Welcome to the April Issue of The BAC Bulletin & DA News!

It’s been a busy month for us here at BAC as we’ve been fighting some hard fights. Unfortunately, the Obama administration will shut down 149 air traffic control towers throughout out the country, including Danbury Airport’s tower. Despite the aviation community’s calls and letters, Congress failed to avoid the closures and our tower is slated to close May 5th. With 69,424 landings last year, Danbury is the second busiest airport in Connecticut. We encourage you to continue to speak and write to your lawmakers and let them know this action is unacceptable.

Also in March, the small business owners who comprise Danbury Municipal Airport formed the Danbury Airport Business Association (DABA). Our goal is to better represent the interests of the FBOs at the airport and help move forward the development and job creation goals that have been thwarted by the airport administrator and the city of Danbury. For more information, read the News Times article, “Business Owners Want Say at Airport.” If you have any questions, please contact us at (203) 748-7000.

With all that’s been going on, we thought we’d take a breather and bring you a lighter look at aviation in this issue of The BAC Bulletin & DA News. We highlight what we think are some of the best books on aviation ever written. Also in this issue, we flash forward to today, and examine the development of the flying car: are they ready to take flight or have they stalled on the ground?

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Safe flying!

Lynda & Santo Silvestro

The Ultimate Aviation Book ListThe Ultimate Aviation Book List

A great book on aviation has the rare ability to put into words what it feels like to take off from an aircraft carrier, soar among the clouds, and other scenarios pilots encounter. Here are our picks for what we think are some of the best books ever on aviation.

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Flying Car Update—Stalled or Ready to Take Flight?Flying Car Update — Stalled or Ready to Take Flight?

George Jetson’s flying car; Luke Skywalker’s land speeder — are these land/air hybrids mere science fiction, or getting closer to taking off? Read on for a status report on two companies leading the vanguard of automobile aviation: Netherlands-based PAL-V and Massachusetts-based Terrafugia.

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