Jeppe Hein

Rotating Mirror Object II



Artist Jeppe Hein's Rotating Mirror Object II rotates and sucks in whatever is in view, creating a new and distorted image through a portal of reflection. Presence is a concept that Hein uses to create a sublime effect in his sculptural piece. The viewer, while standing in front of the mirror, is immediately pulled in, becoming the main subject matter of the piece. The mirror, with its folds and angles, creates new perspectives with each slight turn, and refers to memory. Memories become obscured with time and often evolve into a whole new story or experience, shedding a new perspective on what has now become an illusory idea. The obscurity found in memories is reflected in this piece, as Hein uses a surrealist concept by making the presence of either the environment or viewer seem dreamlike and ever changing-almost unbelievable- within the sculpture. Written by Megan Anderson


On view now as part of Bikuben


Matthew Allred: Clinamen

Matthew Allred: Clinamen explores notions of the clinamen (meaning the unpredictable swerve of atoms), as his photographic processes exemplify how the swerve lends to narratives of transformation and triumph.  



This exhibition will feature three bodies of Allred's work: Heliography, Atlatl and Exoplanets. 


Opening Reception: AUG 29 | 7-9 PM  
Robert Smithson: Hotel Palenque


Hotel Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson's photographs, documents an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, Mexico. Taken in 1969 during his travels to northern Yucatán, these photographs reveal spatial and architectural uncertainties, transitioning between temporal boundaries of the past and present.


Hotel Palenque is the third installment of the Cultural Cartographies series. 


Opening Reception: AUG 29 | 7-9 PM  
Youth Activity
A Fine Line: Understanding Our Everyday Borders

Art lovers of all ages are invited to attend an art activity in conjunction with our current exhibition In Motion: Borders and Migrations that will lead participants on an adventure of self discovery.


Whether it be a wall, a painted line, or a transition between school and home, we all have borders that surround us.  Through games, discussion, and assemblage art, participants will explore the borders in their everyday lives.


AUG 2 | 2-4 PM  

Between Panels:
Collaborative Exquisite Corpse Drawing Experience  


How would you define contemporary storytelling? Do comic books fit within that definition?  With the depth of story and character development found in most comic books and graphic novels, does that distinction need to be made anymore? For Between Panels, local comic book artist and illustrator, Brandon Dayton, brings together a group of similarly minded artists to examine the art of the comic book, the stories told within, and the process by which they are created.  


Join us August 29th for a live collaborative exquisite corpse drawing experience by this group of artists to see how they respond to each other's way of drawing and storytelling.


AUG 29 | 5:30 - 9 PM
Show Runs AUG 29 - SEP 12 

Guest Artist Talk: Glenn Weyant

Arizona artist Glenn Weyant's Anta Project, on exhibition as part of In Motion: Borders and Migrations, amplifies sounds found along the border fence located between Nogales, Arizona and Nogales in Sonora, Mexico. Using violin bows and various percussive implements, Weyant and his collaborators "play" the border fence as if it were an instrument. Join UMOCA for a Q&A session with Weyant hosted by In Motion contributing editors Rachel Povey and Aubrey Hawks  


SEP 5 | 7 PM  


This coming weekend is the 5th edition of ArtAspen in Aspen Colorado, a highly anticipated fair that showcases up-and-coming contemporary artists.

UMOCA's Curator of Exhibitions, Rebecca Maksym, will join a panel of curators in the discussion of the historic frontier and open space of the American West and how it is considered in the late-modern/contemporary imagination.


AUG 1 | 2-3 PM  
Public Art Workshop
With UMOCA Artist-In-Residence Tatiana Svrckova Larsen

Artists and art enthusiasts are invited to join a workshop that introduces and explores public performance. Receive instruction from international contemporary artist Tatiana Svrckova Larsen who will teach a five-week workshop on installation, sound, video, and ephemeral art. Students will be guided in the production of a collaborative project for the public during the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll in September. MORE INFO> 


Workshops are held once each weekend
JUL 26 - AUG 23  


E.A.T. Bike Tour


Join us for a bike tour of community gardens around the city and the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market. Ending with a stop at a local eatery, this relaxed five-mile ride will help you get acquainted with local farming.


