F E A T U R E D  C O V E R   A R T

Karin Hodgin-Jones, exhibited in Adjunct and a featured piece for Fluid Art
APR 24 - JUL 25

The whimsy and wonder that accompany Hodgin-Jones' kinetic sculptures diminishes once the viewer realizes the fabric has no control over its own movement. Tethered to a small motor and crankshaft, the fabric is constantly being shaped and reshaped, conforming to the motion it is made to perform. 


Whether floating in midair or slumped on the floor, the neutral tone fabric alludes to something natural, brewing feelings of both empathy and apathy. Those conflicting emotions arise from the understanding that if you free the fabric from the motor, the animation will cease and, in the end, may be a worse fate--or could be a much-needed catalyst for a change in that system of control.


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N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R 


This month, we're thinking about what it means to be urban. For one of our artists-in-residence, it's a mix of urban development and being on that urban grind. For guest lecturers of our Panopticon series, it entails advanced technologies and new ways of establishing order for the masses through subtle control. For attendees of our annual gala, VICIOUS, it's a revival of the 1970s, when the punk scene hit the streets.

For us, "urban" conjures up thoughts of Salt Lake City and how we can go about furthering and celebrating the arts in our community. We are excited to announce that we have received a prestigious Art Works grant award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and we are grateful and thrilled to continue forging our legacy of creative vitality and growth in urban Utah and beyond.


Questions? Comments? Share your thoughts: communications@utahmoca.org


UMOCA Presents Sean Moyer's Persistence/Focus/Matter
A-I-R Space | MAY 8 - JUN 13
Opening Night: MAY 22 | 7-9 PM

Drawing on themes from Modernism and its effect on culture, architecture, urban growth, and art history, artist-in-residence Sean Moyer explores his role as an art maker who happens to make his living working in the service industry as part of that "urban grind."


As a primary actor in this service economy, Moyer has firsthand experience with navigating the architectural growth of Salt Lake and its population's desire for convenience. These encounters become the material through which Moyer examines the repetitive and the performative, the banal and the mundane, and the human relationship with the urban landscape-as it has been transformed by the service industry.

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P A N O P T I C O N   L E C T U R E   S E R I E S

Who Will Guard the Guardians?


Panopticism is a theory of socio-political power and how societies establish order through surveillance. It entails a system in which the gaze of the watcher is internalized to such an extent that the prisoners - or citizens - become their own guards through behavior normalization and extreme visibility. WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARDIANS? is a four-part series hosted in conjunction with Panopticon.


Join us tonight for the inaugural lecture, "The Black Box of Information," by Pete Ashdown, founder of Utah's oldest Internet Service Provider, XMission. Ashdown will discuss private and governmental monitoring on the Internet - a norm in today's technology-filled urban society - and what one can do about it.


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Reimagining Dragons

Join Elly Baldwin, UMOCA's Education Coordinator, and Wendy Gourley, playwright-in-residence at the Noorda Children's Theatre at UVU to create original dragon stories and sculptures from reclaimed junk based on Noorda's new play, The Milk Dragon. Visit the dragon as she awaits to collect your stories stories about the lost, broken, or banished things in your life, based on one of the play's rich themes.


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MAY 9 | 2-4 PM

Creative Critter Day Festivities

Join RDT's Ring Around the Rose at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center to watch magical charms and musical feats from the Hatch Academy of Magic & Music. PBS KUED Kids will screen Arthur episodes all day at UMOCA, and from 1-4 PM on the museum's patio, the Women's Ski Jumping USA team will have a craft table and a roller ramp where kids can have their picture taken mid-action!


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MAY 9 | All Day



For the first time in 15 years, the gala is moving out of UMOCA's esoteric white walls and into the grungy, urban black walls of The Complex. The traditional dinner is being traded for the more modern and livelier cocktail and food stations.

During the live auction, guests will be enchanted by the posh, fierce slant of our fashion show, performed by a slew of painted models tearing down the runway outfitted in local artists' punk couture.

Starting May 22, UMOCA's Projects Gallery will exhibit works by local artists for auction, and mobile and pre-bidding will begin for the silent and art auctions. All but the live auction will be open to those who do not plan to attend VICIOUS. 

As always, all proceeds directly benefit UMOCA's cutting-edge exhibitions, educational programming, and community outreach. Kick start the summer with UMOCA's biggest (and rowdiest) fundraiser of the year.


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JUN 6 | 6 PM

Art You Crave & Beer You Thirst For


UMOCA is thrilled to reveal Epic Brewing Company's chosen pairing:

The Annex Berliner Weisse, paired with Karin Hodgin-Jones' "Tug"


"Watching the clumsy, mechanical movement at the top of 'Tug' transform into a lucid and semi-organic dance reminded me of the biological and mechanical processes in brewing. There is a semi-joke in the brewing industry that we work for the yeast and not the other way around."


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Turning Punk Into Contemporary Chic

Local independent and multidisciplinary design studio 7D8 are the visionaries behind UMOCA's annual gala collateral. This year for VICIOUS, they're giving the impactful and in-your-face punk style a contemporary and chic spin.


"The more art can seep into everyday life, the more art can affect design, and the more interesting life is. That's what we want for Salt Lake, and culture, as a whole."


The Eccles Foundation

UMOCA would like to thank the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation's continued generosity and support of contemporary art within our community. For 2015, this support has taken the form of sponsorships for the upcoming exhibition Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler, Eat Art Together, and our 2015 gala: VICIOUS. The Eccles Foundation enriches our entire community through grants in arts and culture, community, education, health care, and preservation and conservation. We would also like to give special thanks to Lisa Eccles and Erin Armstrong Wright for their guidance and stewardship.
Selections from the Art Shop

To add any bold statement piece to an outfit or home, turn to street style, with its graffiti art, industrial functionality, and a streak of grunge:
  1. Michael McGlothlen, Reclaimed Bike Part Necklace, $85
  2. Trent Call, Milk & Honey, $10
  3. Kali Mellus, Earrings, $48
  4. Michael McGlothlen, Bike Part Keychain, $25
  5. Blake Palmer, Print, $20

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MAY 7 | 7 PM

Panopticon Lecture:
Pete Ashdown


MAY 9 | All Day

Creative Critter Day 

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MAY 13 | 9:30 AM

Stroller Tours

MAY 14 | 7-10 PM

Fluid Art

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MAY 21 | 7 PM

Panopticon Lecture:
Shannon Mussett

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MAY 22 | 7-9 PM

Opening Night:

Gala Artists and Sean Moyer

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MAY 28 | 6-10 PM

KUED Film Screening & Panel:

Finding Home

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JUN 4 | 7 PM

Panopticon Lecture:

Nathan Gorelick 

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JUN 6 | 6 PM

Annual Gala:

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