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Oneness Love La'kina Transmission A'Na Teh'Ru ~ I AM that I AM
Individuality, Oneness & Love


This is the first transmission in our friend and 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's new Universal Soul Songs series! It is the 20th transmission in her Oneness Love La'kina transmissions! I feel a somewhat electrifying feeling of excitement about this series in my heart!


I'll share a little personal story with you on this one... as I was tuning in to Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na to get the binaural beat brainwave entrainment frequency and she gave me 8.11 Hz, which is a low alpha state, I wondered why alpha instead of theta or even delta as is often the case.


Well, after this transmission was completed as a video and I watched it all the way through... I was completely gone at one point! I had dropped out and lost conscious awareness like I was falling asleep. Yet it felt quite different than falling off to sleep when I popped back. Then Karen Ani'Ra watched it and the same thing happened to her! So then I knew Shi'Ra was keeping the brainwave entrainment state up in the alpha state to keep us from going out too far!


Shi'Ra explained then that the combination of frequencies in the music she guided me to mix/create, the animated imagery she also guided me in creating, and then her words and higher-dimensional energy transmission all come together to induce a highly altered state which is conducive of further activating and deepening our conscious experience of what we refer to as our I AM that I AM... the mystery of our Pure Love being "individuating" within the Oneness!


The quality of the energy is sublimely refined in this transmission and I suspect that will be the case for all the transmissions in this new series. Instead of being like a powerful etheric thunderbolt of energy, it is more like being gently carried off on a 7D magic carpet that is gently undulating the greater dream as it flies away into the heart of your soul!


This new energy feels like the capstone to the 7D La'kina Temple we have been getting initiated into over the last 21 months... a capstone which is energetically being put in place now through this new series of transmissions!


I have also put a huge amount of time (literally hundreds of hours) into trying to perfect the delivery of videos on my website in the last several months. I am using a new HTML5 video player for this purpose. The last "Transcendental Transitions" La'kina transmission also used it, but many people had problems.  


I'll spare you the tech details, but these problems should be mostly resolved now although I am still working on getting it honed-in better for mobile devices. On Android devices you definitely want to use the Firefox browser. I need help from people with iOS devices to see what works best there.


The online streaming versions of the video using the new video player are somewhat lower resolutions than previous. They still look quite good though in full-screen even on larger monitors (mine is 23") due to some serious research I did into web video encoding!


For true hi-res viewing you can just download the 1280 x 720 MP4 at the link provided. If you are using a computer (versus mobile) you can also try the new option with a link for a 1280 x 720 webM video which gets played in the browser's own built-in player. This works quite well actually!


As always I make the PDF download available to everyone. In fact, the video is available to everyone as well, all you need to do is subscribe to my Main Member Portal and that portal has an honorary option.


I know you will get a great deal out of the PDF, but the video is an entirely different type of experience that I truly encourage you to engage if you are not already doing so.


If you are already subscribed as a Portal Member at any level you can login and view this video right now! Not a member yet? Subscribe here.


ALL of the past Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions are also available to be experienced in video and PDF form in the La'kina Member Portal anytime you wish to engage them. Quite a few people tell me they are guided to re-visit these previous transmissions and that they get a whole new octave of understanding and experience when they do.


This is what happens when a multi-dimensional energy and higher consciousness field is present in association with something. It does not have a ceiling on it and it grows with you.


Below is a list of the currently available transmissions in the Oneness Love La'kina transmissions archive, 20 in all now to be exact! That is a LOT of higher-dimensional energy, consciousness and activation. It represents a very deep dedication on my part to keep producing them and to continue offering them with honorary subscription options.


As an example this last video required about 65 hours worth of time and effort to produce and to make available online, and this is not counting the time I have put in getting the video delivery method sorted out!


This is literally a feast of higher dimensional energy and consciousness! I hope you join us at the Emerald Table for a bit of an enlightenment feast!

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    • 12:12:11 - La'Ve Ni'Ah (Lavender)

Again, while we truly need and appreciate your love-offering support, but if you do not have the means or you just wish to try our Member Portals on for size, all these transmissions above are available on an honorary basis, be committed and subscribe here.



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