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Constellation 2015.01 (Pure Salt)
Sean Morello, from the exhibition Constellations & Supersymmetries (Curated by CUAC Contemporary)
Projects Gallery: JUN 12 - AUG 1
Sean Morello's Constellations & Supersymmetries comprise two series of collages. In the Constellations grouping, Morello's collages are snapshots of something found. The discarded materials in each piece are collected together at the same site and time, resulting in aesthetic documents of a place and a moment. 

By framing the reconfigurations and distancing them from the origin of the found objects, Morello's collages transcend simple documentation and become objects on their own terms. The order of the objects, imposed by artist/viewer, is an order over a collection of randomness, much like the connection of stars to create a constellation.


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N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R 


Now that it's July, we're smack dab in the middle of Salt Lake summertime, which means we're outside, outside, outside. So, we're taking our art "outside," too. From the performing arts to pop culture, garden installations to reclaimed materials, and historical narratives to community interventions, we're taking a look at how the arts and the public interact. After all, we like to challenge our audiences--especially when we're beyond museum walls.


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Join UMOCA as we present the internationally-acclaimed, Salt Lake City-based Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. Throughout the evening, six dancers will perform "Invisible Gaze," a durational movement installation inspired by the Panopticon exhibition.

Says Ririe-Woodbury's Artistic Director, Daniel Charon, "To witness someone, in close proximity, who is fully engaged in their physicality--to see the sweat on their skin, to hear their breathing, to feel the air they are moving around you--can unplug the new digital norm and question the authenticity of human experience."

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JUL 10 | 7-9 PM

Kyle Jorgensen: 

Parastroke is an exploration into the effects that the Windows interface and creative programs (like Adobe Photoshop) have had on a generation of artists who grew up using computers for more of their daily tasks, and how those effects are manifested in their artwork.

A-I-R Space: JUN 19 - JUL 18
Opening Reception: JUL 10 | 7-9 PM
Sean Morello:
Constellations & Supersymmetries

Curated by CUAC Contemporary, Sean Morello's exhibition comprises collages that emerge from his painterly background and an engagement with art history, while signifying notions of garbage as anthropological ephemera of a consumer society.

Projects Gallery: JUN 12 - AUG 1
Opening Reception: JUL 10 | 7-9 PM

A Discussion of Claes Oldenburg's Geometric Mouse


Amanda Douberley, Lecturer

Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

UMOCA is thrilled to host Amanda Douberley as a visiting scholar to UMOCA's artist-in-residence program. In addition to working with UMOCA's artists-in-residence, Douberley will present a public art talk on Claes Oldenburg's
Geometric Mouse.

Douberley posits that through Oldenburg's exploration of mass production, industrial fabrication, and branding, Geometric Mouse reveals the stakes of making public sculpture, not only at a crucial moment in the artist's career, but also at a decisive turning point in the history of public art in the United States.

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JUL 16 | 7 PM

Scott Tsuchitani 槌谷スコット:
Internment 抑留

By mixing historiography with a contemporary perspective on Japanese Americans' displacement during World War II, INTERNMENT 抑留 reminds us of the importance in understanding how history informs dominant narratives and resonates today.

Codec Gallery: JUN 26 - AUG 1
Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler:
Grandma's Cupboard

Grandma's Cupboard traces the social, political, and aesthetic threads of Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler's prolific collaboration. Their work redefined public art in a way that was welcoming to a diverse set of communities through their use of serial form, wit, and poetic language.

Main Gallery: AUG 28 - DEC 19
It's time to E.A.T.!

Utah summers mean sunshine, the community, everything local, and Eat Art Together (E.A.T.)!

"E.A.T. exists in the overlap of art and sustainable functional design," says Jared Steffensen, UMOCA's Curator of Outreach and Public Programs. "We encourage our artists to not only think about the aesthetic qualities of the work, but also to consider how they become beneficial to our partners' community gardens."

Open call to all disciplines of design:
Grab a seat at Church & State for free.

Church & State is a nonprofit community-managed entrepreneurship center designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and collisions among entrepreneurs. 

On July 1, the center is opening free seats in their space, and they invite designers, photographers, and other creatives to join their growing community for 6 months, at no charge. 

Challenging Our Audiences

When Indiana University MFA student Les Duffield was asked to share his thoughts on our exhibitions, he laughs, "I overwhelmed myself."

Going Beyond Traditional Museums

"Contemporary art has the unique ability to quickly shape, adapt and present ideas that are going on every day, everywhere."

Education Gallery: Artists-in-Training

After an imagination- and art-filled week, the summer campers of UMOCA and CUAC's first-ever Artists-in-Training program are thrilled to present their completed artworks, which will be on exhibition in UMOCA's Education Gallery through the end of July.

Family Art Saturday: Move It, Move It

Join us for the July installation of Family Art Saturday. This month, after visiting the Adjunct exhibition to experience Karin Hodgin-Jones' entrancing motor-powered sculptures, engineer your own kinetic artwork.

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JUL 11 | 2-4 PM

Help us inspire more than ever before.

When a community comes together and supports an institution like UMOCA, anything is possible: Out Loud, Stroller Tours, residency programs, summer camps.

As the end of our fiscal year quickly approaches, we find ourselves just shy of the fundraising goals that allow us to continue our indispensable services. A donation of any amount helps to ensure that UMOCA's programming and educational offerings continue to thrive.

Curated Collections from the Art Shop

These are works that are inspired by the public, from reclaimed materials and found objects to pop culture and photographs:
  1. JP Haynie & Davis Ngarupe, Enjoy the Heavy Traffic, $14
  2. Eleanor Sholtz, Smokespider, $25
  3. Cat Palmer, The Dark Side, $35
  4. Michael McGlothlen, Reclaimed Bike Part Keychain, $25
  5. Ilona Gruber, Copper Necklace with Crystal, $48

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Independence Day

JUL 10 | 7-9 PM

Opening Reception,

Ririe-Woodbury Performance

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JUL 11 | 2-4 PM

Family Art Saturday

> Move It, Move It    


JUL 16 | 7 PM

Art Talk: Amanda Douberley

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