Video/PDF: Ori'Ba - I AM Infinite Love     
March 6, 2014   

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Oneness Love La'kina Transmission Ori'Ba ~ I AM Infinite Love
Pure Love Embracing Everything


This is the third transmission in our friend and 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's Universal Soul Songs series! It is the 22nd transmission in her Oneness Love La'kina transmissions! This transmission also completes the Universal Soul Song Series. I am was just informed by Shi'Ra that there are only three of these. 


There will be a fourth transmission coming next which works with all three Universal Soul Songs as an integral process, then we will be taken upon yet another new journey into deeper states of Oneness Love with Shi'Ra!


You will need to read the PDF to get the preliminary awareness imparted by Shi'Ra which then sets the stage for the pure energy transmission in the video meditation.



This video uses several fractal animations which I have created after many hours of practice and technical hoopla. 


I am so very pleased with these, and learning what I have allows me to be even more effective at embedding light-encoded patterns, colors and frequencies into these videos as I work with Shi'Ra. The image above-left is but a small static example from just one these amazing fractal animations in this new Ori'Ba transmission video!


I am also giving you a truly beautiful inspiring  hi-res (1600 x 900) download of that image on the Ori'Ba viewing/download page in  the La'kina Member Portal as well!


Of course the addition of the background sounds that fuerther enhance this Universal Soul Song transmission make it a highly multi-dimensional experience!


I LOVED working on this transmission despite the fact I faced a number of technological hurdles to be surmounted to head in this new direction and I had to switch over to a new computer in the midst of it all which added considerably to the effort as you can imagine.


As you know from previous announcements, we are now using Vimeo to deliver our new videos so that we have the advantage of their tech team and hi-tech true streaming delivery system. 


There are also various download versions available in MP4 which will cover all devices and capabilities and they were created using Vimeo's excellent codec algorithms so they look and sound good for everyone too!


As always I make the PDF download available to everyone. In fact, the video is available to everyone as well, all you need to do is subscribe to my Main Member Portal and that portal has an honorary option.


I know you will get a great deal out of the PDF, but the video is an entirely different type of experience that I truly encourage you to engage if you are not already doing so. Starting with this Universal Soul Song Series of video transmissions, you REALLY owe it to yourself to have a watch and take this energy into your being!


If you are already subscribed as a Portal Member at any level you can login and view this video right now! Not a member yet? Subscribe here.


ALL of the past Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions are also available to be experienced in video and PDF form in the La'kina Member Portal any time you wish to engage them. 


Quite a few people tell me they are guided to re-visit these previous transmissions and that they get a whole new octave of understanding and experience each time that they do.


This is what happens when a multi-dimensional energy and higher consciousness field is present in association with something. It does not have a ceiling on it and it grows with you.


Below is a list of the currently available transmissions in the Oneness Love La'kina transmissions archive, 21 in all now to be exact! That is a LOT of higher-dimensional energy, consciousness and activation. It represents a very deep dedication on my part to keep producing them and to continue offering them with honorary subscription options.


This is literally a powerhouse collection of higher dimensional energy and consciousness! I hope you join us!

  • Universal Soul Songs Series
  • Transitional Between Series Transmissions

    • June 2013 Transcendental Transitions

  • Supra-Akashic Living Light-Form Transmissions

    • May 2013 - Kimah Hulae (Serendipitous Surrender)

    • Apr. 2013 - Yadi Orna (Philocallous Power)

    • Mar. 3013 - Arya Anash (Honorable Humility)

    • Feb. 2013 - Inivi Ora (Ubiquitous Unity)

    • Jan. 2013 - Zana Exalta (Amaranthine Grace)

    • Dec. 2012 - Lurae Wanah (Incomprehensible Compassion)

    • Nov. 2012 - Isha Temet (Unequivocal Truth)

    • Oct. 2012 - Altima Vera (Inimitable Authenticity)

    • Sept. 2012 - Oreus Mandi (Courageous Self-Love)

  • Universal Life-Streams Transmissions

    • 08:08:12 - Zir'Ra'Ta (Honey/Bumble Bee)

    • 07:07:12 - Nir'Ti'Si (Dragon/Damselfly)

    • 06:12:12 - Ir'Bin'i (Butterfly)

    • 05:05:12 - Kre'Mem'O'Ka (Koala)

    • 04:04:12 - La'Di'Pa'Da (Leopard)

    • 03:03:12 - Ang'La'Ja (Hummingbird)

    • 02:02:12 - Ra'Ka'Na (Lotus)

    • 01:01:12 - Ma'Se Ha'Na'Me (Rose)

    • 12:12:11 - La'Ve Ni'Ah (Lavender)

Again, while we truly need and appreciate your love-offering support, but if you do not have the means or you just wish to try our Member Portals on for size, all these transmissions above are available on an honorary basis, be committed and subscribe here.



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