More BIG News - Our Sacred Union 9/7/13!       

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
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Beloved , I recently shared with you a brief version of the story of my journey to UK in July, and how that opened the door to my re-location to UK, and  Karen Ani'Ra and I then were engaged to be married!

Well, this energy is really, REALLY moving... we have been through so many spaces and places since that last announcement working to figure it all out because there is a GREAT deal of complexity involved. Through a long series of serendipitous synchronicities we have found an accelerated path which is also less expensive! Woota!

As a result of this discovery Karen Ani'Ra is now coming here to Colorado for a week in early September and we are going to be married here in Colorado on Saturday, September 7th! Karen will then return to the UK and I will be able to immediately apply for a spousal visa to immigrate to UK and live with her! This eliminates the time and expense of obtaining a fiancÚ visa first!

So this is what's happening, and with only a month lead time there is much to do. However, nothing has ever felt SOOOO right as this does for us both!

, as part of our Family of Light you are invited to physically attend our wedding if you are guided, inspired, and able to do so! If you are even thinking of doing this please contact us (hit reply) and let us know immediately because we have many plans to make with very short notice and we will need to know how many people might possibly be there. We will need definite confirmation no later than August 18th.

This will be a VERY small, non-traditional and informal wedding.  It looks like we are doing it outdoors in a very beautiful little spot in a park here, we will know for sure this week.

We are also planning on getting the ceremony part video'd so that will also be available online within a week or so after the wedding! We'll also have photos of the small intimate gathering and celebration afterward.

As a result of this new accelerated path it is entirely possible I could be living full-time in UK with my soulmate Karen for the 2013 Holidays! Maybe even for the Sounding of the final 7th Sacred Tone on 12:13:13! Woota!

When time avails I have another bit of info to share with you regarding the timing of this wedding and how it synchronizes with the Galactic Portal we went through on 12:21:12 and which was the first webinar transmission Karen Ani'Ra and I were together physically to co-facilitate, which was the 5th Sacred Tone Lys'Na ~ Gathering of Light! For now, just tap into that and the energy of the Mayan glyphs and numerology known as 4 Ajpuu!

There is much more to this 4 Ajpuu energy than appears at that link, but that is a good attunement to start with! Hopefully we will have time to share the more in-depth info Karen has on 4 Ajpuu, and also some info from Shi'Ra that brings the Galactic Portal, 5th Sacred Tone, another Galactic energy pulse, and our wedding energy all together into a more cohesive awareness!  



Blissings of Oneness, Joy and Love,

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra

Forever Love Soulmates  






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