F E A T U R E D  C O V E R   A R T

Sterling Allen, exhibited in Adjunct
APR 24 - JUL 25

Sterling Allen's sculpture is a playful junction of the two- and three-dimensional. The artist stacks a series of flat, illustrated objects to form a multidimensional work. While there is looseness to the aesthetic, Allen adheres to the fundamental elements of design: color, shape, texture, and form. The sculpture's components are particularly tactile and multisensory (think: the hardness of cement, the way light bounces off of a curved surface, the flimsiness of fabric, the rustle of folded paper). By reconciling and also emphasizing the differences between the 2D and the 3D, Allen has created a synesthetic work that both visually and spatially stimulates. 

N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R


This April is about dichotomies. Consider: church and state, nature and technology, private and public, 2D and 3D, traditional and digital art, spring and winter. We've found that, despite how contradictory or divergent two things may seem, they often actually complement, catalyze, and affirm one another. 

Contemporary art, especially, contains multitudes, and that often makes the works more challenging, difficult to understand, or even far-fetched. As we look to our upcoming exhibitions, we're reminded to take the time to connect--to form those small connections within the art as well as to our lives.


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Street Level Corridor | APR 3 - JUN 27

Using contemporary art as an avenue, Out Loud participants have been able to express their individual experiences and identities through artwork that will be on display for the community. No longer children, but not quite adults, these teenagers voice distinct perspectives on understanding identity, confronting gender expectations, navigating societal and familial pressures, overturning stereotypes, and healing cultural trauma.


Created by the hands of those who are systematically silenced for being 'different' during an especially uncertain time in their lives, these artworks and expressions speak to both individual and universal experiences.

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Number 04: Actual Source
Projects Gallery | APR 3 - MAY 16

Actual Source is the chronological catalogue of 6 months of research compiled by local
designers Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie. The resulting 1,000 page book then became the subject of new imagery for the exhibition.

Although the viewer is cut off from the research within the book, the information is manifested into the images and sculptures on display.


Levi Jackson: Bushwacker
A-I-R Space | APR 10 - MAY 2

Artist-in-residence Levi Jackson exposes the profound and tragic illusions that pulsate through

out the American West's culture, landscape, past, and present.

Balancing the humorous and the solemn, the familiar and the bizarre, and the pathetic and the monumental, Jackson illustrates the complexities that are imprinted on the American West.


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Brian Charles Patterson: MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good)
Codec Gallery | APR 24 - JUN 20

MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good) is a guided meditation on binaries of abundance and scarcity, safety and terror, and disruption and tranquility. Contemplating a new era of natural selection brought by catastrophic phenomena (think food and water wars due to climate change), Patterson's immersive narrative explores laden facets of conspiracy through an array of dark and humorous documentary-style footage.


By provocatively melding science fiction and New Age philosophy, and juxtaposing the primitive needs of humans with the motley consequences of technology, Patterson presents a window into a future realm where fiction, rumors, and prophecies collide. 

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UMOCA's gala falls in the first week of June every year, right before over a dozen other organizations and museums host very similar fundraising galas. Artist and event designer Gary Vlasic's mission, then, is to set UMOCA apart and ensure that UMOCA throws the boldest and most memorable party of them all. (A surefire indicator of a party's success, Vlasic notes, is whether or not people are dancing.)


"I really try to mess it up," Vlasic says. "We're a contemporary art museum. We're the one group that can push boundaries. Some days, you just have to break the rules and try to do something new."


How often do we look at art but never quite see? We begin to look elsewhere, visually and mentally, and we preclude ourselves from a deeper understanding of a work of art.


By allowing ourselves the time to really look at a work of art, we begin to make discoveries on our own terms. We unlock a habit of experiencing art that allows for greater and more personal appreciation. We make notes of its most basic visual elements, which create building blocks to foster how we come to approach and understand a work.


In taking the time to examine a work of contemporary art, we have a chance to gain insight not only into the art but also into our current culture and daily lives.


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Deluxe Foundation
UMOCA would like to express sincere gratitude to the staff and board of the Deluxe Corporation Foundation for their continued support of UMOCA's curatorial efforts as the leading sponsor for the upcoming Adjunct exhibition. Since 1954, the Foundation has donated nearly $100 million to help people, businesses, and communities thrive through economic empowerment, crisis assistance, and the arts. Each year, Deluxe employees Darren Wiser and Pamela Bridger patiently answer UMOCA's inquiries, enabling our staff to create comprehensive proposals for the Foundation. Without their assistance, this sponsorship would be impossible.
Selections from the Art Shop

These are the tidbits, sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple, that help to accent our lives:
  1. Danielle Leatham, Mini Chalkboard, $8
  2. Ma Vollkommer, Silver Hoops, $60
  3. Ernest Gentry, Spice Jar, $36
  4. Ma Vollkommer, 6 Dot Silver Necklace, $120
  5. Alexis Mattox, Large Book, $50
  6. Cat Palmer, Army Bracket, $50

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Family Art Saturday

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APR 24 | 7-9 PM

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AdjunctActual Source, 
Missileblower, Bushwacker

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MAY 14 | 7-10 PM

Fluid Art

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Annual Gala: Vicious
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