"This is the Place" by Derek Rigby 

In acknowledging absence, This is the Place ponders presence. This is the place, apparently, but what place? The State capitol building (or could it be any state capitol building?) is placed within an unfamiliar landscape of smears and what look like unfinished drafting sketches. An aura of billowing colors lies beneath the tracing paper. This is the Place cannot be seen without both layers present, one cannot stand alone from the other. The layers play two harmoniously different roles - the colored texture evokes creativity and emotion, while the hard black lines create a sense of accuracy and exactitude. But the precision seems to fall away at the edges, it seems the drafter has let their imagination run away from them. The perspective view of the capitol building is accurate and architectural, but the smears and swirls are a break and release from the calculated forms of structure government. So what is more present - what is more absent? This is the Place asks the viewer to attempt to harmonize dichotomies; it forces us to acknowledge them through intrigue. This piece expresses that there are only differences in the world, and the differences make up the whole. Each aspect of This is the Place can only be defined beside its opposing counterpart. What is present can only be so through absence. [Written by M. Alexis Bo]

Guest Curator Walkthroughs

September 6 | 6:00 PM

Laura Allred Hurtado

Global Art Acquisitions Specialist at the LDS Church History Museum

Focusing on the exhibition Mondo Mormon: Cristo, Cumorah and the Celestial Style, Laura will talk about the variety of aesthetic practices that index Mormon spirituality through contemporary vocabularies.

September 20 | 6:00 PM
Adam Bateman

Artist, Curator and Director at CUAC
Adam will
address how artists appropriate landscape as a stage for spiritual narrative and as a symbol at the heart of a Mormon manifest destiny in the exhibition Faithful Abstraction.


Free Admission MORE >
Art Truck: Calder Kamin
Calder Kamin will be our featured artist for the 2013-2014 school year. Coinciding with her exhibit, her project Impact Proof consists of vinyl decals that prevent birds from colliding into windows. Visitors to the
Art Truck can aide their avian neighbors by creating an Impact Proof paper decal using one of Kamin's stencil designs. MORE>

September Public Appearance Line Up:

September 7, Avenues Street Fair 
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
1st Avenue between P Street and U Street, Salt Lake City, UT


September 9, Murray Heritage Senior Center 
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

10 E 6150 S, Murray UT 84107


Workshop With Brian Patterson
UMOCA's Artist-In-Residence, Brian Patterson will host a workshop which explores the process and results of creating paint dipped sculptures.
September 7 | 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Free Admission

Impact Proof 

Parents and kiddos alike help prevent birds from colliding into windows by creating paper decals using one of Art Truck artist Calder Kamin's stencil designs. As the second part of the project, Kamin encourages communities to assist scientific research by sharing their observations of nature through crowd sourcing. MORE>


September 14 | 2:00 to 4:00 PM  

Bulk Up Your Art Brawn With Art Fitness

It's time to fish around for that sweat band because art fitness training is back ready to help you build stronger contemporary art muscles! This fall we couldn't be more pleased to announce our partnership with fellow contemporary art coach, CUAC. UMOCA's art fitness is a program dedicated to bringing adults a training regimen that is sure to get you up on your feet by establishing close observation skills and principles in a three-part workshop. MORE> 


September 28, October 5 & 12  l  3:30 to 5:00 PM
$75 General I $60 Members l $40 Students
Urban Gallery: 'Drawn Together'

This year's installation, entitled Urban Gallery VI: "Drawn Together," is a unique collaboration of work by professional artists and the creativity of children's drawings contributed by Bad Dog Arts, Discovery Gateway, and Neighborhood House.


The community is invited to come out and watch the artists work as they transform the basic children's drawings into museum-quality works of art. The grand opening of the installation is Friday, September 20th as part of the Salt Lake City Arts Council's Gallery Stroll. Catch a sneak peek of the exhibition at the Neighborhood House 2013 Tent Party on September 14th.  Special thanks to Sherwin Williams for their generous paint donation. 


Watch The Art Progress: Aug 31 - Sep 11

Grand Opening: Friday, Sep 20 with an open vote 'People's Choice Award'  

Joshua Flicker

This month's featured artist is Joshua Flicker. Flicker makes industrial, somewhat abstract teapots. The outer earth tone appearance of the tea pots exaggerates the industrial feel along with the glaze being dull. Flicker plays with different textures, from smooth to rough. However, on the inside of the tea pots he uses a more traditional glossy glaze so there is this really interesting push and pull between glazes and textures. Check out Joshua Flicker's unique teapots at the UMOCA Art Shop. MORE>  


Trent Alvey: Work To Do  

NOW- SEP 28   

Artist and UMOCA board member, Trent Alvey, along with Pam Bowman, Jann Haworth and Amy Jorgensen teamed up together to create an exhibition titled Work To Do located at BYU's Museum of Art. Come and behold Alvey's 15.5 foot wedding dress, Big Bad Love WATCH HER VIDEO>.

Jared Steffensen   

NOW - SEP 28 

UMOCA's Curator of Education and Artist, Jared Steffensen, takes part in the Leipziger Grassi Museum's Radical Shoe Design Exhibition with his piece 'Landscape Shoe.' Featured among 200 pairs of shoes from 27 countries, the exhibition challenges traditional notions of shoe design.

The exhibition "Starker Auftritt" will run until September 28, 2013.
Jared's Work >

Sarina Villareal Ehrgott    

UMOCA's Marketing Director and Artist, Sarina Villareal Ehrgott will present her works on canvas in two shows this September. Sugarhouse Gallery will show a mix of abstract and figurative paintings in "Traces" Sep. 13th and the Utah Arts Festival Gallery will display pieces that have been published in "Studio Visit Magazine" and "International Contemporary Artists" in a show titled "Decay Theory" Sep 20th. Sarina's Work >

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