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Oneness Greetings! 

A couple quick announcements... then on to the article!

1) Maia just made her Life Pulse Mandala energy-art set with their accompanying  PDFs available for download within her Kyi'Ra Member Portal. Click here - requires Kyi'Ra or Universalis Member access login - subscribe here.

You can also still access these in Maia's Spirit Store, click here.

2) I am working on the first of the new Oneness Love La'kina transmission series videos! This new series is entitled the "Universal Soul Songs" series. The title of the first transmission is:

A'Na Teh'Ru
I AM that I AM
Individuality, Oneness and Love

Hoping to have the video and PDFs ready for sometime this weekend because I am being called for Jury Duty as of Monday!!! Like OMG, in the middle of preparing for my wedding too!


Cosmic Cycles

Love, Service & Inner Peace



So much is unfolding so fast right now! I'm taking just a moment from the busy-ness of preparing for the wedding within a highly accelerated movement of energy to share something special with you!  


BTW, Karen Ani'Ra and I are getting married September 7th, 2013 if you have not heard yet! For previous announcements, click here and scroll down to "Standard Articles." 


Many revelations about the cosmic and celestial energy waves we are surfing has been revealing itself to us! Keep in mind, we did not sit down and figure this all out and plan our wedding date according to it all.  


We rather tuned into what seemed to resonate and flow with what we were feeling inside of ourselves. Now we are coming into a conscious awareness of what cosmic energies truly underlie these feelings we tuned into. I love how it works when we really listen to our inner voice!


First, I must say that Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na did tell us that we were riding the crest of a galactic energy pulse which began back right after the Magdalene Starseeds transmission occurred followed by the 6th Sacred Tone of Phi'Maat being sounded/activated. This galactic energy pulse will last until around February of 2014. These are fairly long wave energy pulses Shi'Ra is speaking of and they embed quite expansive awareness and love within them.


I also now know that this specific galactic energy pulse is very integrally involved with the whole dynamic the Metatronic Councils of Light referred to early in 2013 as this being a "Year of Divine Grace." This galactic energy pulse is serving to release all that does not really matter and take us into what our hearts really desire to be experiencing. Letting go of all the fears that have limited us from experiencing what our hearts desire most is the key.


My friend and colleague Cayelin Castell of Celestial Timings and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and her colleague Lauren Jubelirer wrote the following as a prelude to the August Celestial Timings about this dynamic of Grace which they also witness in the alignments of the stars and planets right now!


Cayelin K Castell from the  Your Living Blueprint™ Tele-class July 8, 2013:  


Grace is all around us and within all of creation, all of life, all of the time, yet we are not always open to receiving it. The Grand Water Trine is supporting us to be open to receive that grace allowing it to flow into us and through us so that grace is filling up every part of who we are, while also filling every part of the Earth.


Lauren Jubelirer From the Your Living Blueprint™  Tele-class July 8, 2013:


...remember to hold the intention (while feeling the feelings)

or to just be aware of...something else wanting to move in...that something is grace...


(it is)...this love opening us up and raising our vibration and activating a frequency so that our consciousness can shift. This is designed to be an experience where we do really know and feel and understand we're connected: we're connected to each other, we are connected to the Earth, we are connected to this love that's breathing us and living us and that love is what's real and everything that's being cleared right now is being cleared for us to be able to experience this more and more.


That is a brief synopsis of the galactic energy pulse and the element of Divine Grace being presented by the cosmos in earnest this year. However, there is a lot more sychronizing with our journey as Karen and I are discovering. The Mayan Solar Glyph energy of Ajpu is very special to Karen Ani'Ra and I. Our wedding date of September 7th is 4 Ajpu, and the last time 4 Ajpu occurred was on the Galactic Solstice Portal of 12:21:12 where the 5th Sacred Tone Lys'Na, Gathering of Light was sounded and activated!


That was also the first webinar Karen Ani'Ra and I did where we were actually together physically while we facilitated it! This 4 Ajpu is an integrative and stable type of energy... in a sense Heaven and Earth coming together in balance! The metes and bounds of the fabric of reality on Earth being calibrated and re-calibrated by the higher Solar Logos, Deities and Illuminaries that guide the Earth!  


On September 7th, 2013 Karen Ani'Ra and I will join our hearts in sacred union to help integrate, re-calibrate and anchor the Magical Heart of Joy and Forever Oneness Love on Earth!


I did not know it until Karen Ani'Ra had left and returned home to the UK in early January 2012, but she had come prepared on that visit last December with the documentation that she felt she needed to actually be married to me here in Colorado!  


