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March 2012
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:: March in Review
:: April Calendar
:: Dine Arounds are Still Available
:: Special Olympics Snowshoe Team
Rug Braiding with Delsie Greetings!
March did fly by and the warm weather made
 it very pleasant. The events and activities
 were non-stop! Enjoy the pictures and articles. 

There are many amazing things we are
 doing at ZP and if you think you would
like to be a part of it, give us a call.
Maybe you would like to help our participants
 braid rugs, or make costumes for our play,
 or do you like to clean? We can help you out!
If it is gardening you have been wanting to do,
 come over and we can help you!  Are you a chef,
 come show us your stuff. Would you like to attend one of our fundraising Dine Around Events?
 Give us a call and we will mail out a catalog. Have a great April and we hope to see you soon.
Dail Frates

Executive Director

March In Review 

Sing Along
We began March with our ZP Sing Along
 at the Town Hall Theater and it was great event.
If you were not there to join in the fun we
 hope to make it a yearly community event. 
Andy Carpenter surprised the audience with a flash mob!

Student Council
Every month Woodstock Elementary Student
Council comes to Zack's Place to help with a
 project. We love them!
Angel comes and does team building skills with
 her Music Movement class.
Warm weather
Who needs to go south? The warm weather
was a welcome bonus at ZP!
Climbing Wall
Erin likes to just hang out at  the climbing wall
climbing 2
Lindsey is can climb the walls sometimes!
Click here to download a printable calendar



~ April 2012 ~


Sched changes







Shauna-Working Thursday 9:30A-3:30P




10A-Washington DC project making a plan

12:30PM Lunch

1:30PM Knitting

3:15PM Yoga W/Tita



10A-Working on the Washington DC trip Developing a Plan

1PM-Fun Walk

2PM-4PM Braiding rugs with Delsie.

4:15P-Reading W/ Meme, Jessa picking out the book


10A- Writing letters for the Washington DC Trip

1PM-Delivering Posters With Martha

3:15P Music Movement W/ Angel



ZP visiting State House bus Leaves at 9:30A-Return at 3:30P

Reading at 4:00PM W/ Jim Sadwith


10A-Working on Greeting Card inventory

1PM-Making Birthday Calendar with Shauna

3:00PM Theater Program Western Musical




Martha 1-3 Thurs 12th


10:00am Walking to Billings Farm to meet with David Miles for the new garden Program



3:15PM Yoga W/Tita

4:15P Reading With Anthea


10A-finishing up and Mailing letters for Washington DC


1PM-Fun Walk

2PM-4PM Braiding rugs with Delsie

4:15P Tom Wright Reading


10A-Greeting Card Program Inventory


1PM-Delivering Posters With Martha

3:15PM Music Movement W/ Angel



10A- Working on the Washington DC trip Pricing and ideas for Fundraising

1PM-Culinary Day with Hannah

3:00PM Clay project with Cristina Salusti

4:00PM W/ Jim Sadwith


10A-Super Hero Day at Lynne Shortledges House

12:15P Swimming with Community Classroom / Bari Teaching water aerobics

3:00PM Theater Program Western Musical




Martha-Mon-12-5p Tues-12-3P





10A-Movie Morning




3:15PM Yoga W/ Tita

4:15P Linwood Thompson reading Lindsey picking out the book


10:00A- Group support Day

12:30P Lunch

1PM-fun Walk

3:15P Montshire Musuem coming parachute

4:15P Reading with Dan Jantos


10A-Deliver the Pentangle Posters With Shauna

12:00PM Bowling Day

3:15P Music Movement W/ Angel



10A- Follow up day on Washington DC

1PM-Culinary Day with Hannah

3:00PM- Making Candles with Hannah


10A-Selling Cards in front of the Library with Shauna

1PM Visit the Copelands

3:00PM Theater Program Western Musical







10:00am Walking to Billings Farm to meet with David Miles for the new garden Program


1PM-Knitting 3:15PM Yoga W/ Tita

Reading With Anthea


10A-Window Washers Hypertherm


3:00PM Carl Hurd coming for Game Day


10A- Planting a Garden with Hypertherm


1PM-Delivering Posters With Martha

3:15P Making Props for the Musical with Student Council

4:15P Reading with Phil Swanson/ Jessa picking out the book


10A-Planting a garden with Hypertherm


1PM-Culinary Day with Hannah

3:00PM Cooking with Kate Miller

4:15PM W/ Jim Sadwith



10A-Cleaning the outside of the building with Hypertherm


12:15P Swimming / Bari Teaching water aerobics

3:00PM Theater Program Western Musical






10A-Business Day Greeting Card project


1PM-Knitting w/ Rene

3:15P Yoga with Tita



Dail- Mon-Fri 10A-6P

Shauna-Mon, Wed, Fri-10a-5P

Martha-Wed 12n-5P

Hannah Tues, Thurs, Fri 10A-5P


See changes to this schedule on the left

More Calendars: May 2012, Jun 2012, Jul 2012


The Zack's Place Dine Around Events still have some availability!

