F E A T U R E D  C O V E R   A R T

2015 Gala Artists in support of  VICIOUS
Projects Gallery | MAY 22 - JUN 6

The yearly 12x12 exhibition marks an important time for UMOCA. Presented in conjunction with UMOCA's annual gala, this year's series features over 50 artists whose works will be auctioned in support of UMOCA's mission to explore what it means to exist in today's world.


Spanning painting, mixed media, sculpture, and more, this exhibition offers exciting exposure to these artists, as well as a chance for art enthusiasts, new and old, to add affordable, stunning new works to their collections.


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N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R 


When we hear the term "contemporary art," our minds immediately turn to cutting-edge works, groundbreaking concepts, and forward-thinking artists. After all, just like how contemporary art derived from Postmodern art, which itself developed from Modern art, this is work that is produced in the present--in the now--that will go on to inspire future artistic movements and endeavors.

That said, we want to pause and take a retrospective look back at what brought us here today: the historical eras and social movements, the development of new art forms, the transformative ideas and cultural trends, the collaborations and trailblazers.


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Indulge in exquisite cocktails and a luscious meal as X96 FM's Bill Allred emcees, DJ/DC spins tunes, and local punk band Foster Body performs two sets of their brand of contemporary art punk. Local designers and stylists will team up to craft a punk-styled runway show and fashion exhibition, and our auctions will promise anything from getaway packages to tattoo gift certificates to wearable statement pieces. 

Don your best punk chic, and prepare to bring the ruckus. 

Don't miss the most anticipated party of 2015.

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The Illusion of Freedom:

Literature and the Invention of the Psychological Police State

Nathan Gorelick, Assistant Professor, Department of English Literature, UVU

When we think about George Orwell's 1984, we think of Big Brother--Big Brother is always watching, after all. We forget the most truly disturbing element of the book, which is the way it actually ends: Winston decides that he loves the Party, and becomes convinced that in bowing to the authority of the party, he becomes free.

"Panopticism is not primarily about government surveillance, but rather about the way in which surveillance has become social norm," says Gorelick. "I want to show how Enlightenment art--especially literature--established the mechanisms of social control and obedience that sustained this illusion of freedom."

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JUN 4 | 7 PM


Scott Tsuchitani 槌谷スコット: INTERNMENT 抑留

Codec Gallery | JUN 26 - AUG 1

Artist's Talk: JUN 26 | 7 PM

INTERNMENT 抑留 is a solo exhibition of San Francisco-based artist Scott Tsuchitani's work that mixes historiography with a contemporary outlook on Japanese internment camps during World War II. Tsuchitani explores themes of Japanese American identity, displacement of culture, hidden American history, and the treatment of subcultures in the United States in order to awaken memories of an uncomfortable past.


By revisiting an American tragedy, Tsuchitani's satirical images and documentary footage remind us of the importance in understanding not only how history informs dominant narratives, but also how it resonates through current times.

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Kyle Jorgensen: 
A-I-R Space | JUN 19 - JUL 18

Artist-in-residence Kyle Jorgensen explores the relationship between traditional painting and modern digital painting by creating compositions that play with chromatics and textures as they interlay the two together. 

Jorgensen's physical paintings--as well as an animation of sorts--are created in such a way so that they emulate the windows and layers that open up on a computer screen, particularly evoking Adobe Creative Suite.
Sean Morello: 
Constellations & Supersymmetries
Projects Gallery | JUN 12 - AUG 1

Curated by CUAC Contemporary, Sean Morello's exhibition comoprises a series of collages that emerge from Morello's practice as a painter who is consciously engaged with art history--particularly with Modernism and Pop Art.


Constructed of discarded and found materials, Morello's work first suggests color, form, and mark-making before signifying notions of garbage or anthropological ephemera of a consumer society.


Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler

Main Gallery | AUG 28 - DEC 19


Since 1965, the National Endowment for the Arts has worked to allow more Americans to affirm and celebrate America's rich cultural heritage.This year, thanks to the NEA's generous donation, UMOCA will honor the their mission with the upcoming Main Gallery exhibition surveying Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler's 10-year collaboration


Ericson and Ziegler's influential conceptual art projects ranged from site-specific installations to mixed media sculptures, redefining public art and welcoming more diverse audiences. The results of their collaboration were subtle yet profound in illuminating the contexts and issues specific to each project's site and community. 


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UMOCA and CUAC are thrilled to present Artists-in-Training, a week-long artist residency program for children entering the 4th-6th grades. Throughout, the emerging youth artists will determine the direction of their own art-making with individualized guidance from working artist professionals. At the program's conclusion, the completed artworks will be put on exhibition at UMOCA.


Emphasizing the creative process and the development of personal choice and narrative, Artists-in-Training will teach participants how to research, select materials, consider their audience, and stay true to their imaginations!


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JUN 15-19 | 9AM-4PM

Family Art Saturday:
Pop-Up Portraits

Join us for our June installation of Family Art Saturday! This month, we'll draw inspiration from Sterling Allen's sculptures in
Adjunct, which exist in both two and three dimensions. Come explore how to convert your own shapes from 2D to 3D, and then transform your paper portrait into a dynamic 3D sculpture. As always, this activity is free and fun for all ages!

JUN 13 | 2-4 PM
Utah Arts Festival Art Yard

Join UMOCA at the 2015 Utah Arts Festival to create your own personalized ancient Egyptian crown! Learn how to translate your birthdate into hieroglyphic numbers that you can etch into colorful patterns on paper, drawing inspiration from contemporary artists like Meridith Pingree, the current artist featured in our Art Truck. Then, fold your patterned paper to make an Egyptian-style birthday crown.


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JUN 25-28 | All Day

The Blended Table

This June, UMOCA gratefully highlights The Blended Table and the two women who run the show, Emery Lortsher and Colour Maisch. Blended Table has continually supported UMOCA by providing delightful and inspired food at our annual gala, donating auction items, and making cash donations in direct support of UMOCA's mission. These ladies ensure the success of our biggest fundraiser year after year with good humor and unbelievably cheerful attitudes. Thank you, Emery and Colour--we can't imagine UMOCA without you!
Curated Collections from the Art Shop

To grasp a sense of the rustic, the vintage, and the timeless, turn to these local artists who capture moments of the past and embrace age-old craftsmanship:
  1. Celine Downen, Vega Hotel, $22
  2. Mia Vollkommer, Small Dot Hoops, $52
  3. Ernest Gentry, Spice Jars, $36
  4. Jimmy Lucero, Artists Cards, $10
  5. Annika Q.N. Dimeo, Title IX Cuff, $120

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JUN 4 | 7 PM

Panopticon Lecture:

Nathan Gorelick 

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JUN 6 | 6 PM

Annual Gala:

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JUN 13 | 2-4 PM

Family Art Saturday

> Pop-Up Portraits    


JUN 15-19 | 9AM-4PM


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JUN 18 | 7 PM

Film Screening: Brazil

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JUN 20 | 5-6 PM

Opening: Artists-in-Training

JUN 25-28 | All Day

Utah Arts Fest: Art Yard 

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JUN 26 | 7 PM

Art Talk: Scott Tsuchitani

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