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Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
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My dearly beloved soul friend , I'm back from my trip to UK to visit with Karen Ani'Ra! I met her family and friends and loved them all too! I experienced some of the sacred energy places there  like Glastonbury, the Tor, Chalice Well, St. Keynes, Brentor, Tintagel and Merlin's Cave, and St. Nectan's Glen.


The most sacred place of all though was the one right between our hearts which went with us wherever we were and had some amazing ways of touching people we did not even know!


I love the people there in the Ancient Land of Albion (UK). The land is so lush and green. The weather Goddesses and Beings smiled on us too, everyone was kidding me that I had brought the warm weather and sunshine from Colorado. Indeed, it began a couple of days before my arrival and ended about the same time I left! Woota!


Things had been shifting for me a few months prior to this trip. Mostly internally, feeling differently about many things. Also externally, as various things seemed to be working very differently. I had some intimations about what shifts might happen as a result of my trip to the UK, but it also felt like stepping into a HUGE VOID!


Well, OMG, was it ever, and a most wonderful one too! There were subtle but key transformational moments during my time there that took me closer and closer to a moment of ultimate release and surrender that was, and is, truly HUGE. This final moment came while sitting on the grass under the shade of some very old trees next to St. Keynes Church. We were all alone in the middle of the afternoon, it was so quiet and peaceful there.


Karen Ani'Ra and I did a quantum spiritual process to facilitate our awareness in a way whereby we would know how to manifest our heart's desire to be able to live together and enjoy the flow of life together each day as we were during my stay there.


Hooboy, a rush of energy flowed through me and I felt all sorts of fears and resistance I had had about the possibility of re-locating to the UK to be with Karen Ani'Ra just rinse away in a torrent of Spiritual Love-Light! It was a completion of a process I had been engaged with for some time, yet not knowing where it lead exactly.


I then knew it was to be... I looked straight into Karen Ani'Ra's eyes, soul to soul, heart to heart, and I committed to re-locating there to be with her. Tears and love flowed for us both and that set a whole new energy into motion in our lives. As a result of that new energy flow we were then engaged to be married a short time later! OMG!!!


I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels that we came to this place of surrender and commitment, and it did involve surrender into a greater love for us both. Although Karen Ani'Ra was quite present with it in her Divine Feminine nature all along I feel.


She really helped me in her solidity in that way, so I could truly feel and know how correct it is for us. Now that I have made that shift, it is amazing to me it was ever a problem to begin with. But hey, I am a male with double Sag (Sun/Ascendant) and an Aquarian Moon, so that is a lot of independent aloofness to deal with in this here rented human nature, so give me a lil' break on that OK? WINK w/ BIG SMILES 


So that part happened and now we are dealing with a serious bit of governmental red tape presented by UK Immigrations so that we can make this a reality as soon as possible.


We need your support on every level, spiritually in prayer and energy, and financially too if you are able. It is very expensive just to go marry and live with the one you love if they are in the UK! How we ever got to this place on our planet I do not know, but it too must change!  


Please help us manifest this dream in whatever way you can. We are all one, so when we help others manifest their dreams we also move towards manifesting our own as well.  


I may setup a GoFundMe campaign for this, but they take a percentage of your money. So for those who know us it is better to just use PayPal or Visa/MC/Discover directly to help us manifest more Forever Soulmate Love on Earth if you can do that!


OK, we also have two photo gallery slide shows for you now to share in our joy and love as well!  


I finally completed the one from when Karen Ani'Ra was here in Colorado over the 2012 Holidays. Then there is the one from this most recent and wonderful trip in July to UK too!


Photo Gallery Slide Shows


I'm also getting myself back on track to start the next wave of cosmic work, some of which I alluded to prior to leaving for the UK. Soooo... stay tuned to this Cosmic Consciousness channel my beloved Family of Light and Love!


Blissings of Oneness, Joy and Love,

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra

Forever Love Soulmates  






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