greeting Card Inventory day

3:45PM Wheel Chair Broom ball at Union Arena



10:30A- Culinary Arts with Hannah

12:00PM Canoeing and Kayaking at Silver Lake Bring your lunch

4:15P Phil Swanson reading


10:30A-Culinary arts Day With Hannah

12PM Brown Bag Concert

1P-Clay with Christine

3:00P-Yoga with Tita

4:15P Reading with Ron


10:30A Gardening at Billings Farm


1:15PM exercise with Bari








May in Review


Cooking with Hannah
Cooking with Hannah

Gardening With Billings Farm
Gardening With Billings Farm
praticing at WUHS Auditorium for the musical
Practicing for the musical on stage at WUHS
We finished our braided rug with Delsie!
We finished our braided rug with Delsie!


Zack's Place 2012 Board of Directors
Zack's Place 2012 Board of Directors

The Zack's Place Prom!
This idea was created by Whitney Frates, who works at Soiree Prom, in Portsmouth, NH. Elizabeth Dirom and Aleigh Donlon of

Soiree Prom donated all of the dresses. The boy's tuxes were donated by College Formals of West Lebanon.

The prom will be on

June 22, 2012 4:30PM-6:30PM


All are welcome to come and dance!!!

at the Woodstock Elementary School,  15 School Street, Woodstock Vermont
Thank you to all that Support Zack's Place

Zack's Place

an Enrichment Center for People with Special Needs located in Woodstock, Vermont

73 Central Street

PO Box 634

Woodstock, Vt 05091

Dail Frates

Executive Director