We have 6 events that are still available but space is limited so sign up soon see below for more information on each event: To sign up for any of these events: Click on this link 

1. Tour De Zack a Biking Event
Click here to download a poster of the Tour De Zack Biking Event
The Tour De Zack is a sponsored Bike Tour through the scenic Upper Valley ending up at the Connecticut River. All entries get a bike jersey and enjoy a beautiful dinner party on the river. Transportation back to Woodstock is provided. 
To sign up for this incredible event click here. 

Tiki Lounge Pool Party at The Blue Horse Inn

The owners of Woodstock's newest Inn open their doors to Zack's Place and the
community for a rocking hot summer pool party and cookout. 
The Blue Horse Inn will fire up their grills and introduce themselves to you with a splash - literally!
Dance to the music of the Beach Boys as you enjoy this
evening of a tropical oasis in the Green Mountains. 

3. Wine & Cheese Night

Wine and Cheese in the Foothills of Vermont...'till the Cows Come Home!

 Foodies and wine aficionados, Mike and Lucille McCarthy, invite you to their beautiful
home in Woodstock for an iconic LocalVore cocktail party. Sample locally sourced
foods and wines from neighboring farms, wineries and breweries. 
Some of the local products are Boyden Valley Winery, Lincoln Park Winery, Switchback Brewing Co.,
Thistle Hill Farm Cheese and Vermont Farmstead Cheese and many more. 
Enjoy the evening with friends as you share the fields with neighboring cows grazing peacefully in the sunset. 
Pure Vermont!


Texas Hold 'em


Put on your cowboy boots, grab your lucky charm and hitch up your rig!
The Wild West comes to Woodstock for a no-limit poker tournament and legendary Texas Barbecue.  
Join us in this 200 year old barn in South Woodstock for live music, ice cold Texas beer and wine. 
This will be an exciting night of dining, dancing and good old time poker. 
This tournament welcomes beginners to more experienced players and will offer a ˝ hour tutorial early in the evening. 
Play or watch (but really, PLAY!) to see who gets to the final table.  Prizes awarded to the top three finishers. 


Dining with History

Dining with History:  Past and Repast in Woodstock

The Woodstock Historical Society along with caterer extraordinaire, Jill Hastings, are merging their resources and their talents for a one-of- a-kind evening at the Dana House Museum.  Join them for an authentic 1800s period dinner complete with chamber music and costumes.  Tour the house and enjoy canapés in the gallery. Then sit down to a plated dinner in the library. Explore the hallowed halls of this spectacular old home as you are transported back to another place in time. 


Carols & Cocktails

Carols & Cocktails On The Green


Everyone loves singing carols around a piano with a warm fire roaring nearby. 
Once again, Wassail Weekend is enhanced by this festive evening in the Stickney's barn. 

Gather around The Green and spend a special holiday night singing favorite songs,
eating warm foods and toasting to old friends.





More March Pictures 
Making a group rug

Recycling fabrics for the rug
Michelle climbing
Michelle can climb too!
Fred's Boston Redsox Tree for the Business Program
We exercised, we cooked, we travelled,
 we sang and danced and sometimes
we just hung out. 


The Zack's Place Snowshoe

Special Olympics

Team was a Huge Success


This years Special Olympics events brought Zack's Place participants to a new level of accomplishment. Some might say the highlight of the day was when our snowshoe team won the bronze, silver, and gold in one event, but the truth is the whole day was filled with success. Spirits were high, everyone was focused and prepared, teammates were supportive and encouraging to one another, and every single one of the ZP team gave their all. It is always wonderful to see the results of hard work, and even more importantly the friendships with one another, each others families, and the community. Many thanks to our very special coach, Kate Kardashian, who always leads by example in sharing her gifts and talents with us.

Next year we may have a ski team, too!

 Getting the Gold!
Tanner and Jessa
Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy April and we will connect with you soon.


Dail Frates
Zack's Place