Annie Kennedy: Safety Hers/ Woman's 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Annie Kennedy's hanging quilt "Safety Hers/ Woman's 72 Hour Emergency Kit" is an entirely new perspective on what it means to be emergency prepared. Sealed in vacuum patches on an outdoor tarp are items ranging from genealogy charts, garbage bags, dried mangoes, bandages, shoes to personal family keepsakes. Everyday objects transform into separate kaleidoscope pockets bursting with shapes, colors, and textures. Displayed before us is Annie's life; things that are important for her physical, mental and emotional well-being. She opens herself up to us in a way that is very personal, yet we can relate to it because we see those items reflected in our own lives. It makes us question: what would I put on my own emergency quilt? What has meaning for me? [Written by Hannah Stewart]


Raivo Puusemp: Dissolution 
JUN 14- SEP 7

Raivo Puusemp's collection of press clippings, council meeting minutes and public documents from his brief stint as mayor of Rosendale (1975-1976), a small village, plagued by an overbearing tax structure and problems with its municipal utilities. Puusemp saw his position as an opportunity to take a political problem and morph it into an art work.The attempt was made to superimpose a formal concept upon an essentially directionless, political micro-system and to affect that system permanently by doing so. MORE>


Artist Lecture in July.


Utah Arts Festival: Children's Art Yard

Prepare for monsters in the closest to be set loose at this year's festival for kids in the Art Yard! Allow your children to find their creativity in making their very own "Monster Bees" art project. Using puffballs and pipe cleaners, kids can create a fuzzy friend at UMOCA's table. All attendants can run wild by taking part in fantastical installations such as the momma monsters, mini monsters, living room of monsters and silly spider webs.  

Interested in volunteering? Email Sam Bontempo at sam.bontempo@utah.moca.org. MORE>


JUNE 20-23 Noon to 9PM

230 South 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Curatorial Walkthroughs
Experience UMOCA like never before with a first-hand look at our diverse and critically acclaimed collection of artwork. Our curator will guide you through a gallery stroll to help further your knowledge of contemporary art. At the end of the walkthrough, we encourage and welcome all participants to ask questions and discuss works that are of interest to them.
JUNE 14 & 28 6PM

Free admission, $5 donations are appreciated.

Utah Biennial: Mondo Utah
Opening Night, a Hit

Boasting of over 500 guests in attendance, the Utah Biennial opening night was a huge success, thanks to all our supporters, artists and members. The evening was complete with a live band, artist walkthroughs and fantastic stunts to entertain and excite guests. Within the exhibition, the included artist's work range from left wing to right wing politics that somehow harmoniously balance one another. If you have not had a chance yet to experience the Russian doll of what the Utah Biennial is, make sure to mark it on your calendar. The show will run until December 14th.


A Not So Real, "Andy Warhol"
At Artist Lecture


Our auditorium was filled to the brim May 10th, as the public awaited with baited breath for the appearance of the one the only, Andy Warhol. Following a bizarre, yet humorous film our Senior Curator of Exhibitions, Aaron Moulton, invited Warhol out on the stage. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes, the typical black turtleneck and brown leather jacket adorned his torso. His answers were short in reply to the audience's questions about the film. As soon as he had come, he disappeared back stage from whence he came.  


After such a strange appearance, Allen Midgette, who posed as Andy Warhol during a college lecture tour across the country in the 1960s and was exposed in Salt Lake City, finished out the artist lecture by commenting on his experience  and contact with the pop culture icon. Highlighted as a surprise stunt, the artist lecture provided laughs for all those in attendance.



Colour Maisch


Our newest resident, Colour Maisch, was selected from a group of students graduating from the University of Utah nominated by the Art Department faculty.


Colour Maisch was born and spent part of her childhood in Salt Lake City until her family packed their bags and moved to sunny Southern California. After finishing high school there, she returned to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah receiving a BA in Spanish and Political Science.Even though she was surrounded by art as a child and young adult it wasn't until her mid-twenties that she realized she wanted to make art. In 2011, Maisch returned to the University of Utah where she is currently finishing her Master of Fine Arts degree.


