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Jesper Just's film Llano doesn't start or stop, it just loops over and over, drawing in viewers with its hypnotic shots of rain in the desert.  The seven-minute film was shot at the site of Llano del Rio, California, a colony established in the Mojave Desert by socialist John Harriman in 1914. The colony failed, due in large part to a scarcity of water.

The shots of the desert, interspersed with scenes of a woman struggling to build up a crumbling wall, create a sense of futility. But they're beautiful. And without realizing it, you've started watching it over again. 

Just, a Danish artist based in New York City, attended The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and works exclusively in film. His films are often moody narratives with ambiguous and unresolved storylines. 
Written by Angela Marler.


On view now as part of 


Dual Opening Reception + Live Drawing
Tomorrow evening, all are invited to take part in two new exciting exhibitions, Matthew Allred's Clinamen and Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque.

As a nod to the wildly popular comic con, a group of six comic illustrators will collaborate to create a live drawing on UMOCA's lobby wall during the evening. Witness a blending of each artist's unique style come to life right before your eyes! 

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AUG 29 l 7-9PM

LEVEL UP: Video Games l Philosophy l Contemporary Art 


Level Up is a series of five panel discussions that will question the artistic quality of environment aesthetics, investigate player experience as a greater narrative and explore the social and ethical implications of in-game economics and open world creativity on global society.
Hosted by Alex Johnstone, Associate Instructor of Entertainment, Arts and Engineering at the U of U and C. Thi Nguyen, Professor of Philosophy at UVU with Guest Speaker Jaremy Rich, Director of Product Management for DropForge GamesOCTOBER TOPICS>
At 7 p.m. grab your controller and join as a protagonist or NPC.

SEP 03 l Video Games are Virtually Art  
SEP 17 l The Narrative Experience  
Q+A with Artist Glenn Weyant


Have you heard it yet? You know, that eerily beautiful passage weaving in and around the Street Gallery? As part of current exhibition, In Motion: Borders and Migrations, examining visual culture of the U.S./Mexico border, Arizona artist Glenn Weyant plays the Mexico border wall with a violin bow in
The Anta Project.

Weyant along with In Motion's contributing editors Rachel Povey and Aubrey Hawks will touch on how a looming border translates into a coalescing piece of music, as well as his process of sound sculpting and the deconstruction of found objects. MORE>

SEP 5 | 7 PM  

Glimpse A Perfomative into being Danish


As part of Salt Lake's monthly gallery stroll, NOW-ID, a new interdisciplinary dance company, will perform a brief performance inspired by UMOCA's, Bikuben, an exhibition that parallels Utah + Danish heritage. Choreographed by Charlotte Boye-Christiensen, a Danish national herself, this performance is set to pursue issues of identity and of belonging between two worlds. 
Glimpse delves into themes refined by Copenhagen's historic Marienlyst Castle and Danish music ensemble Figura. MORE>

SEP 19 l 8:30 PM l Arrive Early
2nd Annual SLC Comedy Carnivale: IMPRO(vs)TANDUP

IMPRO(vs)TANDUP brings the best improvisers and stand-up comedians together for one incredible weekend. Friday, September 26, UMOCA is lucky enough to host a cross-discipline match for the ages! Improvisers and stand ups do what they do best and then switch places to try their hand at what the other does best. It's super fun. You should totally go. 

Hosted by Rajan Dharni(Spike TV, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival) and Christian Spicer (What's New, DLC, SketchMelt). This evening features stand up from TK Kelly (Tosh.0), Danny Felts (Portlandia), Christopher Stephenson (Sketchophrenia) and LA Improv troupe Squeeze. Proceeds will benefit the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.


SEP 26 l 7-9 PM 
Cocktail Hour 7PM
Showtime 8PM 
Makers: Voices of Utah Women

In Utah, there have been many attempts to speak up about the idea of women as equal partners in business, politics and war. Makers is a documentary about the influence of women in each of these fields. Sponsored by KUED, this movement provides activities that you can do to change you and your daughter's lives.

Join UMOCA, Girl Scouts of America and various other organizations to participate in the hanging of the Chain of Empowerment in the museum's trees. Each paper link chain will showcase the next junction in the progress of an individual's life.

SEP 13 l 10 AM - 12 PM Chain Stringing
Open to Public
E.A.T Bike Tour is Rolling In
UMOCA and Eat Art Together (E.A.T) a community outreach initiative that explores the intersection of art and food, are going tandem. Join a bike tour that will visit Wasatch Community Garden, Real Food Rising and Neighborhood House where public art pieces made from re-purposed and/or recycled materials are housed. The route will launch from UMOCA and end at Squatters Pubs and Beers.

