Ignacio Uriarte: Open Labyrinth
Office culture, one of the most significant subcultures, is getting more and more attention. Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist Ignacio Uriarte captures this trend and uses common office tools to create artworks.

In one of his pieces, "Open Labyrinth," Uriarte uses Microsoft Excel to reflect the day-to-day actions that many of us perform. The composition of this work is very inspirational because no matter where you begin your exploration of the labyrinth, you will be back to the same place in the end. To Uriarte, it is just what we do every day in office. We start and end at the same place, but what we learned from this process is important to our understanding of human nature.

[Written by Junran Jia]

We Felt The Love

Thanks to the overwhelming response to Love UT Give UT and our matching donor, we have earned enough money to furnish the basic needs of an exhibition, support two artists in residence for one year, bring two buses of Utah school children to the museum for a free tour and art activity, provide four Art Truck visits to Utah schools and hold four Family Art Saturdays!  


We at UMOCA would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your giving!
Art Fitness Training

Do you feel like your contemporary art knowledge is flabby and out of shape? 

With an emphasis on close observation and easy to grasp principles, this three-part, participatory workshop is designed to give all audiences the ability to muscle even the most difficult contemporary art.

In 3 easy steps, you'll learn the basics of Contemporary Art theory and with your new found confidence you can flex your contemporary art muscles at museums and private collections throughout the city.

Registration is open until Wednesday, April 3rd.


$75 | $60 For Members | $40 For Students
Call for discount codes: 801-328-4201  

Time: 3:00 - 5:30
April 6: UMOCA
April 13: CUAC
April 20: Home of John Bell
Utah Lawyers For The Arts

Utah Lawyers for the Arts is proud to partner with Dance Theatre Coalition to present a one-day intensive seminar to help artists with their business practices.  


The day's events will cover the ins and outs of contract negotiation, break down the professional writing process, and even offer a rare opportunity for editing help for those craving feedback from a knowledgeable outside eye.


Artists working in all disciplines of visual, performing, media, and literary arts are welcome. MORE> 


Prices: $10 to $40 

Contact: info@dancetheatrecoalition.org or (801) 215-969
Utah Biennial   
Mondo Utah
The inaugural Utah Biennial of Contemporary Art presents artist statements, collections and positions that help define the cultural landscape of Utah and the specific languages the environment here has produced. Cultural ghosts, forgotten icons and parallel art worlds are explored. Collateral exhibitions of the biennial takes over the museum throughout the summer with over 100 artists participating in UMOCA's first biennial.

Opening May 10

POP Gala

Each year, the award-winning Utah Museum of Contemporary Art hosts one of the most exciting gala celebrations in Utah. Enjoy an artisan dinner with entertainment, dance the night away, and get a charge out of our live and silent auctions.


One of Salt Lake City's most anticipated parties, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art's annual gala is a fun and sophisticated way to show your support of the state's contemporary arts.

June 1 at 6:00 pm


Curatorial Walkthroughs
Our new curator tour series provides a behind-the-scenes opportunity to experience UMOCA and our presentations of groundbreaking artwork by local, national, and international artists. At the conclusion of the gallery walk, enjoy the opportunity to informally engage the curator with your questions and personal responses.

April 5 and 19 at 6:00

Andy Warhol and the Readymade Persona
A Selection of Screen Tests
Andy Warhol's Screen Tests are a seminal moment in the history of portraiture. Warhol asked hundreds of people to take five minutes and just sit in front of the camera without direction. The result reveals an essence of the person through their boredom and posturing. The subjects presented at UMOCA are Marcel Duchamp, innovator of the readymade; Jack Smith, a filmmaker whose work focused on slippage in states of being; and Allen Midgette, a man who played Warhol publicly until unmasked in Salt Lake City in the late 60s.

Beginning May 3  

Artists' Activity
Our Artists in Residence are active and gaining exposure. Jared Clark recently exhibited his work with ADA Gallery at Volta in New York. Mary Toscano is included in a group show, Cinematic, at CUAC through May 4 and Brian Patterson will be showing two video works in the Electronics Gallery at BYU MOA beginning April 5. 


Aaron Moulton
UMOCA's Senior Curator will discuss the curatorial anthropology of the Utah Biennial.
Kimball Art Center, Park City: Thursday April 18 at 6:00



Marji Vecchio
Visiting Independent curator from Reno, Navada will visit with our artisits in residence and later speak to the public.
UMOCA: Friday April 26 at 7:00



Abstract Sculpture

Local artist Venessa Gromek uses tent poles and lace to create lightweight, abstract sculptures that can be easily assembled and disassembled, blending the ideas of shelter and utility with the aesthetics of modern sculpture. 

Make your own abstract sculptures using popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. MORE> 

April 13 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Kathleen Carricaburu
April showers bring the melody of Kathleen Carricaburu's
Jewelry and Objets D'art that capture the details of nature's effortless beauty. Dainty flowers chime as they dangle, silver feathers caress fingers, and delicate branches stretch over the body as they spring leaves. Carricaburu's ethereal  jewelry never disappoints and is the perfect beacon of spring.
Analogital is an exhibition of international artists who engage with concepts generated from the transitional space between analogue and digital. Specifically the notion analyzes the forms that emerge from our culture's conversion from film grain to computer pixel. However, more broadly the term identifies a perceptual evolution in the human experience and its mediation.
Ana Prvacki:
Neutralize Negative Feelings
Using social codes and cultural structures as a raw material, Serbian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Ana Prvacki (pronounced Pri-vatch-key) turns the rituals of hospitality into a theater of performance. Until 2010 the artist was CEO of the brand Ananatural Productions, a conceptual factory of ideas ranging from the practical to the absurd, creating products which offered shortcuts to better living and designs for needs we never knew we had. Merging Martha Stewart with Marina Abramovic, the language of Prvacki's work seems as familiar as IKEA or Emily Post but awkwardly turned on its head.
Venessa Gromek:
The Sublime is Light and Easy-To-Assemble
Venessa Gromek uses tent poles and lace to create elegant sculptures in the pursuit of intersecting ideas from the outdoor industry and the tradition of modernism and sublime in the landscape. The sculptures resemble tents, but take the function out of the tent, allowing the focus to be on form and the boundaries of materials.
You Make It All Possible

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