Eat Art Together (E.A.T.) is a community outreach initiative now through October that connects art and food, reimagining our relationships with the land, city, and each other. Partnering with Wasatch Community Gardens, Neighborhood House, and Real Food Rising, UMOCA will host events and sponsor art projects to promote sustainable urban farming and build our relationship with the land that surrounds us. MORE >  

Bike Tour: SEPT 20 | 1 PM
Shoes of the City


Shoes represent the individuals that wear them, and local artist Summer Ellison is capturing the stories contained in each pair of shoes in her interactive sculpture piece Shoes of the City. She will use donated shoes to create a path through Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. Bring a pair of shoes to the event on August 16 to be a part of the sculpture. Donated shoes will then go to the Road Home, and organization that helps the homeless in Salt Lake City. MORE>

AUG 16 
La Camioneta 

In conjunction with In Motion: Borders and Migrations, UMOCA is showing Mark Kendall's internationally acclaimed film La Camioneta. The film follows the path of a decommissioned school bus as it is taken from the United States to Guatemala to become a brightly colored camioneta. These buses, the main mode of public transportation for Guatemalan workers, are also central to the extortion schemes of Guatemalan gangs. 


AUG 7 | 6:30 PM  

Inland/Outland: Utah 


Experience Utah's stunning landscapes as they come to life with the dialogue and interplay of live music and video. This film by Svavar Jonatansson, Inland/Outland is a journey from the arid Salt Flats to the majestic cliffs of Southern Utah. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $15 for students. Register >

AUG 15 | 7-9 PM
Stroller Tours

There's no need to stress about excited little ones taking center stage during UMOCA's stroller tours. Bring along your kids for an exclusive tour of the museum to explore contemporary art with out fear of disturbing others.

Please RSVP to
Jared Steffensen to get rolling.

AUG 13 | 9:30 AM   
Family Art Saturday: Seeded Sculptures


Eat Art Together (E.A.T.) is a collaboration between UMOCA, local artists and community garden spaces to create public artworks from recycled materials that improve the gardens. Create your own sculptural container using recycled and reusable materials of all kinds. Then, take it home, plant a seed and watch it grow!


AUG 9 | 2 - 4 PM | FREE Supplies Provided 

UMOCA's Got Swag


UMOCA mugs are the hot new item for August in the museum's Art Shop. A custom mug and a membership to the museum would make the perfect gift for a loved one, and it's a great way for you to show your UMOCA pride at work and home. The wide barrel design means you will always have plenty of room for your coffee, soup, or ice cream, and the electric blue interior will brighten any morning. Everyone in the office will be envious of your UMOCA style when they see you sipping from your new mug, so stop my UMOCA's Art Shop this month to pick one up.



Bikuben explores ties between Utah and Denmark in terms of progress, industry, and utopia. At the center of the exhibition stands a towering sculpture, Danish artist Mie Olise's installation, Shipsearching. The white wooden planks invite visitors to climb to the top and view scenes of sails on the open sea in the whitewashed top room. Olise's installation will be on display along with 14 other Danish contemporary artists. VIEW EXHIBITION> 

JUN 27 - DEC 20

In Motion: Borders and Migrations
In collaboration with Professor Elena Shtromberg and the students from the University of Utah course, Visual Culture along the U.S./Mexico Border at the University of Utah, the exhibit, In Motion: Borders and Migrations, examines different manifestations of the Mexico and United States border in the visual arts, giving residents and visitors of Utah the experience of this unique geographic boundary through artist projects that offer both visual and conceptual alternatives to mainstream media representations. VIEW EXHIBITION>

MAY 16 - SEP 27

Christopher Kelly: GOD COMPLEX


Artist Christopher Kelly expands on the universal desire to create a world apart from collective society in his first solo museum exhibition, GOD COMPLEX. A genre often associated with futuristic pursuits of new worlds and extraterrestrial life, sci-fi is also an apt metaphor for the discovery of the differences between self and other, human and alien. GOD COMPLEX features video and sculpture pieces that explore the concept of self and other. VIEW EXHIBITION> 


JUN 27 - AUG 16

Center for Land Use Interpretation: Houston Petrochemical Corridor Landscan

Filmed using a camera mounted to the nose of a helicopter, this landscan takes inventory of the major petrochemical sites in Texas, providing a portrait of the oil industry around the Gulf Coast. 


Center for Land Use Intrepretation: Houston Petrochemical Corridor Landscan is the second installment of the Cultural Cartographies series. 

JUL 11 - AUG 23 
Call for Interns


Looking for experience working with cutting-edge contemporary art in an award-winning venue? Join UMOCA for an internship this fall. Interns have the opportunity to work one-on-one with department heads to be involved with the operations of a nonprofit museum. Interns are also invited to attend exhibition openings, film screenings, art talks, and community outreach. The application deadline for fall semester is coming up fast. MORE>
Salt Lake Exhibition Spaces


Hey artists! Venues around Salt Lake County welcome you to apply for exhibitions.


Utah Arts & Museums Rio and Alice Galleries. Submissions open July 7 and are due September 1, 2014. 

Salt Lake City Arts Council Finch Lane and Park Galleries. Submissions open in January and are due in March. 

Art Access Gallery Rolling applications

The Salt Lake City Library Submissions are due April 10 and October 10.

Bountiful/Davis Art Center Rolling applications


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