She had been guided to do this, not knowing if it were going to really happen or if there was some other purpose in it. Instead of the actual wedding taking place then though, a higher level 7th dimensional sacred marriage took place which was initiated spontaneously by Shi'Ra through me! I was blown away when Karen told me later she had come prepared to actually be married!


Additionally, from 4 Ajpu (12/21/12) to 4 Ajpu (9/7/13) is a 260 day cycle. The Mayan Tzolkin is a 260 day cycle! To be clear, the traditional Tzolkin rounds do not start with 4 Ajpu, but rather 1 Imix.  


However, the 260 day cycle is significant and represents gestation -- 9 months is app. 270 days and Wikipedia lists the human gestation period as 259 - 294 days meaning we will usually go through at least one full Tzolkin round in the womb before we are born! The 260 day Tzolkin cycle is also a harmonic related to the cycle of Venus' movement in the sky from being an evening star to a morning star (258 days).


Karen and I are also now discovering that there is a lot of astrological energy present here in August 2013 that is about sacred conscious equal partnership leading us into September. Cayelin and Lauren also summed up this energy which is happening right now nicely in this further quote from their "Your Living Blueprint™  Tele-class":


Lauren: ....Remember, this is all about revolutionary energy, patterns being disrupted, new energy coming in and transformational change. So that is being really activated now as you can see with world events and your own lives.


Cayelin: What's really great is, with all this Cancer energy, if we're able to tune into this Water energy and the nurturing, compassionate, caring energy of Cancer, it may help us to more easily navigate some of the intensity of the disruptive energy of the Uranus Pluto square.


Although, Jupiter in Cancer is expanding whatever has been going on. That is why we see the protests happening around the world are getting bigger now, demanding better conditions for all of Earth's people.


Lauren: And as the dislocation of these old structures continue these water energies are also creating the support for something new to unfold and that something new is LOVE. It's all about opening our hearts more deeply than we thought we could, but again we have to stay present for that to happen, it doesn't just hit us over the head, it's something that we allow by being quiet and intending. As Cayelin mentioned, the planet Jupiter expands and activates what it touches and it is the principle of renewal.


Keep in mind Karen is a Cancer native and I am Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter! September 7th is also just 2 days after a new moon, the beginning of a new cycle!


More to come, just wanted to help you get better tuned-in to these sacred energy cycles so you can join us in riding these waves together more consciously and add the element of our love story into the equation! In our hearts it has been known to Karen and I that our sacred union within what we refer to as our Magical Heart of Joy, is in and of itself a powerful planetary service!


This has been taking my whole understanding of planetary service to an entirely new level. I am not speaking of intellectual awareness here. That part I have had in place for quite some time. It is about understanding how to embody and live what I was intellectually aware of in a very real, authentic and rather autonomous and natural way.


I have put a great deal of effort into doing this over the years. All the effort we make in this regard is highly valuable and necessary. Yet, what I know now, is that if we are still needing to make an effort at something then it is not fully integrated and embodied within us just yet.  


It is only when it becomes second nature, autonomous, manifesting as a natural state of being without much effort, that we have fully embodied that state of being and awareness. It is important to acknowledge this because it really cannot come about until we do!


Through the Grace of God/Goddess, this has truly come to pass for Karen and I in this area of our lives and is represented in our sacred union of hearts within the Magical Heart of joy.  


Experiencing this state together, loving each other and making each other feel good, happy and joyful is what we live for together. It happens quite naturally, we simply feel the best inside ourselves when we are making each other feel good. I did not realize it could be so easy, natural and fun!


So that alone can be a beacon of hope for anyone who has not yet experienced this and who may be wondering if it is really possible! Karen and I are here to tell you that it is, and it will be for you too if you believe it is possible and get focused on accepting and being comfortable with yourself and others JUST AS YOU/THEY ARE!


This then becomes our primary planetary service because it is that energy which we are then contributing to the collective soul of humanity each and every moment we are together experiencing it. This forms the basis for another service focus I have which is also very dear and near to my heart, and Karen's too! 


This focus is the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation. What Karen and I experience individually and together, is a deep abiding state of inner peace. This comes as a result of being quite accepting of self and others JUST AS YOU/THEY ARE! There is no lasting inner peace until this has been fairly well accomplished!


A state of inner peace experienced by enough people on a sustainable basis is the prerequisite for a lasting world peace. Everything else we are doing towards world peace until then is just buying us time so we do not destroy ourselves and our lovely planet before we get there!


You can read more on this focus by clicking here. You can also register there and soon that website will have its own newsletter as well.


Stay tuned for more...


Blissings from the Magical Heart of Joy and Inner Peace,

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra






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