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Click image for large hi-res version - my gift!

Oneness Love La'kina Transmission Transcendental Transitions
June 2013


This is a transitional transmission in 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's Supra-Akashic Living Light-Form series! It is not only serving as a harmonic bridge between the just-concluded Supra Akashic Living Light-Form Series and what comes next in August, but also as a bridge between both sides of any transition we may experience. As Shi'Ra states, "transcendence is a transition" in and of itself!


Right now we are in the midst of a major planetary transition, and this 7D La'kina transmission also has universal harmonics specifically woven within it to help facilitate this current movement in consciousness and energy... one which is destined to liberate us from the vestiges of the old world reality that we still hold inside us so the new energies can escort us into the New Earth reality of our dreams.


This transformation and transition is first and foremost an inside job. When enough "inside jobs" have been completed it will show up in our world reality system in a very significant way that will be completely undeniable to most people.


In this way we can think of "disclosure" as also being the process of externalization of the inner world and reality of those who have the awareness and awakening present within them to envision a New Earth based on love, peace, cooperation, integrity and sustainability. Our job right now, is to make this transition inside of ourselves and not get too overly focused on what Shi'Ra refers to as the "bin of coal."


I have given this video a great deal of extra effort and it has 63... yes 63... custom energy-art fractal images (one of which appears above) in it which I personally created in conjunction with Shi'Ra's over-lighting. Each one holds a specific imprinting of light-encoding for the purpose of facilitating transcendental transitions within our beingness and world.  


This transmission took me nearly 4x the time to create as they usually do! It is truly a labor of spiritual love for humanity because there is simply not enough people financially supporting this yet to make it viable in that regard!


These fractal activators are specifically sequenced to create the energetic bridge we need, and in conjunction with the background music selected with its binaural beat consciousness entrainment technology and Shi'Ra's 7D energy transmission, it is a very, VERY powerful combination.  


The entire package of all 63 Fractal Energy-Art hi-res images is also available for download with this very special transitional video transmission! Tune into the one's you resonate with most strongly and start putting them on your desktop as wallpapers to deepen and reinforce this process!


Why 63 images? There are 64 codons in our DNA. 63 of our codons are being upgraded. The 64th codon frequency is being supplied by Shi'Ra and the Metatronic Councils of Light. The 64th is a bridging codon, and the Metatronic Councils of Light are in a manner of speaking "replacing" our 64th codon with a new one versus just upgrading it as a part of this transmission.


This video is also longer than all the other Oneness Love La'kina transmissions at 17:50. It is therefore nearly 2x as long and more than makes up for the break we will have in July before the new series begins in August.  


This video is additionally being delivered using the new HTML5 video player I introduced as of the Oneness Bliss Wave ~ Quanta 1 video transmission.  


This means FULL-SCREEN and mobile devices are now supported with online viewing!  


In addition there are now 3 different video download options so if you have a slower connection you can choose a smaller size and have less data to download. 


Shi'Ra is suggesting that after you experience this transmission, it would be highly advantageous to go back through all 18 previous transmissions at the rate of 2 per week to take what she has offered in them to a new level in preparation for what is to come.


As always I make the PDF download available to everyone on this list. In fact, the video and fractal downloads are available to everyone as well, all you need to do is subscribe to my Main Member Portal and that portal has an honorary option (in the drop down list)!  


Why ask for you to subscribe if it is available on honorary anyway? Because subscribing involves COMMITMENT and that is a very powerful energy that increases the effectiveness of the transmissions. The more you are committed you get more out of it.


I know you will get a great deal out of the PDF, but the video, with the incredibly colorful and entrancing fractal sequence and animations, the music using Theta Brain Wave Pulses, and Shi'Ra's words and energy coming through, are such an incredibly potent combination you really owe it to yourself to commit and jump into the amazing flow of the energy flowing through this video so you can fully benefit from this transmission!


It is an exquisite and lovely energy that quickens the cells to what they are really meant to do... and that is to be living embodiments of the Inscription of Light!


If you are already subscribed as a Portal Member at any level you can login right now and view this video!  


Not a member yet? Subscribe here.


ALL of the past Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions are also available to be experienced in video and PDF form in the La'kina Portal.


Here is a list of the currently available Oneness Love La'kina transmissions in the archive, 18 to be exact!


  • Transitional Between Series Transmissions

    • June 2013 Transcendental Transitions

  • Supra-Akashic Living Light-Form Transmissions

    • May 2013 - Kimah Hulae (Serendipitous Surrender)

    • Apr. 2013 - Yadi Orna (Philocallous Power)

    • Mar. 3013 - Arya Anash (Honorable Humility)

    • Feb. 2013 - Inivi Ora (Ubiquitous Unity)

    • Jan. 2013 - Zana Exalta (Amaranthine Grace)

    • Dec. 2012 - Lurae Wanah (Incomprehensible Compassion)

    • Nov. 2012 - Isha Temet (Unequivocal Truth)

    • Oct. 2012 - Altima Vera (Inimitable Authenticity)

    • Sept. 2012 - Oreus Mandi (Courageous Self-Love)

  • Universal Life-Streams Transmissions

    • 08:08:12 - Zir'Ra'Ta (Honey/Bumble Bee)

    • 07:07:12 - Nir'Ti'Si (Dragon/Damselfly)

    • 06:12:12 - Ir'Bin'i (Butterfly)

    • 05:05:12 - Kre'Mem'O'Ka (Koala)

    • 04:04:12 - La'Di'Pa'Da (Leopard)

    • 03:03:12 - Ang'La'Ja (Hummingbird)

    • 02:02:12 - Ra'Ka'Na (Lotus)

    • 01:01:12 - Ma'Se Ha'Na'Me (Rose)

    • 12:12:11 - La'Ve Ni'Ah (Lavender)

Again, while we truly need and appreciate your love-offering support, but if you do not have the means or you just wish to try our Member Portals on for size, all these transmissions above are available on an honorary basis, be committed and subscribe here.



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