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Zack's Place is going to the State House on April 5, 2012


Zack's Place is going to the State House on April 5, 2012. We will leave at 9:30A and return at 4PM.  Please bring a bag lunch. Please wear your best clothing.
Dail Frates
Zack's Place
 This is the list of who is going: If you would like to go and are not on this list please notify me asap. 802-457-5868
Confirmed Namegaurdian
Jessica BurrellMartha McNealus
Suzanna DickinsonJed Dickinson
Tanner DowShauna Dow
Jessa LawlorStacy Tufts
Erin NortonHelen Norton
Annie Oneill(not riding bus)Dana Oneill
Sarah Petersnone
Lindsey Sargentnone
Jett Brittain (Birthday)Kathy Brittain
Ana Brittain
Tea Brittain
Jonah Brittain
Fred Beebeenone
Karrissa MathiesenStephanie Gorton
Dail Frates
Hannah Sadwith
Frank Vanek
Adam Lewis
James Morse
 Event Schedule

ZACK'S PLACE (20)                               Thursday          4/5/12

Contact: Dail Frates

Senators: Alice Nitka, John Campbell, Richard McCormack

Representative: Alison Clarkson

State House Tour Guide:



9:30A- Leave Zack's Place

11:00-Bus arrival at the top of Gov. Aiken Avenue


11:15-11:45        Lunch, Room 10


11:45-12:30        State House tour, lobby


12:30-12:45        Enter House chamber, west entrance


12:45-1:30          House Chamber

                             Sing State Song

                             Introduction by Rep. Clarkson


1:30-1:45            Travel to VHS museum, Gov. Davis Avenue entrance                


1:45-2:45            VHS museum tour       


3:00                     Bus pick up at the top of Gov. Aiken Avenue

4:00PM Return to Zack's Place

 Important Information

We're looking forward to having you visit the State House. You may also be visiting the Vermont Historical Society museum and/or the Supreme Court. Here are a few reminders to make sure your visit is enjoyable for everyone.


The Schedule: Please make sure that all teachers and chaperones have copies of the schedule. Your tour guide will have extra copies if you need them. We rely on the good will of volunteers called in particularly for your tours and have reserved times at the various locations specifically for you. Therefore, it is important to be prompt and honor the schedule.


Please read the schedule before your visit - if you have any questions please contact Vivien Fritz, School Tours Coordinator 828-1411 vfritz@leg.state.vt.us


Late arrivals: If you are running late and will not arrive at the State House at the time indicated on your schedule please call the Sergeant-At-Arms 828-2228.


Early arrivals: If you are early please divide into groups, if appropriate, and proceed to the first location on your schedule.


Behavior: Teachers should instruct their students that they are visiting a place of business and to behave appropriately: no shouting, running or pushing, no food or beverages, no gum, no hats, no touching State House furnishings or objects.

Teachers - please review these rules with your chaperones.


Buses & arrival: The bus drop-off is at the top of Gov. Aiken Avenue, located on the west side of the State House. Buses should pull over to the right side to allow vehicles to pass on the left. School busses can park in the Department of Labor parking lot off Memorial Drive.


Please do not stop on State Street to drop students off. It is not safe. Even if your first tour is at the Supreme Court or the VHS museum please have your driver bring you to Gov. Aiken Avenue.


If the State House tour is the first thing on your schedule a tour guide will meet you when you arrive.

If your first tour is at the Supreme Court or the Vermont History Museum please proceed to either of these buildings by walking along the pathways across the front of the State House. The main entrances to the Supreme Court and the Museum are both on State Street. The Supreme Court is the first building after the State House and the museum is housed in the first floor of the Pavilion building next door.

The Handicap entrance to both these buildings is through the Pavilion Building main entrance on Gov. Davis Avenue.


If your schedule shows you dividing into groups and going to different locations on your arrival please be sure to do so as you get off the bus. Keep your coats and bags with you as you move from building to building.


The State House:

If the State House is the first stop on your schedule, please enter the State House via the West side door. The "Handicap" entrance is at the rear of the building on the West side. There are signs showing the way.

Restrooms are on the left as you enter the West hallway.

The Sergeant-At-Arms' office is just off the lobby. If you are not met by a tour guide please go to this office.

If you a coming to the State House from the Supreme Court or the Vermont Historical Society museum please enter the State House via the East side door.


Backpacks and Coats: When the State House coatroom is open (November to May) backpacks, coats and lunches can be left in the coat room, against the right-hand wall as you enter the room. If the coat room is not available bags and coats etc. can be left under one of the stairwells in the first floor lobby.


The Supreme Court: If you are visiting the Supreme Court everyone must pass through a metal detector in order to get into the building. Please have everyone metal free before you arrive at the building in order to save time.


Two final notes:


We cannot guarantee a State House Tour with a tour guide if your group is more than 15 minutes late. You may tour the building using a brochure (obtained from the office of the Sergeant-At-Arms). Please note that you, as the leader of the group, are responsible for your group's behavior.


Your group should go to your next event at the time shown on the schedule. We're sorry but, due to the volume of visitors and scheduling restrictions, we cannot adjust the schedule on the day of your visit.




Thank you - your School Tours coordinator

Vivien Fritz