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Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Exhibited in Panopticon February 13 - July 25 
By Rebecca Maksym, Curator of Exhibitions


Heather Dewey-Hagborg is a transdisciplinary artist whose work often takes form as research and critical practice to investigate relationships between scientific inquiry and cultural artifice. For her projects Invisible (2014) and DNA Spoofing (2013), Dewey-Hagborg employs biometrics - biological identifiers of a person's behaviors, movements, and characteristics - to engage issues of genetic surveillance. The featured piece above, Invisible, plays with concepts of genetic privacy by turning paranoia into a commodity.

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Opening Reception: FEB 13 | 7-9 PM

N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R

The Death of the Newsletter


As technology advances and forms of communication broaden faster than we can keep up, it causes one to wonder how appropriate a 'newsletter' is anymore. This new email format has been created to bring you relevant information about UMOCA's artists, events, outreach and exhibitions with a story telling slant that aims to inspire and inform you.

This is the first edition of this editorial. As such, we'd like to invite you give us your opinion about the design, articles, and discussions. What would you like to read about? What do you want to see? What will inspire you?

Share your thoughts: commuications@utahmoca.org.


A 15 Year Project Still in the Making
By Rebecca Maksym, Curator of Exhibitions 


Artist Sophie Calle's work Unfinished, above, is part of a larger series titled Cash Machine, which the artist began in 1991. After obtaining numerous images from an ATM security camera stored at a police station in Minneapolis, MN, Calle found herself pursuing what would become a perplexing fifteen-year investigation.

Using three surveillance tapes, Calle creates voyeuristic assumptions about the strangers, bank employees, as well as a pawn-shop merchant in an attempt to clarify the meaning of money, security, and anonymity. 

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Opening Reception: FEB 13 | 7-9 PM


The 168 Year Old Conversation is Revisited, Hanging Quietly in a Museum
Opening Reception: FEB 13 | 7-9 PM

Utah's age-old clash between church and state has been debated, examined, and satirized to no end in popular media and in politics since 143 men, three women and two children founded Salt Lake City.

How might contemporary art explore and bridge the perceived gaps between the State and the LDS Church? Our latest Street Gallery exhibition, Church vs State: Contemporary Collecting Praxis, sponsored by the Sam and Diane Stewart Foundation, showcases the collections of the LDS Church History Museum and the Utah Division of Arts & Museums.
Shown side-by-side, these works spark a dialogue, highlighting the integral roles of, and the relationship between, the two largest influences on the Beehive State's culture and identity.

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Opening Reception: FEB 13 | 7-9 PM


UMOCA's Newest Gallery Presents Jonathan Frioux
A.I.R. Space: FEB 13 - MAR 7

We are thrilled to announce the opening of A.I.R. Space, a gallery dedicated to featuring work by our very own artists-in-residence. As we continue to showcase national and international contemporary art, this space will offer local artists the opportunity to gain recognition in a museum setting.


For the inaugural exhibition, Polarities, Jonathan Frioux threads colors together across a coordinate system and reaches back to the past to find forms for the present. Frioux experiments with the grid - a pictorial theme commonly found in modern art - in order to allude to systems of sequence and order. Through Frioux's gestures of pushing, pulling, shifting, and distorting the grid, pairs of foils begin to highlight new ways of seeing.


"The simple forms hearken back to the ocean," explains Frioux. "The grid billows and shrinks, becoming broken nets or open windows. Just as the lines are constantly pushed and pulled, the viewer is dragged through the undertow and rolled towards far-reaching horizons."

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Opening Reception: FEB 13 | 7-9 PM

Welcome, New Artists-In-Residence

We are pleased to welcome Paul Crow, Shawn Porter, and Jean Richardson as the newest members of our Artists-In-Residence (A.I.R.) program. The A.I.R. program has flourished since its inception in 2013. Among other opportunities, it continues to offer residents museum support, special access to visiting artists and lecturers, and exhibition opportunities in our exciting new A.I.R. Space.

Paul Crow 


Paul Crow is a professor of photography at Weber State University who works primarily with lens-based media and installation. In his work, Crow prompts interaction between individuals and their environments, emphasizing perception as well as observation and the relationship. His prints often dramatize detail and texture, and each piece is made to manifest discovery - a phenomenon of sorts.

Shawn Porter 


Shawn Porter is a sculptor and the Facility Supervisor of the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Utah. Porter's works are derived from observation, developed by idea, and realized through a mastery of diverse materials and technique as well as a playful taste for pushing the boundaries. His pieces employ bold movement, both functional and abstracted objects, representational form, and engaged space, resulting in pervasive and evocative pieces.

Jean Richardson is an artist and educator from Scotland currently teaching in the Visual Arts Department at BYU. Her sculptures and installations, created from her many collections of commonplace objects, are intricate and eye-catching. Richardson toys with hard geometries, space, and arrangement in her works. Her many travels-including time spent working in Israel, Spain, Tonga, and New Zealand-continue to inform her practice.

A Youth Exploration into What it's Like to be an Artist-in-Residence 

January has flown by, and before we know it, it'll be summertime! In partnership with CUAC Contemporary, we are proud to present a weeklong summer program for children in grades 4-6.  


With guidance and inspiration gleaned from working artist professionals, field trips, and visiting artist talks, the Artists-In-Training summer camp will help budding creatives determine the direction of their personal art-making style. At the end of the week, youth artists they will present their completed artworks in an exhibition for family and friends.


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Sam and Diane Stewart Foundation

This February UMOCA would like to spotlight the generosity of the Sam and Diane Stewart Foundation. Their lead sponsorship of the upcoming exhibition Church vs State is just a recent example of the foundation's continued support not only of UMOCA, but of a broad range of arts, cultural and social justice organizations in Utah.


Whether it is the fight for marriage equality or the support of artists who challenge our perceptions, Sam and Diane are truly community leaders and it is UMOCA's privilege to recognize their generosity and support.

Alexis Mattox

Alexis Mattox Design began in Fall 2011 to provide beautiful laser-cut stationery to customers who realize a handwritten note is more than a piece of paper. Striving to design stationery that is both elegant and unique, Mattox utilizes classical subjects with a modern twist. Her intricate designs of lace or geometric patterns are both unique and elegant.  


Each card or hand bound book will make a inimitable, delightful gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day.


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