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Mar. 19th, 2014    

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Numerous Cosmic Updates

In a hurry? Pay particular attention to Updates #3 and #4!

Update #1: Several people did not understand something quite important about the synchronizing metronome video I shared in my last article entitled "Cosmic Fun! Physics of Oneness." So maybe there are more who also did not understand...

The misunderstanding was about the platform moving under the metronomes. Some thought it was being moved by some external force versus being moved by the metronomes themselves. Click here to view a similar but different video by Harvard Natural Science Demonstrations that allows you to see this effect much better. Only 4 metronomes in this one, and not really cool colored ones, but you get to see the whole picture how this works quite a bit better.

Update #2: The Long-Wave Galactic Pulse that the Metatronic Councils of Light previously indicated would be extending through mid-March or early April has now been confirmed to be with us until slightly after the March Equinox. The recent full moon in conjunction with the equinox is forming the end of this Dragon's Tail so to speak. We will, however, be working with the energies it imprinted here for quite some time! More to come...

Update #3: Have you felt more tired and challenged since late December 2013? There are a couple of reasons for this aside from all the astrological alignments challenging us to be all we can be.

The Long-Wave Galactic Pulse is one of these reasons, it has been initiating excavations deep within the collective consciousness to reconcile dysfunctional patterns with energy forms that resonate more directly with the original archetypes they were given birth from. So for many of us a lot of our energy has been engaged at that level not leaving as much available for other things.

Another reason is that in late December 2013 our Sun reversed its magnetic field indicating the mid-point of Solar Cycle 24 had arrived. Since this reversal the Sun's magnetic field is now in alignment with the Earth's magnetic field once again. It changes about every 11 years.

Why is this important? Fairly recent scientific discoveries in 2008 from data derived from the THEMIS spacecraft found that when the Sun's magnetic field is aligned with the Earth's that as much as 20 times the number of solar charged particles and amount of solar plasma can enter our magnetosphere (reference article)!

This increase of solar particles in our geomagnetic environment will intensify geomagnetic storms... and most spiritually aware people are now aware of how this in turn affects our physical, psychological and emotional health and well-being. However, these solar particles also have direct effects in interacting with our physiology as well.

The Metatronic Councils of Light indicate that these solar charged particles and other solar and extra-solar cosmic particles and rays can change the way ionic flows and exchanges occur in our body as they pass through us.

That is a big topic, but everything in our physiology is based on ionic flows and exchanges, without them being in the right balance stable life does not exist! So disruption of  various metabolic pathways that provide us with essential life force energies can and does occur as our exposure to these cosmic charged particles increases.

Update #4: Karen and I have started having experiences with the group of High-Sidhe (shee) Maia wrote about many years ago called the Ophira.

On Christmas Eve 2013 a strong wind storm knocked over two trees here on the property.   One of these was a double tree joined right near the ground. Oddly enough it did not go down in the direction of the wind gust as usual, but rather split with one half going one direction and the other half going directly the opposite direction. Both halves thus fell 90 degrees to the direction of the wind gust!

This opened up a large long slit in the ground right between the base of the two tree trunks. Karen had always felt the double tree represented the Goddesses legs opening skyward to embrace Father Sky. After this beautiful tree went down The Goddess was wide open to receive the cosmic seed from Father Sky!

There was a palpable energy shift that occurred here on the land with this event. I had received that it was part of a larger portal or something that was opening. Then later in January during the period Maia defined as being when the Sacred An/Ark was being moved, Karen and I had a visitation.

I did not know who or what it was at first, but our bedroom filled with effervescent light and golden sparkly particles. My body was so full of energy I was in ecstasy and felt immense joy for quite some time.

Then I became aware that the Ophira were here! I had interacted with the Ophira back in 1998 when Maia and I and some others worked with one of the 12 Ophira Gates in Glen Lyon, Scotland. That was more of a remote telepathic interaction though, whereas this was a full-on body experience in their immediate presence! Well, there is much to share in another article about all that is happening with the Ophira and their 12 Gates now.

For the purpose of this update I'll simply say that after the upcoming March Equinox, 4 Ophira Gates of the 12 will have been re-opened. Also, each Ophira Gate has 12 sub-gates or major portals around it that form part of an etheric web (thus 144 sub-gates).

