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Forever Love Blissings ,

Some Announcements First!


Apologies these announcements below are not as timely as I would like. My immigration process and subsequent and move to the UK has taken precedent of late! In 5 days, I fly one-way to UK, then settling and stabilizing in my new home with Karen Ani'Ra comes next!


1) Maia Kyi'Ra is now using Vimeo private access for delivering her videos and I may be switching over to this delivery method as well for 2014.  


Vimeo delivers video to many different platforms and devices quite effectively, requires less server storage space on my server, and saves us both a considerable amount of time making it more viable to continue offering what we do. Older videos will continue to be offered as they were originally, at least for now.


2) On Sept. 21, 2013 Maia Kyi'Ra released a video entitled "Jewel of the Sphinx" (requires Kyi'Ra or Universalis Member access, subscribe here) which is available in her Kyi'Ra Member Portal ONLY.


3) On Nov. 16, 2013 Maia Kyi'Ra released a video entitled "Pyramidis Radius 101" (requires Kyi'Ra or Universalis Member access, subscribe here) which is also available in her Spirit Store as a one-off purchase.


4) I would normally have released the webinar video for the 6th Sacred Tone Phi'Maat, Balancing Love (info) to the general public with free video access back in September, but due to the many profound changes happening in my life I have not had time to do the several hours worth of website updating to accomplish this yet. However, you can access this video if you wish by clicking here (video).


In preparation for the upcoming 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness webinar transmission you may wish to go back through and engage the transmissions for the previous 1st-6th Sacred Tones, and in particular the 6th Sacred Tone Phi'Maat.


5) The site security certificate expired on Cosmic Consciousness Online 11/21/13 because the new Hostgator system failed to notify me it was expiring like it usually does. I am in the process of getting the new one installed, if you get any errors about this that is why.


If you get pages that display a white background and you cannot see the text this is also causing that problem. If you use the Firefox browser you can get by this problem for now by selecting "View>Page Style>No Style" then you will have to scroll down a ways to read the page content.  


6) Between Nov. 26th and Dec. 2nd I will have limited internet access. If you try to contact me about something and I do not respond in my usual timely manner this is why. 


That's it, on to the new article below and I'll next be communicating with you from my new home with Karen Ani'Ra in the UK!!!




Unity Consciousness, Bridge to Oneness


The terms unity consciousness and oneness are often used interchangeably. While they are closely related there is a difference which is not well-understood.


Oneness is a pure state of being which everything in the "Creation" emerges from. Unity consciousness is a harmonic bridge between the vast diversity and complexity of the manifest realms of consciousness light, energy and matter, and the pure state of oneness.


Oneness is therefore beyond the concept of inter-connectedness which unity consciousness is based upon. It is our ultimate goal to experience states of pure oneness by developing unity consciousness, which is our bridge.


That right there is a LOT to ponder and explore. It represents a MAJOR expansion in higher-awareness. If we make no distinction between oneness and unity consciousness then it is far more difficult to consciously build our harmonic bridge of unity consciousness.  


The reason for this is that if our model does not recognize oneness as a pure state of being as our goal, and unity consciousness as our means of achieving that goal, then we will be working to achieve the means to our goal as the goal itself. That is a truncated reality.


It is still valuable to work on developing unity consciousness under such circumstances, but if we really wish to be effective and accelerate our process we truly need this expansion in awareness.


I will be speaking a great deal more on the nature of unity consciousness and the pure state of oneness which is our true nature in the 12:13:13 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness webinar transmission!


I will also be speaking about 3 Keys to Unity Consciousness that the Metatronic Councils of Light have defined for us. We will also do a very powerful short process with these 3 Keys as part of our preparation for the main meditational portion of the transmission. They are also tools you can use over and again and I'll provide a PDF with this process in written form along with the video after the event concludes. 


There is also a new transmission modality going to be used in the main meditational portion of the Ona'Ba transmission. This transmission is about unity consciousness and oneness, so the Metatronic Councils of Light wished to facilitate it by collectively speaking and working through the Universal Archetype of Ona'Ba.


It is an interesting experience channeling energy and consciousness in this way, and I'm sure that this more complete holographic energy form will be felt profoundly by all who truly engage it with their hearts!


More info and registration links below...




click image, go online click image again for large version - my gift!
12:13:13 Ona'Ba ~ Dove of Oneness
7th Sacred Tone Activation
Planetary, Collective & Personal Unification
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Webinar
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess  Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na  

Friday December 13th, 2013
@ 6pm London, UK Time
10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST, 6pm UTC 
To convert: change "Algeria" to your location and click green button!
app. 90-120 mins.

Can't make the live event? Register and get video access!




This activation is the seventh and final transmission that is coordinating with and facilitating a very sacred work with the Metatronic Councils of Light.


Previous Sacred Tone Activation/Sounding Transmissions from the 2012 Fractal Line:

As you can see, this series of transmissions I have been facilitating began back on 11:11:11 and concludes with this last transmission on 12:13:13. I'd like to share a bit of personal back story that relates...