Her residency will begin in August. 



Mary Toscano & Jared Clark
Meet two of our current artists-in-residence: Mary Toscano and Jared Clark. Both of whom have been selected as the first artists-in-residence for UMOCA's new long-term residency program designed expressly to meet the needs of artists living and working in Utah.
Mary Toscano currently exhibits some of her new work at the Kayo Gallery, which runs up to June 15th. Toscano focuses her work on themes of isolation, fatalism, and the threat of impending cultural and environmental shifts. VIEW HER PORTFOLIO>

Jared Clark recently curated an exhibition at the Rio Grande gallery titled, Tin, which runs through June 14th. He is also part of the Faithful Abstraction exhibition that is a portion of the Utah Biennial: Mondo Utah at UMOCA. VIEW HIS PORTFOLIO> 


Making a Hive: A Collective Art Project

June's Family Art Saturday project is a continuation of May's, which draws inspiration from the Utah Biennial: Mondo Utah. 

This project Making a Hive invites families to work like a bee--together, that is!--to create a collective wall sculpture made up of individual honeycombs, each representing the person who creates it. This project will continue to grow with each child's addition and will be displayed on our Education Gallery wall throughout 2013. Participation is free, but donations upon admission are appreciated. MORE>


JUNE 8 from 2 to 4 PM


Herman's House

Herman Wallace may be the longest-serving prisoner in solitary confinement in the United States-he's spent more than 40 years in a 6-by-9-foot cell in Louisiana. Imprisoned in 1967 for a robbery he admits, he was subsequently sentenced to life for a killing he vehemently denies. Herman's House is a moving account of the remarkable expression his struggle found in an unusual project proposed by artist Jackie Sumell. The film takes us inside the duo's unlikely 12- year friendship, revealing the transformative power of art. Premiering on PBS's POV July 8, 2013.


JUNE 14, 7 PM
UMOCA Auditorium 


Nathan Florence: Art + Relief

Presenting at PechaKucha night on June 6th at the State Room, Nathan Florence, a local artist and UMOCA's educator-in-residence whose narrative figure works have been shown across Utah and the United States, will be discussing his film "Art + Relief." The film compacts 45 years of interviews, inspiration and heartache as Mormon artists attempt to create a new modern, sacred and religious art.MORE>


JUNE 6 at 6 PM

State Room 638 S. State St. Salt Lake City, UT 84111


 $10 in advance, $15 at the door



Art Truck To Be At Riverton Arts Festival

The Art Truck is rolling in to the Riverton Arts Festival June 14th through 15th. Bring your friends and family to experience Carlos Rosales-Silva's work. Carlos Rosales-Silva is a contemporary artist from Austin, TX whose paintings, photos, sculptures and drawings investigate themes of borders, diversity, and identity. Of his practice, Rosales-Silva says, "As a descendant of a Mexican mother and a Native American father it was interesting, shocking, enlightening, and sometimes heartbreaking to learn about my cultural history in varying forms." In fact, amplified tales of cowboys and Indians, pop cultural stereotypes of Hispanics, oral family history and personal experience all funnel into Rosales-Silva's work which he revises, alters, critiques and explores. Schedule your Art Truck visit today to see this amazing artist! MORE>


JUNE 14 & 15

12800 south 1450 west, Riverton, Utah 85065


Free admission
Nic Annette Miller

Nic Annette Miller creates an eclectic array of letter press cards under the production name Friends Make Prints. Birthday and thank you cards decorated with tribal patterns are found next to her Christmas card that features a hunter aiming a gun at the poised, puffed chest Rudolph above the caption "Merry Christmas, Rudolph."  Friends Make Prints humor, sarcasm, and charm generate reasons to send a card, even if it's simply to say "I like loving you" or "Old Man, Looking Good." MORE>



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