When all 12 primary Ophira Gates have been re-opened with their associated 144 sub-gates or portals at some time in the future, they will then form 12 dodecahedral type domes of light that together will completely cover the entire Earth. I have been shown thise energetically in a vision, and it is breathtakingly radiant and stunningly beautiful!

I had been informed by the Ophira that visited us in late January that they were opening a major sub-gate or portal in our area (Cornwall - southwest England) soon. Then I learned it was in an area known as Bodmin Moor near water and that it will be fully energized as we pass through the upcoming March Equinox.

Karen and I visited a place called Golitha Falls on the Fowey River a couple of weeks ago. We were looking for this portal. It was truly magical there, and I was able to contact the Ophira from there but they were further up near the head waters of the Fowey. They sent a group of beings they called Star-Sidhe to visit us though, and oh my are they playful and fun... more on them in a bit!

Last week, I had finally dialed in on where one of the 12 sub-gates or portals of the Glen Lyon, Scotland Ophira Gate was. The Ophira were in the process of re-energizing that portal in this area. It exists in the area of Rough Tor (pronounced Row Tor) and Bronn Wennily Tor (commonly called Brown Willy).

Karen and I went there and climbed both Tors, which was a rather strenuous endeavor as it turned out. There is a large crystal vein deep in the Earth below the valley between the two Tors. Rough Tor forms the emitter for its energies, and Bronn Wennily is the grounding anchor for the energies being emitted to loop them back into the Earth returning them to the deep crystal vein. This portal is thus somewhat of a triangular shaped energy structure, but one with somewhat rounded sides.

So we were hiking down from top of Rough Tor heading into the valley bottom to cross a stream and climb up the other side to the top of Bronn Wennily. Then suddenly there was an immense energy shift.

I stopped dead in my tracks, closed my eyes, and a radiant being appeared to me and said her name was Mgyr (muh-gear). She was an Ophira being... and OMG her energy was so high and beautiful, like being embraced by the Feminine Christ!

She welcomed us into her portal as she is the overseer of that one. She did a sparkly blessing on our sacred union and seemed happy we were there.

She related many things in a hologram very quickly then faded leaving me with the distinct impression we were going to be working more with Mygr. She was literally burned into my neurons, I can still see/feel her vividly.

I did a pencil sketch afterward of Mygr then gave it a bit of a quick Photoshop treatment to make it more visible.

This is the image which you see to the left (click it for larger version).

Her hair was platinum white and very long, wrapping down around her body, which was all light really, no arms or legs or anything I could see.

She was adorned in wavering robes of light, sort of like when you look at something through heat waves above the pavement in summer. The colors in her body/robes was pale green, gold and white, VERY radiant white!

She was emitting radiant particles and seemed to also be drawing them to her from out of the Universe as well, therefore she was surrounded by a dazzling misty cloud of them. So exquisite...

All I know right now is that there is some important future work we will be doing with Mygr and the Ophira, perhaps also the Star-Sidhe. The Star-Sidhe are actually ensouled beings whio usually work through human type forms.

They have been coming into High-Sidhe forms on Earth in droves I learned. I have seen them twice now as geometric sparkling lights that have rays emitting from them. They sort of buzz you and tickle you with their light rays then shoot off!

The Ophira told me that they are working with the Star-Sidhe to help them assimilate the wisdom of the Ancient Ones so it can be carried forth into a new reality construct. The Ancient Ones love them, and the Star-Sidhe are trying to understand why the Ancient Ones can seem so serious at times... haha!

One interaction I had with them, went sort of like this: they were flitting about tickling us and I had a memory arise of something heavy that had occurred and which had been a pattern. They surrounded me and the energy I felt from them was like, "why would you ever want to do THAT!"

That energy was so free, joyful and delightful that I felt that entire pattern completely dissolve right then and there... so there is also an immense healing potential in interacting and playing with these Star-Sidhe beings!

In any event, Karen and I are loving the idea of going to play with them again now, and maybe we will organize something to take others with to play along with us at times!

Let us know if you are interested!

That is it for now!

click image, go online click image again for large version - my gift!

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