Enjoy a tour at each stop led by UMOCA's home grown curator Becca Maksym. MORE>

SEP 20 l 1 PM l FREE
Welcome New Artists-In-Residence
A warm welcome has been extended to three new artists for the long-term Artist-In-Residence program. UMOCA opens its arms to selected local recipients Kyle Jorgenson, Sean Moyer and Aundrea Frahm. Each were chosen because of their commitment to work in a contemporary idiom and eagerness to propel their careers to a national level.

Kyle Jorgenson
: Is a Salt Lake City Avenues resident and 2010 alumni of Idaho State University. His abstract paintings, installations and drawings transport the viewer into a dream-like state with no beginning or end.

Sean Moyer: Hailing from Northern Illinois, Moyer moved to Utah to attend Weber State University. He recently finished with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in sculpture. Moyer's work explores the ins and outs of translucent commonplace materials with a painterly language.

Aundrea Frahm: BYU and Art Institute of Chicago graudate, Frahm works as an installation and performance artist. She is currently investigating relationships to time and it's inescapable effects.
Stroller Tours

Now that you've sent the older siblings off to school, why not take you and baby to have some real fun? No judgments here. Not even about how mismatched your child's outfit may be and whether you had time to shower this morning or not, UMOCA's stroller tours offer a comfortable atmosphere for caretakers and kids to feel safe in roaming the museum. 

This month, knowledgeable museum educators will highlight the idea of how artists communicate with photography differently. Pieces by Matthew Allred and In Motion: Borders and Migrations Marcos Ramirez ERRE and Ingrid Hernandez will be discussed.

Please RSVP to
Elly Baldwin.

SEP 10 | 9:30 AM   
Family Art Saturday: Color Eruption!


Fall brings transitions of all kinds: summer ends, school starts, and the mountainsides change into a rainbow of colors. Find inspiration in Olafur Eliasson's photographs of volcanoes as they change throughout the year, and celebrate the new season by drawing a mountain-scape in each of the four seasons. MORE>

SEP 13 | 2 - 4 PM | FREE Supplies Provided 

Art Truck Artist: Meridith Pingree
Bountiful native Meridith Pingree has been named as UMOCA's 2014-2015 Art Truck Artist. Schools along the Wasatch Front have the good fortune of indulging in her works, examining kinetic sculptures and geometric compositions made from materials such as zippers and aluminum.


Want in? The Art Truck is available to book for the new school year free-of-charge, ages k-12. MORE>
Celine Downen: Preserving Landscapes


UMOCA is proud to recognize Celine Downen as the Art Shop's Artists of the month for October. Through photography Downen is documenting the cultural landscape that once was. After noticing the places she loved were changing and disappearing, she took it upon herself to preserve these locations through her lens. Each picture highlights an earlier age that brings the nostalgia of a once lively and thriving location. These artifacts, as Downen calls them, are important to preserve so they can be enjoyed in our lives forever. Come stop by the Art Shop and see what memories you have from some of the local Utah structures.


Matthew Allred: Clinamen


Matthew Allred's exhibition explores random movements of particles through time and space, as his photographic processes exemplify how the swerve lends to narratives of transformation and triumph. By experimenting with various optical systems, Allred investigates the unpredictable patterns of self-organization that occur through spatial and temporal collisions of light and matter. VIEW EXHIBITION> 


AUG 29 - OCT 4

Robert Smithson: Hotel Palenque

Hotel Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson's photographs, reveals an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, Mexico.Taken in 1969 during his travels to northern Yucatán, these photographs reveal spatial and architectural uncertainties, transitioning between temporal boundaries of the past and present. This "non-site", a place lacking purpose, is evidence of a vision not realized and a man-made intervention entropically falling back into the earth. VIEW EXHIBITION>  

AUG 29 - OCT 4 

Bikuben explores Danish contemporary art as a framework for understanding how the present may inform the past. Focusing on themes revolving around the intertwined nature of truth and fiction, history and memory, and the personal versus the communal, this exhibition investigates how relationships across cultural and generational divides have the potential to reveal the complexity of identity, displacement, appropriation, and collective consciousness.


JUN 27 - DEC 20

In Motion: Borders and Migrations
In collaboration with Professor Elena Shtromberg and the students from the University of Utah course, Visual Culture along the U.S./Mexico Border at the University of Utah, the exhibit, In Motion: Borders and Migrations, examines different manifestations of the Mexico and United States border in the visual arts, giving residents and visitors of Utah the experience of this unique geographic boundary through artist projects that offer both visual and conceptual alternatives to mainstream media representations.

Hurry in to see the last few weeks of the show before it's gone!  ENDS SEP 27
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