IASWECE Newsletter
December 2015
Dear colleagues and friends, 

Just before the year ends we would like to send you some news about our work and about interesting events in several countries (Armenia, Israel, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey). 

Of special interest is also a survey by the IASWACE mandate group on cultural diversity, where you can find some thoughts and questions to contemplate during the upcoming seasonal festival ("What are the treasures of your culture for the future?"). 

We wish you all what is mentioned in a quote in this article:
"The experience, the possibility for something to happen to us or to touch us, requires an interruption gesture, a gesture that is almost impossible these days: to think more slowly, to look more slowly, and to listen more slowly...."

Warm wishes on behalf of the IASWECE Coordinating Group
Philipp Reubke 
In This Issue
Cultural Diversity Questions
Conference in Israel
Deepening Course in Armenia
First Waldorf Initiatives Meeting in Turkey
Swiss Waldorf Teachers Conference on Play
Waldorf Kindergarten Meeting in Taiwan
IASWECE Council Meeting
Reflections on cultural diversity and Waldorf education  
Mary-G. Häuptle, 
Cape Town, South Africa 

Country meeting of Waldorf kindergarten  teachers in Israel 

Deepening Course for Waldorf Early Childhood Educators in Armenia

The First Turkey Waldorf Initiatives Meeting 

Pinar Anil Hacaloglu, Izmir, Turkey 
Meeting of Swiss Waldorf Kindergarten Teachers on Free Play 

Bettina Mehrtens, 
Bern, Switzerland 

A Waldorf Kindergarten Teachers Meeting in Taiwan
Shy-Tyng Kai, Taiwan

Louise deForest, USA   

The IASWECE Newsletter is published on behalf of the IASWECE Council by Philipp Reubke, with support from Clara Aerts and Susan Howard.   


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Delayed Kindergarten Enrollment Dramatically Reduces ADHD in Children 
May Wong

Alliance for Childhood 
Being the Voice for Migrant Children

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Out of a shared concern about the current migration policy, IASWECE joined with 59 child rights organizations in calling for migrant children's rights to be protected without discrimination. 

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