I had no idea all what would transpire in my life during the period of time defined by the 7 Sacred Tones when it all began... like OMG! For those of you who have been with us for awhile you may recall that 11:11:11 was the first webinar that my soul mate Karen Ani'Ra officially co-facilitated with me.


Now, for the final 7th Sacred Tone of Ona'Ba we are married (if you are new to this list click here for wedding photos and video)! If Divine Providence prevails, I will be living in UK with her so we can co-facilitate this last transmission together in-person from our home together! Hold that intention with us in your heart!


Considering that this 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba is the energy of the Dove of Oneness, that feels rather profound! Tears of joy well up as I embrace this sacred movement of energy that we have surfed together as soul mates and also with you the last few years.


In fact, this movement of energy and consciousness actually began with the 9th Wave of Universal Consciousness back in March of 2011. Karen Ani'Ra was in Egypt when that work began. She had emailed me saying she would not be in the Zenhidron Transmission webinar but would be connecting in with our group work from Egypt. It was then directly after that in April 2011 that Karen Ani'Ra and I connected in a relationship sense.


Look at your own life... are there any synchronicities with the timing of this 7 Sacred Tones energy and consciousness movement? If so, please share them with us (hit reply)!


Back to the main theme...


With the sounding/activation of the 7th Sacred Tone, Ona'Ba ~ Dove of Oneness, we will have all the harmonics needed within our new 7 Planetary Master Seals' programming for them to all be unified. The unification of these recently installed New Earth Master Programs so they all work together in harmony means they will have access to their full power in the greater field of oneness.


This will in turn initiate the next phase of unification of the 7 chakras within the human bio-energy field and then the unification of the entire human collective.


Have you ever had the experience of thinking one thing but feeling something else? Or of having two or more inner voices in conflict with one another? This is very common on Earth. This simply cannot happen once all 7 chakras are operating in a properly unified manner!


Having our bio-energy systems unified in this way will also cause "collective unified bridging" dynamics to then propagate in an accelerated manner. Collective unified bridging is what occurs when two human bio-systems that are unified within themselves harmonically inter-connect so they are operating together in a unified manner. This does NOT require conscious intent and interaction, but can be enhanced by it.


This does not eliminate individuality either. It rather brings the unique gifts we each have to the fore to serve for the benefit of all beings, including ourselves. I will be speaking more about all of this in this upcoming 7th Sacred Tone webinar transmission.


This unification of the 7 Planetary Master Programs and the 7 chakras of the human bio-energy system is the foundation for the bio-integration of the new 9 Ray reality system we have (ref: the EL'Zohim transmission) and beyond. This in turn ties into the activation of the Pure Inscription of Light, for which there will be a new program forthcoming in 2014.


As we pass through 12:13:13 and the activation/sounding of the 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, all this work we have been doing for some years is then going to really consolidate and integrate within our human experience in some very real and powerful ways. The Metatronic Councils of Light have been reinforcing this to me over and again for the last few months. Yet, it is only now that I can really feel and sense it more than ever.


We will have an excellent opportunity in this 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba transmission to work with the Metatronic Councils of Light for the purpose of finalizing the unification of our 7 New Earth Planetary Master Programs and the 7 chakras in our own human bio-field which thereby sets a stronger foundation for the unification of the human collective.


As a result we can expect that our inner community of voices will become more akin to one strong aligned voice instead of a shouting dissonant crowd... our feelings and thoughts will become more harmonious with each other... the vital energy at our disposal will increase because there is less inner conflict using some of it up all the time... our awareness will expand on both the earthbound horizontal and cosmic vertical planes of reality... we will be much more in touch with our Soul-Self... as Soul-Self we are Pure Love and Awareness!


Come fly with us on the wings of the Dove of Oneness, Ona'Ba, straight into the heart of your Soul-Selfof Pure Love on 12:13:13!


As always, while your love-offerings are definitely needed and appreciated... this webinar transmission is open to everyone. 


If the lowest amount of sliding-scale love-offerings at link below is too much, click the "Alternative Access" link below the "Register" button. If the reduced sliding-scale love-offerings are still too much, click the "Honorary Access" link below that "Register" button!  


Register NOW! 



click image, go online click image again for large version - my gift!

Soul Genesis Matrix

Your Hologram of Soul Intent, Purpose & Function


View Sample Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Templates 

This session is a reading, a conscious activation, and a powerful transmission that is specific to your Soul's journey through life on Earth as YOU.


There is also a transmission regarding your Ma'Prema'TA (Mother) and Ja'Adna'TA (Father) crystals that were programmed by your soul.


What you relate to as the human YOU is the miraculous result of your Soul's Genesis Matrix within Ma'Prema'TA and Ja'Adna'TA forming the consciousness intent and mission for your current incarnation!


Read more and order...



P.S. this new Soul Genesis Matrix work is also related to the upcoming Pure Inscription of Light program! 



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