Arya Anash ~ Honorable Humility      

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
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This is the seventh transmission in 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's Supra-Akashic Living Light-Form series!

Arya Anash (ARE-yah AH-nahsh) as an Honorable state of Humility embraces both our greatness and our insignificance... EQUALLY! These are not contradictory states, but rather part of our wholeness!


Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na poetically transmits an essential understanding of what this really means that is far beyond words. Yet her transmission uses her words as a radiant bridge into a true activation of this higher Supra-Akashic Living-Light thought-form in our DNA. Shi'Ra's energy and words act like a tuning fork that gets this portion of our DNA vibrating again!


As always I make the PDF download available to everyone. In fact, the video is available to everyone as well, all you need to do is subscribe to my Main Member Portal and that portal has an honorary option.


I know you will get a great deal out of the PDF, but the video, with the incredibly colorful mandalas and fractal animations, the music using Lambda Brain Wave Pulses, and Shi'Ra's words and energy coming through, are such a potent combination you really owe it to yourself to absorb the "consciousness silk" flowing through this video so you can fully benefit from this transmission. It is a very radiant and highly refined level of energy!


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ALL of the past Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions are also available to be experienced in video and PDF form in the La'kina Portal.


Here is a list of the currently available transmissions in the archive!

  • Supra-Akashic Living Light-Form Transmissions

    • Mar. 2013 - Arya Anash (Honorable Humility) 
    • Feb. 2013 - Inivi Ora (Ubiquitous Unity) 
    • Jan. 2013 - Zana Exalta (Amaranthine Grace)

    • Dec. 2012 - Lurae Wanah (Incomprehensible Compassion)

    • Nov. 2012 - Isha Temet (Unequivocal Truth)

    • Oct. 2012 - Altima Vera (Inimitable Authenticity)

    • Sept. 2012 - Oreus Mandi (Courageous Self-Love)

  • Universal Life-Streams Transmissions

    • 08:08:12 - Zir'Ra'Ta (Honey/Bumble Bee)

    • 07:07:12 - Nir'Ti'Si (Dragon/Damselfly)

    • 06:12:12 - Ir'Bin'i (Butterfly)

    • 05:05:12 - Kre'Mem'O'Ka (Koala)

    • 04:04:12 - La'Di'Pa'Da (Leopard)

    • 03:03:12 - Ang'La'Ja (Hummingbird)

    • 02:02:12 - Ra'Ka'Na (Lotus)

    • 01:01:12 - Ma'Se Ha'Na'Me (Rose)

    • 12:12:11 - La'Ve Ni'Ah (Lavender)

Again, while we very much need and appreciate your love-offering support, if you do not have the means or you wish to try our Member Portals on for size, all these transmissions above are available on an honorary basis, subscribe here.



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