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The first program in an all NEW True-Self Empowerment Series!

True-Self Empowerment Series
"01 - Prioritizing Love in Your Life" 


Wow, what a time we are living in!!! Sooo much happening and coming through right now that I would love to be able to share with you , ... yet life's demands tend to gobble up the time I need to do so! Que sera sera... good stuff coming soon though!

For now... in mid 2011 I was guided and inspired to start working on a comprehensive program to help people achieve True-Self Empowerment which will be entitled "QuantaCoreZX." Over a year and a half later I am still working on that program.   


I have a small group of people working with me testing things out, making suggestions, etc. This program is not going to be ready until later this year. It will be very powerful when it is though!

It has also become clear that something is needed sooner than that. So many people going through oh so much right now... needing some help going to the next level of bringing who they really are here to Earth for everyone's benefit!  


I therefore have begun developing a related and supportive series of programs. This series is aptly entitled the "True-Self Empowerment Series." I recently completed the first program in this series entitled "Prioritizing Love in Your Life."

Initial test results have been quite good. I am using ThetaHealing® which I am trained and certified in, and which is an excellent focusing tool for many protocols I have been using for over 25 years. I am using ThetaHealing® to facilitate a rapid removal of limiting beliefs related to this focus - ZAP and they are gone! It is amazing how well it works too! Almost seems like cheating haha!

I also use these same ThetaHealing® techniques to facilitate downloads of consciousness frequency programs that may be missing and which are required for success in this focus of "Prioritizing Love in Your Life."

Additionally, in this program I provide my own theta binaural beat technology to help you achieve this brainwave and consciousness state so you can enter into more of a co-creative role with the "Creator of All That Is."  


I am not certified to teach ThetaHealing®, but you will likely pick up on it to some degree on your own as you experience me working with you while I'm using it in this program! If you actually wish to be trained in it, I can point you at an excellent certified Master ThetaHealing® instructor!

To help this whole process along for you and make it more effective, I also am offering a related and powerful new service. When you order this new service I will create you a special custom 30 minute MP3 that has your own unique Theta Gateway Frequency in it.  


Your custom personalized MP3 uses binaural beat hemispherical synchronization brain wave pulse technology. Not only is the theta brainwave entrainment frequency attuned specifically to YOU... so are the two base tones being used to generate it! This combination is really awesome and effective. More info on this new service can be found at the appropriate link below.

, as a member of my global cosmic community, I am also offering you a special introductory offer on this first True-Self Empowerment Series program entitled "Prioritizing Love in Your Life."  


This program includes (4) MP3 and (3) PDF... it took me many, many hours of work to produce this program. Additionally, it is as the result of 25+ years of training and development that I am even able to create such a program!

The normal price of this program is $97.00, but you can use the coupon code near the link below and receive a 35% discount which is good until 2/22/13!!!

Additionally, if you are one of our Members with login access at the Chi'Ra or Universalis levels, you can LOGIN RIGHT NOW and access a coupon code for this product which gives you a 65% discount also good until 2/22/13!

This is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of my cosmic global community!





True-Self Empowerment 01 - Prioritizing Love in Your Life 


, your 35% discount code is: TSES0135022213
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Chi'Ra/Universalis Members!!!
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ThetaHealing® is a registered trademark of Vianna Stibal.  



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